“Shut the F— Up!” NYPD Gets Their Stand Up Comedy Debut

Amanda Warren
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Have you noticed an increasing amount of appearances of police and SWAT in comedies and family films? It’s a conditioning where the audience is compelled to nervously laugh and quell that sense of uneasiness stemming from the contrast of lighthearted humor juxtaposed with authoritarian brutality and verbal abuse.

Now you can get your friendly neighborhood police state fix simply by going out for local entertainment. Maybe people will see that it’s not so funny up close.

That’s what happened to the audience of New York comedian Adam Newman during a recent gig, when NYPD showed up to do some arresting – important business. It is unclear why they came in to arrest an audience member during his comedy routine.

When Adam played it off like their appearance could be part of a humorous bit, he was told in no uncertain terms that he’d better “Shut the f— up!”

While Adam is lightheartedly playing the interruption off he says, “You guys couldn’t have waited till after the bit?” And gets this NYPD treatment: “Obviously not – Obviously shut the f— up!”

He asks a question and a similar response comes from NYPD.

Warning: Language, Vulgarity

Newman had some choice words of his own – after the fact, of course. He recovered the show by making fun of the incident, but also pondering what would have happened if he had handled it like he does with other hecklers.

Then, he reveals this:

I was trying to make a tape to submit to f—ing Conan!

This is another example of how totalitarian systems, especially where aggressive police presence is concerned, leave NO room for humor. You are expected to get used to it – and that is nothing to laugh at – not even nervously.

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