The Anatomy of Cyborg Man – Overcoming the Mechanistic Mind

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Julian Rose
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In The Transhumanist Singularity – The Ultimate Escapist Agenda, I attempted to address the supposedly imminent takeover of humanity by a computer-controlled technology designed by people who have usurped their free will to that of a machine.

It became evident in researching the background to the Transhumanist agenda, that not only ‘eugenics’ but also ‘reductivism’ – the reducing of all human life to a gene – is a central component of the techno anti-life blueprint.

I am thankful for William Engdahl in pointing out that after World War Two and the horrors of Auschwitz , the term ‘eugenics’ acquired a bad reputation, so the name was changed to ‘genetics’: which, as in reductivism, is about the reducing of human life to a gene. This enables genetic engineers to manipulate the expression of that gene so that it becomes dominant and takes complete control over other life forms.

Here we find a direct connection with GMO: the altering of a plant or animal’s genetic make-up in order to programme into it a set of reactions designed to fit the requirements of corporatized global agriculture. Requirements in which nature’s way of doing things is deemed inferior to man’s – and genetic reprogramming – via laboratory intervention – superior to discovering and working together with the unfolding pulse of universal creation.

In this we see the cyborg mentality clearly emerging, with its seemingly fixated tunnel vision mentality wedded to an advanced state of delusional hubris. In truth this is an apt enough definition of clinical insanity.

However, the reason why the social services do not rush to the rescue of those suffering this sort of dementia, is that the system in which such services operate is itself deeply influenced by the same underlying sickness. Varying degrees of clinical insanity are prevalent throughout all areas of the status quo, leading to the fact that ‘mad scientist syndrome’ does not stand out sufficiently strongly from what surrounds it to attract undue or special attention.

Given that this is the case, we must conclude that a great part of society is already captive to a creeping robotic sickness which is part and parcel of the general dumbing down programme to which humanity has succumbed over recent decades.

I wish to make reference here to a comment that appeared under my Transhumanist Singularity article in a well-known alternative blog site. You will no doubt see why I decided to re-post it once you have absorbed its contents. The paragraph quoted is part of a longer comment, but is sufficiently succinct to stand alone as an expression of the intent of the author:

Transhumanism is nothing more than using technology to progressively exceed all the limitation, flaws, mistakes and genetics that amount to poor design which we were born as prisoners into and had no say about. I think the people that want the world of inherited sickness, injury-potential, degeneration of aging (and death itself) and scarcity are the crazy ones. Since there seems to be no god loving enough to correct all these flaws no matter how many billions of prayers are ever uttered it sort of goes without saying that practical transhumanists have no alternative except to resort to technology and their own work and research to try and fix these failings.

It would be easy to dismiss this statement as just the cynical outpouring of a techno-obsessed nerd. However, upon closer inspection, it reveals a way of thinking which is common to many science and finance trained minds operating behind the scenes today. Particularly one should note the author’s view that we are all born into a world of ‘poor design’ full of ‘limitations, flaws, mistakes and genetic traits’ to which we are ‘prisoners’ and have no say about.

Transhumanists, the author states “have no alternative except to resort to technology and their own work and research to try and fix these failings.”

While this is obviously a case of ‘man playing God’ – one has to remind one’s self that the Transhumanist does not believe in any form of supreme entity. It is technical proficiency, leading to a perfection of emotionless functionality, which is instead held to be the supreme goal of the human race. That state would presumably fit the bill of having ironed-out all the flaws inherent in the original design.

This dream of mechanised flawless robotic perfection links with Newtonian physics. In Newton’s theory, the spheres move mechanically across the heavens providing an absolute order in which everything falls into place with predictable, clockwork precision. If such an arrangement were to be seen as somehow of superior efficiency to a world guided by the variability of human emotions, then one can see why certain schools of science might declare man to be a ‘poor design’ and generally inferior to the surety and safety provided by the Newtonian model.

Computers also offer the safety and predictability of a Newtonian design which ‘obeys’ a mechanistic principle. To those who suffer a deep fear of the unknown and who have never sampled – or have rejected – the warm and loving characteristics inherent in humanity, a computerised overlord offers a kind of safe haven.

Complete predictability, born out of a multiplication of sexless logical algorithms, is the same psychology that much of modern advertising uses to sell its ‘perfect couples’ with their ‘perfect toothpaste tube smiles’ and ‘perfect children’, ‘perfect house’ and of course ‘perfect weed-free garden.’ Not to mention all other perfect packaged consumables which supermarkets have redesigned as an expression of the mind control methodology Edward Bernays first brought into prominence during the 1920’s.

