Net Neutrality Solution is to Give Crony-Filled FCC Authority Over the Internet?

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Below is a good video explaining net neutrality.  It clearly describes the brief history of net neutrality, the danger of monopoly players controlling regulators and eliminating competition, and it even offers the solution.

The proposed solution is to reclassify Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as “Common Carriers” so that the FCC can regulate them which the FCC currently has no legal authority to do.

Yet the video readily admits that the cable companies own and run the FCC, so how is the solution is to give a crony-filled agency more power?

If the FCC is in the pocket of the monopoly men, why would you give them more power?

If we’ve learned anything with a free and open Internet, it’s that legacy businesses lose on a level playing field of competition and everyone else wins. This little “truth” blog of ours gets more traffic and has more genuine Facebook fans than a good many dinosaur publishers — who also want a pay-to-play system.

The FCC (government) proposal to “allow” fast lanes is a red herring designed to scare the public into giving them more power.  They literally created a phony problem that doesn’t yet exist for Internet users, activists get lathered in anger in response and demand a solution. Classic problem-reaction-solution manipulation.

We’d better be damn careful about the solutions what we advocate for.

Here’s a better solution: Abolish the FCC and eliminate all barriers to entry for new Internet Service Providers. This would prevent monopoly men from having a strongman in the FCC, while allowing true competition to flourish.

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