Cops Treated K9 Unit to Hit Vehicle With Bonus Threat to Take Child Away

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

By now you may realize that K9 unit dogs are exploited to become “search warrants on a leash.” That is to say, if the dog reacts to a vehicle there is probable cause in the officer’s view and all rights to remain in an unsearched vehicle fly right out of that car window. You can thank the Supreme Court for that gem. See: 16 Ways the Supreme Court Built the Police State and Destroyed Your Rights

An alarmingly great amount of police dogs somehow or another “detect” something around citizen vehicles. When they do, they alert the officer and it’s called a “hit” on the vehicle. Are we to suppose that the amount of hits do not in any possible way correlate to the amount of treats the K9 gets rewarded? Or the site of a toy.

Unscrupulous officers can easily get their dogs to “false alert.” A UC Davis study from 2011 found that drug sniffing dogs were incredibly sensitive to cues and to their handlers’ beliefs. The research published in journal of Animal Cognition, “found that detection-dog/handler teams erroneously “alerted,” or identified a scent, when there was no scent present more than 200 times — particularly when the handler believed that there was scent present.”

A past example of a possible search warrant on a leash involved a Tampa, FL man who had a vehicle audio/horn business truck. He came back to the truck after a concert to find it ransacked and thousands of dollars of business gear destroyed. A scrap note from the police simply said there was a marijuana smell coming from his truck. No one was around to witness this event, of course.

Understandably, the male passenger in the video below is aggravated when told to exit the car. The “thud” heard is actually when what is presumably a toy hits the vehicle causing the dog to leap at the vehicle. That is what is considered the hit! They were told to get out of the vehicle before something was tossed at the vehicle. How could the officer have previous knowledge that a hit would take place? He jumped the gun, but then…

The officer takes an aggressive stance to get everyone out of the van for a search. When the male passenger does not comply, the cop immediately threatens to call Child Protective Services to have their child taken away for good. For not getting out. No other reason offered. The female driver descends into hysterical panic and gives in.

So, do you hear that? It is now protocol for cops to threaten to have CPS come and take your kids if you don’t submit to unconstitutional violations.

[Warning: LANGUAGE]

Full video from inside the car here ~…

Full dashcam video here ~…

Thanks, Kansas City CopBlock

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