Unelected Bureaucrats: Conduit for America’s Destruction

The EPA, FDA and scores of other Federal agencies operate outside the confines of the US Constitution

James White
Activist Post

Something that always puzzled me is how we, as Americans, allow the Federal Government to “flip the script” when it comes to appropriate rules of conduct. The idea is that the officials (public servants) who we elect are supposed to be working for us, their constituents. Put another way, they are our employees. We, the people, are the boss. Or, at least we are supposed to be.

So do the people that we elect act like employees, or do they act like overlords? I guess that depends on your perspective. However, I submit that if you owned a business you wouldn’t let your employees get away with what the people’s employees do. Just saying. Although the culture of self-aggrandizement by many elected officials seems to be at its zenith, we always have the opportunity to “throw the bums out” come next election… if they get too far off the rails.

Conversely, for the enormous list of alphabet agencies under the purview of the Feds there are no elections – only tremendous power, and little accountability. In reality, what you have are unelected bureaucrats turning decision into law, outside the will of the people.

That sure sounds like the land of the free to me. The EPA is one such powerful agency. To cite a recent example of the EPA’s power, we need not to look any farther than Wyoming. There, the EPA has changed the borders in the state of Wyoming. Yes, you read that right. In this instance, the EPA overturned Federal law enacted over 100 years ago. How can the EPA overturn anything? Does anyone else see the tyranny in this? Let’s go over just a brief list of Federal agencies, and you decide if these monstrosities have made our lives better.

IRS– Unelected, private, and responsible for destroying our nation’s wealth. Or, more appropriately, transferring it into their own hands.

NSA– Unelected, secretive, and responsible for destroying any modicum of privacy that exists in our modern time.

TSA– Unelected, unaccountable, unconstitutional, and the enforcement arm of the Feds. Responsible for the erosion of our 4th amendment. If you ever become unfortunate enough to have a Jack-boot pressing your face into the concrete, it will likely be worn by someone from TSA.

FDA– Unelected, unaccountable, and a proxy for Big Pharma and Big Agro. This agency is responsible for limiting choices that Americans have when it comes to our food and medicine. Arguably, the FDA has been responsible for harming the average American’s health more than the tobacco industry.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – Unelected, increasingly militarized, and a major oppressor of Americans west of the Mississippi. This bureaucracy is responsible for managing lands controlled by the Feds. The map of BLM-controlled lands out west is somewhat staggering. Thankfully, warriors like Kirk MacKenzie are really making a difference in the fight and need our support.

UN (United Nations) – The head of the snake. The grand-daddy of them all. No other agency is more packed with unelected bureaucrats than the UN. And, not surprisingly, more harm has been done to us, by them, than perhaps any agency on the globe. One only needs to look at Agenda 21 and Common Core to get an idea of the work of this evil entity.

As I said, this list is brief. However, it should be enough for you to kick off your own investigation into the many agencies that work daily to undermine our Constitution. To assist your studies, I am including a link to a list of Federal agencies, as outlined by Wikipedia.

As long as we allow the Feds to rule us, they will continue to do so. And, they will do it by way of unelected bureaucrats, appointed for that purpose. These agencies are responsible for eating out our substance, and destroying the future of our posterity. With the election season just around the corner, please exercise what little power we do have left to either rise-up yourself to stop Federal control in your state, or at least support candidates who do.

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