The concept of ‘perfection’ – defined as something in which all ‘traits’ have been removed – is thus the model of cyborgian man.

For that vision to gain widespread traction, its creators have to first define what ‘the problems’ are (that need removing) and then come up with a rarefied model of a ‘problem free’ look-alike. Then, using the devious powers of modern advertising – attract the masses to imitate (or purchase) this model.

Such a trait to a supermarket is for example, a curved banana. Because one cannot fit as many curved bananas onto a standard supermarket shelf as largely straight bananas. Here we see how the logic of profit-driven mass production demands the alteration of nature in order to comply with its objectives.

Once such a formula is set in motion, the public must then be made to believe that such foods are ‘superior’ to those that don’t conform to this particular vision of perfection. This is achieved by indoctrination: conveying the impression that trait-free ‘healthy’ bananas grow straight and that all others are inferior. The straighter the banana, the more pure it is – and the more easily identifiable with some form of purified genetic stock. A direct continuation of the Nazi eugenics formula for the ascension of the blond-haired, blue-eyed ‘Ubermensch’.

If you cast your mind over the format for the materialistic modern world, you will recognise the replication of this mass-production standardised formula everywhere you look; and in the case of the globalised food industry – the takeover is almost complete.

In fact, monoculture – the agrichemically assisted continuous growing of one or two types of crop on the same land year after year to the exclusion of any other species – is straight out of the ‘man playing God’ manual. Using toxic chemicals to achieve the complete exclusion of nature’s expression in favour of man’s – has been responsible for an unprecedented decline of natural biodiversity on a global scale for the past century or more.

So when genetically modified seeds and plants are introduced into already agrichemical dominated monocultures, to the instigator it is no more than the continuation of an existing pattern of ‘man over nature’ innovations. But follow it through and one sees that the ultimate end game is a complete takeover of the food chain. One in which a man-made and controlled intervention ensures that nature’s predications and inclinations are one hundred percent excluded.

Do you see how this exactly parallels the Transhumanist ambitions for Cyborg man?

What I am suggesting is that Cyborg man is already present in the majority of top-down hierarchical scientific and quasi-scientific ambitions. And within the institutions that make up the kernel of the military-industrial complex, global banking, energy and pharmaceutical monoliths, not to mention governments acting as the ‘democratic stewards’ of the whole infernal circus.

We can only effectively counteract this cyborgian mindset by understanding how it ticks – getting under its skin – and then subverting it.

Ultimately, we find that the Illuminati influence – which is pervasive throughout the political status quo – reveals a line of connection to certain Masonic/Luciferian ambitions and practices into which the cyborg mentality neatly fits. This in turn leads back to the extra-terrestrial god-kings whom Illuminati initiates claim an extended bloodline connection with.

Could it be that these Transhumanist and cyborg devotees are responding to an (as yet uninterrupted) line of instruction that emanates from interbreeding Illuminati power worshippers?

If so, it could explain a lot about why they would believe that sentient human existence is full of ‘limitations, flaws and genetic mistakes’ – and why the only way to overcome these ‘failures’ is to bring life under the control of a technologically refined robot programmed to simulate the human – but with all elements that deviate from a Godless algorithmically programmed cyborg – systematically removed.

Here lies a great clue for we who carry the torch of real humanity onward. It is our imperative to free ourselves and those who we seek to make aware, from any influence that this alien underworld may hold. For it is a world whose sinister deviations from the Tao of deeper human destiny are the work of dark side quasi-geniuses. Those whose reversed logic carries within it a very real appeal to the weak minded and spiritually impoverished and whose extraordinary self-sustained arrogance makes it appear impregnable to the true forces of universal love, art and all forms of joyous aspiration.

Under these circumstances we are called upon to fully open up untapped powers in ourselves and in others. Powers which are key to overcoming all attempts to hijack the human race and this Planet Earth, our home. That is the imperative of this time.

We are faced by a challenge which is the ultimate challenge of all challenges: to overcome the temptation to be seduced into failing to rise to the Godly qualities with which we have been endowed from birth. The only qualities that ensure certain victory for that which is allied to Divine.

For we will undoubtedly need to draw upon that extraordinary well-spring if we are to overcome the cyborg mentality which is its chief opposition.

In this deeply perplexing, unfathomable and yet wondrous game called life, these two forces now stand head to head. We have arrived at the final door. A door which determinedly blocks the full emancipation of the human condition. Rise to the challenge of pushing open this door – and we will become an unstoppable force – no matter what further obstructions are thrown in our path. 

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Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and writer. He is currently president of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside.

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