Insane 9/11 Homework Assignment Highlights Trauma-based Education

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As if the average 7th grader residing within the public school/prison control system doesn’t have enough to worry about. The following articles just scratch the surface of the full-spectrum indoctrination and fear mongering that passes for education in many parts of America:

Add to this what you will see in the video below, and there couldn’t be a clearer case for homeschooling.

A currently unnamed teacher at Fairview Junior High in Alvin, Texas somehow thought it was a great idea to give 12 and 13 year olds an assignment to pretend that they were trapped victims of 9/11 and to write a farewell note. Some of the outraged parents correctly pointed out that the assignment very well could have been equated to suicide training.

Perhaps the next assignment should be to take a complete look at what really happened on September 11th and how to ask important questions that have yet to be answered. From there, studying how and why fear is used to control populations would be highly recommended.

Full transcript with source links:


A homework assignment on the anniversary of 9/11 is the source of controversy in Texas after the instructions asked 7th grade students to write a farewell letter as if they were about to die in the attack.

A language arts teacher at Fairview Junior High in Alvin, Texas asked students to pretend they were trapped in one of the towers or planes, then asking who they would write a letter to if they knew they were going to die. (Via KRIV)

Parents of the students were outraged when they found out about the assignment, claiming the teacher had gone too far by requiring their children to basically write a 9/11 suicide note.

The school district released an apology to the families saying: “We sincerely apologize to any of our families that found this activity to be insensitive. As educators, we strive to meet the individual needs of our students both instructionally and emotionally while maintaining a high level of sensitivity.” (Via KRIV)

The crew at Fox and Friends say it was probably the age of the students — 12 to 13 years old — that makes the assignment so controversial.

It has to do I think with the age of the kids … There is a way they could learn about 9/11 and not learn about it in this way that personally feel like they’re going to die.

The name of the teacher has not been released and it is unclear if she has or will face disciplinary action for the assignment.

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