WiLie about health effects of WiFi?

Because plans for wireless control grid are “vital for UK economy” 

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In case you missed it, last week the Independent published this article which pitches the infrastructure being primed to regulate and control almost every aspect of our lives.

A “futuristic plan”, the author contends, brought about by a “WiFi revolution” that could see “technology monitoring patients from a distance” and “take traffic off our roads”. A brave new world, where farming, healthcare, energy and transport are connected and controlled through a wireless ‘Internet of Things’.

What this piece (and many others like it) does not report, however, is any of the acute or chronic health effects associated with the pulsed microwave radiation which this so-called ‘revolution’ is based on.

Wireless technologies potentially have inter-generational consequences. Are we in the process of making the biggest mistake in human history?

It makes no mention of the potentially catastrophic inter-generational consequences of wireless technologies, such as the harm caused to the mitochondrial DNA of fetuses in utero.

No mention is made either of the profound impacts from wireless electrosmog to our wildlife – affecting countless biologically-sensitive species which have spent eons evolving with natural Earth resonances to now face a man-made sea of modulated microwaves that is billions upon billions of times higher than their natural systems are adapted to. The same goes for us.

Indeed there is much that is not talked about in this new world.

And the reason for this may be obvious – since the article actually starts with an admission from Ofcom’s CEO that:

the future use of radio spectrum [is] of “vital” importance to the UK economy.

Where have we heard something similar before? Oh, that’s right. In another Independent report about how the Treasury regarded smoking dangers as secondary to “the economy” (sadly though, by the time that was finally reported, it was a too late to take evasive action).

Instead of giving important insights into the evident health, privacy, safety and security dangers associated with this Technocratic version of an Orwellian future-scape, the article offers this insight into how our energy will in future be controlled:

Individual electric devices are all monitored by electricity companies and the use of certain devices is restricted early in the evening to reduce demand for power in peak times. Reliance on large power stations is reduced, along with greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

If you happened to miss it … that, friends, is why you are being pushed to have a Smart Meter.

And when it references “air pollution”, any reduction on that front will be overshadowed by a billowing cloud of electrosmog of frequencies which this T-Mobile-funded study reported as being capable of initiating and promoting the growth of cancer (amongst many other serious diseases). That’s an industry-funded study conducted by a world-class research institute. (There are plenty of others, too.)

On farming, it says:

Sensors are sown to measure moisture at different levels. Data is sent to a central system so water can be sent to areas in need at rates that best permeate the ground. The need for pesticides and fertilisers is reduced. At harvest time, sensors watch the temperature of cereals and insect activity.

And with edible RFID sensors now available, who wouldn’t want microchips embedded straight into their their patented frankenfoods from the get-go? Yum!

This is no joke, though. It is business – big business – with long-range strategic plans to bring your children “on-message” through their schoolwork in the classroom. Do you think any of the health risks will be on the curriculum as they browse their course notes on an iPad?

Moving on to transport, the article continues:

Road sensors can recognise congestion and instigate speed restrictions. The same system could send messages to cars to give alternative directions. Wheel rotation sensors can speak to similar devices on other vehicles to automate the flow of traffic and eliminate the pattern of traffic accelerating and quickly braking.

It’s interesting that the focus here is on cars – because a so-called driverless “Smart Train” crashed in Chicago last week, injuring 33 people. Really ‘smart’. Was it hackers? Who knows. Maybe we’ll find out, maybe we won’t. Network-attached cars are certainly hackable, though.

And finally to health:

Sensors in the home can monitor lack of activity and wet floors or other signals that someone might need help. Wearable monitors can send blood pressure and heart rate readings to health professionals. Intelligent pill-boxes alert doctors if patients have not taken tablets – and can order repeat prescriptions.

But would those ‘health’ apps warn users of the ‘genotoxity’ and damage being done to ‘hereditary material and DNA’ by the constant radiation they use to communicate – which this wireless telecom firm’s patent admits to? Would they warn the users of pacemakers that they might actually stop their hearts from beating?

Not likely.

It’s almost enough to make your blood boil. And this video shows it pretty much does that, too.

Taking all of that into account, the Independent’s piece – a sugar-coated vision of a future that violates our health and privacy whilst masquerading as ‘progress’ – is actually a warning. It is a warning that the financial interests pushing the so-called ‘solutions’ of tomorrow are set to introduce even bigger problems. Problems which we will have to pay for and which they will, presumably, find bogus solutions for in order to squeeze the last vestiges of profit out of an ailing, genetically-modified public.

What is being sold to us here is a bill of goods. The table is being set for a hugely profitable but extremely harmful wireless grid which controls evermore aspects of our lives and has biologically-offensive radiation as a by-product.

And it will happen on your watch if you let it.

Time to shake a leg, folks. You can start by helping us to wake some people up to what they are letting into their homes with the Smart Meter and the dystopian ideology which it serves.

Where we go from here is up to you.

This article first appeared at Stop Smart Meters!

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