GM Food Causes Deadly Bacteria To Grow In Your Gut

Sayer Ji
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Deadly bacteria grow in your gut when you eat GMO food, according to a new study.

A new study titled, “The Influence of Glyphosate on the Microbiota and Production of Botulinum  Neurotoxin During Ruminal Fermentation,” confirms a growing suspicion that GM foods tainted with the ubiquitous agrochemical Roundup is causing widespread changes in the microbiome of those who consume them, resulting in bodily changes that are believed to lead to a wide range of lethal diseases.

As we reported in 2012, in an article titled “Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria,” a growing body of research points to the world’s most popular herbicide as causing dysbios (pathogenic alteration of gut bacteria), a condition which profoundly affects and alters the so-called holobiont, or total set of organisms that make up our bodily constitution, and as a consequence, health. Because we depend on the proper selection and quantity of bacterial strains with which we co-evolved over countless eons, any significant disruption of the commensal ties to this microbial universe will result in a state of suboptimal functioning, ultimately leading to disease.

To learn more about Roundup herbicide/glyphosate toxicity, visit our GMO Research center for in-depth articles and abstracts on the topic. Also, consider a recent study that found that glyphosate within the parts-per-trillion range has endocrine disrupting and possibly carcinogenic effects.

The exploding gluten sensitivity epidemic, for instance, may be a direct result of the increasing prevalence of glyphosate-tainted commodities in the food chain, a topic recently explored in a collaborative paper produced through myself, Jeffrey Smith, Stephanie Seneff, Tom Malterre, and Dr. Tom O’ Bryan, which can be read here.

The brilliant and outspoken MIT senior scientist Stephanie Seneff is quoted in a recent article on the topic:

The way glyphosate works is that it interrupts the shikimate pathway, a metabolic function in plants that allows them to create essential amino acids. When this path is interrupted, the plants die. Human cells don’t have a shikimate pathway so scientists and researchers believed that exposure to glyphosate would be harmless.

But now we know that glyphosate interferes with the microbial communities that form the basis for our health, altering its complex functioning in such a way that harmful bacteria get the upper hand.

Indeed, in the new study researchers discovered that glyphosate altered the microflora of 4-year old cows such that the highly pathogenic Clostridum botulinum strains of bacteria flourished, leading them to conlude:

“[G]lyphosate causes dysbiosis which favors the production of botulinum toxin in the rumen. The global regulations restrictions for the use of glyphosate should be re-evaluated.”

Consider that botulinum,

“ the most acutely toxic substance known, and that despite the fact it is FDA-approved for use “cosmetically,” e.g. Botox injections, it is being looked at as a potential bioweapon because it only takes 75 billionths of a gram (75 ng) to kill a person weighing 75 kg (165 lbs). It has been estimated that only 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) would be enough to kill the entire human population.”

Any chemical capable of increasing the proliferation of botulinum producing bacteria should be considered a clear and present threat to human health. The fact that the predominant agricultural model in the U.S. relies on GM plants which are designed to survive being doused in this toxicant, e.g. GM soy, corn, canola, indicates that anyone eating a standard GMO-heavy American diet (S.A.D diet) is likely being exposed to chemicals which shift their microbiome towards the botulinum producing pole.

Present regulatory models on GM foods do not account for the widespread contamination of the food crops (and the environment) with Roundup and glyphosate, and therefore consider conventional and organically-produced crops as ‘substantially equivalent,’ even though glyphosate exposure and contamination of GM food clearly violates this principle.

As research on the toxicity of glyphosate (and Roundup) accumulates, the consumer has only one option available to avoid inevitable harm: namely, avoid at all costs foods that are produced within this chemical-dependent agricultural model, either growing one’s own food, buying from a fully vetted farmer or community supported agricultural source, or focusing on buying non-GMO certified and/or organically produced food which does not rely on chemicals of this type.

This article first appeared at GreenMedInfo.  Please visit to access their vast database of articles and the latest information in natural health.

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3 Comments on "GM Food Causes Deadly Bacteria To Grow In Your Gut"

  1. Better Avoid America at all costs. America is the most dangerous country for Americans….

  2. Now we need to study what it does in humans. There were a few human volunteers with colostomy bags years ago that volunteered to eat GMO soy and see if it changed their probiotics.
    Three were found to already be affected by DNA changes in their probiotics.


    Since every human and animal in the United States that has been tested for Roundup, contains Roundup, we need to see the effects and nail it down. Repeatedly, in sound studies, because the trolls always state that there are only no-repeat studies and that isn’t science. They never point to Industry safety studies, but we need to have a standard they don’t hold theirselves to it seems.

    Incidentally – i have had trolls tell me 3 times over the last 2+ years that the Monsanto study of the rats and the kidney damage was NOT a Monsanto study. Then they quote that study as referenced by Monsanto. Now wait a minute – and ask your friendly neighborhood troll this question: If Monsanto won’t release it’s safety studies because apparently times of feeding, rates of food, strain of lab animal, etc are all top secret, proprietary information that will let you and i make successful BioAg seeds with genetic engineering in our kitchens for fun and profits, (sorry sarcasm ran me over there) With Monsanto SO adamant to publish nothing – someone else – unnamed, apparently got hold of Monsanto’s super secret seeds, ran studies, and we are supposed to believe this? If we can’t even find out anything about Monsanto’s studies, but unknowns ran studies – and Monsanto is allegedly cool with all that – where is the logic in that explanation? Monsanto would never allow anything like that!

  3. Add to that the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics[ Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox, Factive] plus Metronidazole [not FQ] that are all DNA adducts. They alter the DNA of your bacteria at the point of replication making you GMO’d for life and destroying your ability to absorb nutrients.

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