Can The Fuse To Economic Collapse Be Much Longer?

By Rory Hall
Activist Post

Listen very, very carefully to the first two minutes of this video. This is from one of the top tier presstitute media.

Ken is only allowed to say what his masters allow him to say. Don’t believe me? Read this, then watch this video.

How much more gold has left for China to fill those “2,000 metric ton vaults being built all over China” since this was recorded?

What actions have you taken to protect your family? If you haven’t started, think about what is actually happening. The BRICS, along with The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, have their plans in place, and their actions speak even louder than their plans. Russia is working on the alternative to the SWIFT system and plans on launching it in May of this year. Brazilian President Rousseff is designing and deploying an Internet system that operates outside the NSA, GOOGLE, Verizon, Apple run paradigm. China has already launched the BRICS Development Bank, with the equivalent of $100 BILLION backing. These are three largest and most important countries that belong to both the SCO and the BRICS. What actions are you taking to protect your family?

Whenever someone attempts to write me off as a “conspiracy theorist” I quickly explain to them I do not have time for theories when there is so much criminality to report. If we just look at three of the largest crimes against humanity, it should be clear for anyone with a pulse to see that the Western World’s days are numbered. The formation of the Federal Reserve system and the hijacking of the United States monetary system in 1913. The LIBOR scandal that broke in 2008 and set in motion the cascading global economy we are currently trying to patch together. The FOREX rigging, for those who are unfamiliar, the FOREX is the trading platform for currencies on a global scale. Companies and nations come together to trade currencies in this one arena, similar to trading stock. This has been found to be rigged by the too-big-to-jail banksters.

These three crimes against humanity have enslaved people the world over. The rigging of LIBOR and the FOREX markets has created this nightmare that awakening from seems impossible. These crimes against humanity are going to break the global system. Please listen to what Rob Kirby had to say about the entire system being broken and where it is leading.

What actions have you taken to protect your family? Today would be a great day to start or to ramp up your efforts. Whatever it takes is what you need to be doing, right now. If you haven’t listened to the interview conducted with Andrew Hoffman, please listen to it as well. The alarm has been sounded and we are, I believe, in the final stages. Catherine Austin-Fitts may be right about the slow burn, but the slow burn began in 1913 and has been burning ever since. Can the fuse be much longer?

You can read more from Rory Hall at his site The Daily Coin, where this first appeared.

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