America’s Longest War: A Film About Drug Prohibition

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As America descends into a full-blown police state, it is often overlooked that one of the primary causes is the War on Drugs. No-knock SWAT raids, warrantless surveillance and brutal military tactics can all be attributed to the long-standing war being waged by the United States government upon its own citizens.

Worst of all, drug prohibition has failed. Drug usage rates have not declined and illegal drugs are more available – and cheaper – than ever before. At the same time, the costs of the drug war are staggering. More than one trillion dollars have been spent, and a prison-industrial complex continues filling itself to capacity creating a whirlwind of violence in its wake.

A new feature-length documentary (trailer posted below) examines the history and ongoing threat of America’s longest war.

Jose Guerena’s family gets settlement, but his killers still wear badges – Guerena survived 2 tours in Iraq, but didn’t survive his local SWAT team.

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