Siding Spring Comet Causes Huge Explosion on Mars?

Eric Blair
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It appears that the passing of the Siding Spring comet has caused a massive explosion on the surface of Mars. Private researcher Dr. Fritz Helmut Hemmerich made this video from 1200-meters at Tenerife in the Canary Islands showing comet Siding Spring immediately after its Mars encounter.

Those who follow us on Twitter may know that we predicted this might happen. Here’s our Tweet from 3 days ago referencing the comet passage of Mars with the Moon bombing:

I’m one who believes that the official space program is light years behind what they’re actually capable of. Gary McKinnon hacked NASA in 2002 and uncovered lists of “non-terrestrial officers” and other technical data strongly suggesting the existence of an advanced secret space program.

If you’ve ever studied the secret space programs you may have seen this coming too. There’s quite a bit of evidence that intelligently designed structures exist on both Mars and the Moon. Most seem like ruins from long-lost space travelers, but some appear to be very modern bases. (Google and YouTube it and have fun)

The confusion about why NASA actually bombed the Moon in 2009 persists today. The official story was to see if it would release frozen water, but the results were considered inconclusive as NASA called it a “flop” and said they “may have struck a dry hole.”

However, many believe, like I do, that the true intention of the Moon bombing was to cover-up structures on the Moon’s surface that would be visible to the lay person or another government in the near future.

Ditto for this explosion on Mars. Ask yourself why NASA or any other major space agency hasn’t reported this explosion yet. Surely it would make sexy headlines for space fans.

As space travel and viewing becomes exponentially cheaper, and with multiple private and public Mars colonies in the works, the truth of what really exists on Mars was going to be exposed one way or another. Until now, that is, since this blast seems to have engulfed the entire Earth-facing surface of Mars.

Yes, I’m suggesting that one of the multiple satellites buzzing around Mars and the Siding Spring comet was equipped with weapons to cause this explosion. I have no proof. It’s purely a conspiracy theory based on other unproven theories about what may exist on Mars.

Tell me what you think….

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