FSA Commander Forced To Flee, Attacked By Fellow Death Squads

FSA commander
Selim Idriss

Brandon Turbeville
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Demonstrating yet again the jihadist nature of the so-called Syrian “rebellion” as well as the fracturing command structure the top “rebel” commander, General Selim Idriss, has fled Syria as a result of attacks by the more extreme jihadists of the Islamic Front.

According to the Wall Street Journal, TIME, UPI, and a host of other mainstream sources, Idriss fled Syria into Turkey after Islamic Front jihadists overran his weapons warehouses full of US-donated military gear as well as his own headquarters located near the border of Syria and Turkey. From Turkey, Idriss flew to Doha, Qatar. The warehouses were controlled mainly by the Supreme Military Council, the loose umbrella group which contains the FSA.

Reports of Idriss’ flight were corroborated by both an anonymous senior U.S. Official and a spokesman for the Islamic Front.

A spokesman for the FSA, however, attempted to claim that Idriss was merely in Turkey for talks between the Islamic Front and the FSA.

Doha plays an important role for the FSA forces as the Syrian National Coalition, the governmental wing of the “moderate extremist” version of the Syrian “rebels,” is based the country.

As a result of the Idriss abandonment of his position, the United States and Britain announced that they would be freezing the delivery of “non-lethal military aid to rebels in northern Syria,” though they also stated that “humanitarian aid” will continue to be distributed through organizations like the United Nations.

In further response, Turkey closed its side of the border.

The Islamic Front is a powerful recent alliance of seven openly Jihadist fighter groups that publicly broke away from the more moderate (only in comparison) Free Syrian Army on November 22. While the IF claims to have no ties to either the SNC or al-Qaeda, the ideology and methods of the organizations are indeed quite similar. Although there may be no clear paper trail and cache of membership cards linking the groups, the truth is that they are indelibly linked to one another by virtue of their extremist ideology and their goal of a fundamentalist caliphate under Sharia law.

While the official Western narrative is that the Anglo-American governments are concerned that the “moderate” rebels are being outmatched and overtaken by “extremist” elements, the fact is that these governments know and have known full well that the entire “rebellion” in Syria is made up of fanatics, mercenaries, dupes, and fundamentalists. Indeed, even the New York Times, admitted that, in Syria, a secular “activist” or fighter was almost impossible to find. As Ben Hubbard wrote,

Across Syria, rebel-held areas are dotted with Islamic courts staffed by lawyers and clerics, and by fighting brigades led by extremists. Even the Supreme Military Council, the umbrella rebel organization whose formation the West had hoped would sideline radical groups, is stocked with commanders who want to infuse Islamic law into a future Syrian government.

Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.

The myth of moderate fighters in Syria is collapsing almost as fast as the claims that Assad gassed his own people in Ghouta, a claim that was later disproven and shown to be the work of the death squads. As Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, “Syria’s War: The Next Phase,”

The alleged fleeing of General Selim Idriss of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), was more symbolic than anything else. Whether or not he really fled, and whether he is in Turkey or Qatar is of little consequence. The so-called “moderates” he commanded were nothing more than a smokescreen, a cheap veneer applied to the hardcore Wahabist extremists of Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra franchise and similar fronts that have formed the core of foreign-backed militancy turned against the Syrian people from the very beginning of the conflict. 


And while the West has attempted to portray these extremist groups as entities entirely separate from the “moderates” they have claimed to be openly training, funding, arming, and equipping to the tune of billions of dollars, there is no other logical explanation for Al Nusra’s ability to rise above these Western-backed “moderates,” unless of course they never existed and the West was, as was planned in 2007, simply arming Al Qaeda all along.

Indeed, even as far back as 2005, the plan to arm religious fundamentalists to destabilize and destroy the Assad government was being reported in the mainstream Western press. The only true development which exists as a result of Idriss’ flight is that one group of fighters that once appeared more politically palatable has been publicly castrated by the more extreme elements of an already extreme movement.

The fanaticism and savagery of the death squads operating in Syria will continue, as will their funding by the United States and the rest of the Anglo-American powers via Saudi Arabia and other Gulf state feudal monarchies. While the geo-political posturing may shift; make no mistake, the goal of Syria’s destruction will remain the same.

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