ReThink 9/11: The Truth That Could Still Unravel an Empire of Lies

The 9/11 false flag attack has propelled a wave of perpetual wars building a new order based upon chaos.

Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

Twelve years after the September 11 attacks, Americans are still entangled in perpetual war, centered around the Middle East which has been based in numerous theaters, including Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and now possibly Syria. The specter of terrorism still looms, putting supposedly-guaranteed civil rights in the backseat and fear in the fast lane.

Checkpoints and security measures have accelerated at home in the United States, while a military without a clear mission continues roaming campaigns against supposed hotbeds of terrorism, or alternately ‘extremism’, carrying out clandestine operations and drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and other locales, and tense diplomatic relations in countless parts of the globe.

In short, the world has never been the same since 9/11. The term itself has been seared into the collective conscience, never to be forgotten.

From the first moments of the attacks on the World Trade Center towers, followed by an attack on the Pentagon, a downed plane in Shanksville, PA and reports of numerous other hijacked planes and incidents, the truth was essentially thrown out the window. The event – pivotal to world affairs for the foreseeable future – was based upon perception, a perception carefully crafted to captivate a nation and predicate a response.

What really happened has never been officially explained – or at least acknowledged – but has been painstakingly pursued by victims’ family members, concerned citizens, whistleblowers and government officials, technical professionals and alternative media pioneers.

The 9/11 truth movement has no single manifestation, but remains driven and defined not by its most prominent voices, but by its mandate to counter a sea of lies and evoke something that establishes the truth. History may well view 9/11 not as the day America was attacked by a foreign terrorist group, but the day the United States – a once great republic defined by its Constitution and an established respect for individual rights and a separation of powers – began to nosedive into decline.

The reasons are numerous, even legion. So are the lies that began with that traumatic national wound. The truth then, necessarily, is detailed and multifaceted. It has many angles that each yield important pieces of a profound but simple revelation – a great nation’s laws, the American way of life, already undermined and deteriorating, was hijacked and transformed by the power of “magic.” Not supernatural magic directed by forces unseen, but a complicated parlor trick, concocted by a cadre of powerful illusionists who’ve taken the world for a sick, twisted and regrettable ride.

Untangling that lie – that is, even beginning to contemplate repair and restoration – requires confronting that truth, the essential truth, from whatever angle one finds to be a traversable path.

One of the most palatable, yet confrontational remains the question of World Trade Center Building 7.

Though it was not hit by a plane, nor severely damaged by the wreckage of the collapses of the Twin Towers, the 47-foot skyscraper, which housed important government and finance institutions, collapsed well into the afternoon of 9/11, and significantly, appeared to collapse just as buildings taken down deliberately by demolition do.

Its collapse – broadcast live during the chaotic and traumatic news coverage of the day – fits into the official story of 9/11 like a square peg into a round hole. WTC7 clashes so soundly with the version of events sold to the public, that raising awareness of its very existence has been enough to snap countless individuals out of their 9/11 “hypnosis” and allow other pertinent questions to be raised – and actually contemplated.

It was omitted from the 9/11 Commission’s final report, but officially explained via fires that brought down the support columns. While such fires did exist, they do little to explain the structural failure that caused the building to fall suddenly and completely at a rate quite close to free fall speed. After considerably delay, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) explained away the event as if sweeping dirt under a rug to avoid embarrassment.

Instead groups like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 and various awareness campaigns –including ReThink 9/11 – have studied the case of WTC7 from the point of view of physics, science, public policy and common sense to present an alternative explanation considerably closer to reality.

WTC Building 7 has become a rallying point for 9/11 conspiracy realists – awakened to the fact that the fast & furious conclusion of the September 11 attacks were used to pursue a dark political agenda – and instead use its embarrassing, sore thumb, loose end of an existence (prior to collapse that is) to raise and perpetuate compelling questions that can not and should not be ignored.

Ahead of the 2013 anniversary of September 11th, ReThink 9/11 conducted a survey of the public’s awareness, perception and attitude towards the outwardly forgotten WTC7. The results may surprise you (READ THE RESULTS HERE IN PDF). The group also raised funds to put up a billboard addressing the outstanding questions about Building 7 in Times Square, one of the most heavily trafficked areas in busy downtown Manhattan, as well as to raise awareness in cities around the world.

Watch their video – and ReThink 9/11. It’s time to set aside the “official” lies and consider what really happened to the victims, our nation and our society:

Mainstream media defector and now alternative media icon Ben Swann profiled the group’s efforts for the 2013 anniversary of September 11th.

Watch his Reality Check report “More Americans ‘Rethinking’ 9/11?”:

If this sounds too incredible, reconsider the fact that the live coverage of the 9/11 attacks conflicted significantly with the official story that would later emerge, including numerous reports – both from news anchors and numerous eyewitnesses on the scene – of explosions in the towers. These were not confused with impact of the planes, but reported as secondary explosions worthy of a more full investigation, but instead cast aside into the realm of illegitimate ‘conspiracy theory.’

9/11 Revisited: Live Mainstream Media Coverage Conflicts with Official Story

And dozens, even hundreds, of other significant and legitimate questions exist and persist. This video presentation examines of just a few.

Though this subject matter has been heavily trodden already by many courageous individuals concerned about the truth, it remains – 12 years after the fact – critical that anyone who doesn’t want to go on blindly as a victim in this world to confront this evidence and awaken to a realization, however harsh, that we are living through a dangerous world of the unreal.

Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of, where this first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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