The Dark Side of Cloud Computing (w/Infographic)

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The revelations about NSA and its Five Eyes Alliance continue to mount, while a series of high-profile data attacks have compromised the information of hundreds of millions of customers of the planet’s largest companies. Just today, Apple is in the news after an epic security flaw was revealed to have gone undetected for 18 months. It’s one among many.

Despite assurances with each new tech release that the current security is impenetrable, it is instead shown to be populated with surveillance backdoors, and riddled with holes that average hackers can easily exploit.

Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has gone on record to state that Cloud storage is also compromised. Cloud storage has been sold as a secure way to back up your information online, so as not to fall prey to the inevitable failure of directly connected devices such as a local hard drive. It is also a convenient way to store data where access is available anywhere you travel. The Cloud storage boom has not only been in the consumer realm. As you will see in the Infographic below sourced from leading tech sites, Cloud storage is now the dominant choice for the world’s largest businesses. The graphic examines the history of Cloud storage, the outages, and other areas that highlight the darker side of this method of storage which need to be considered in our era of bigger and bigger Big Data.

If the information here disturbs you, Chris Dougherty at Virtual Threat has written an important article about how to NSA-proof your Cloud data – you can access that article here.

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