Biometrics: Taking a Bite out of Apple

Andrew Pontbriand
Activist Post

The wireless age has grown leaps and bounds since the turn of the new millennium. From big square cellphones, to flip phones, to the new touch screen phones that can access the Internet wherever service is available. However, communications just went ‘Back to the Future’; 1984 to be exact, and was secretly given over to Big Brother.

Apple’s new iPhone 5s will come in many colors, and with a brand new feature; Touch ID. Touch ID uses biometrics technology so users can scan their fingerprints to better lock their phones, and make purchases in Apple stores. For most, this seemingly harmless feature is just that; harmless. But for privacy advocates, and those who understand the direction we are heading in, our biggest fears were realized.

In the digital age, wireless technology, and biometrics are increasingly becoming one. It should be no surprise that Apple was the first to get their hands on the biometrics technology and incorporate it into its new phone.

Your phone is now a wireless world in and of itself, where Big Brother has his hands on the pulse. Cell phones can scan Q codes, swipe credit cards, and now read your own, unique, god given fingerprints. This is building to the new age: the age of a cashless society.

When everything from books, to bank transactions are carried out over the Internet, this enables governments to censor, delete, manage, and monitor an individual’s trends. Take for instance e-books. If we one day end up in a world where all books are only available on the Internet, they can at the push of a button be deleted from the Web. People should wake up to the fact that although the technology has a potential for being great, the current political and governmental system, mixed with the path we are on, is a powder keg of nefarious snooping, spying, information databasing, and outright theft.

How does biometrics play into all this?Well, it’s really a nightmare scenario. With the recent revelations of NSA spying, you would think Apple would wait on the Touch ID. You would think people would not want to be using a technology that only makes you think of George Orwell every time you use it. But this is what is so sad about our society.

License plate readers, face, thumb & palm scanners, smart meters, and Intellistreets smart light poles. We are quickly heading into a total surveillance state, with Big Brother at the helm of it. Biometrics in your iPhone is only a Beta test in the public arena, and if users allow this technology to grow in the age of government lies, corruption, and information stealing; we are in trouble. After all, to those who are awake; we understand the implementation of such a device is the precursor to a cashless society. Think before you buy the iPhone; you may be purchasing you own enslavement.

Andrew Pontbriand writes for The Resistance Journals where this first appeared.

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