Agenda 21 Writing Contest Update

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Our third writing contest, EXPOSE Agenda 21, is now closed for submissions. We would like to thank those who participated for offering excellent information and research links. These articles form a perfect compendium to help people awaken to the broad spectrum threat embodied behind this seemingly benign globalist plan.

Pageviews will continue to be tallied until September 1st; and the two winners will be announced on September 15th. First place will receive $500; Second place $250.

If you would like to offer your support to an individual article, or simply share the list of articles to friends and family in a single link, please visit here and scroll through the submissions:

Writing Contest Agenda 21

Best wishes to the contestants, and best wishes to activists everywhere as we do our best to thwart the collectivist plan to regulate and control every individual in order to bring about a planet-wide system of servitude.

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