Energy Firm Caught Breaking Down Door to Install Smart Meter!

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Smart Meters are a financial Trojan Horse for Big Energy. This is why we are witnessing – and now catching on film – criminal acts of vandalism, breaking and entering and trespass by energy firms trying to install their next-generation cash machines in the homes of customers.

When energy companies are prepared to treat the personal property of customers with such abject disrespect, the extent to which they will care for highly-sensitive personal data is in no doubt.

A one-year study in Toronto, by Toronto Hydro, showed that 80% of people’s bills INCREASE after Smart Meters are installed. “Dozens and dozens of customers…are reporting some billing spikes, in one case more than 1,000 percent” reported CTV’s Consumer Affairs Reporter, Lynda Steele.

SSM UK has received reports of bills doubling and trebling after Smart Meters have been installed, with one small business owner in London nearly being put out of business by one.

Big Energy firms are publicly-listed, for-profit enterprises answerable to their shareholders. If you are left with any uncertainty about whose agenda Smart Meters are designed to serve, we encourage you to watch Josh del Sol’s critical investigation of the Smart Metering and Smart Grid phenomenon, Take Back Your Power – premiering 5 September 2013.

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