The Secret Founding of America and Why It Matters Today

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. – George Orwell

By Paul Adams, J.D.

In his book, The Secret Founding of America: The Real Story of Freemasons, Puritans & The Battle for the New World, Nicholas Hagger analyzes the two groups that founded the United States – the Planting Fathers, who established the early settlements (Puritans and Anglicans), and the Freemason Founding Fathers, who united the colonies with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Hagger demonstrates that the new nation, conceived in liberty, was the Freemason’s first step toward a New World Order. He explains how the German Illuminati influenced many of the Founders, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine. Finally, Hagger shows the hidden hand of Freemasonry at work in every turning point in America’s history, from the Civil War, through the Cold War, to today’s contrived and poorly scripted War on Terror and related police state.

It must be noted that much of Hagger’s information is also featured in the Christopher Pinto’s award-winning Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings documentary series. The knowledge contained in these items are essential for all Americans. Only when we properly understand our past can we understand where our “leaders” are taking us today. Only when we truly comprehend the occult heritage which our Founding Fathers set in place can we understand why America is constantly at war, why our nation forces a perverse brand of “democracy” upon the world, and why America has always been leading all nations steadily towards the NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM (New Order of the Ages – New World Order), the Illuminati symbol of which is on the back of the American One Dollar Bill.

Freemasons in the Colonies

In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of the secret societies in England and authored his famous book, The New Atlantis. Bacon’s book was the blueprint for colonizing the United States, advocating that America “would become a paradise in which men would follow reason, become gods and work for a universal world republic that would then replicate the Utopian conditions of America throughout the known world.” Secret knowledge would be passed on through the generations by Freemasons and other secret societies. (Hagger p. 87)

As Chief of the Rosicrucians and the first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry, Bacon sent his followers to the new world. A 1910 Newfoundland stamp with his image upon it reads, “Lord Bacon: the Guiding Spirit in [the] Colonization Scheme.”

Because of his influence, Francis Bacon is considered by some to be the real and true founder of America. For centuries, controversy has surrounded this figure who is said to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I, and secret author of the Shakespeare plays; the man whom Thomas Jefferson considered one of the three most influential men in history.

In 1733, Rosicrucian Freemasonry formally entered America when the St John’s Lodge was established in Boston. It became the Masonic capital of Britain’s colonies. By 1737 there were lodges in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, all committed to implementing the plan for a Utopian New Atlantis… In February 1731, Benjamin Franklin became a Rosicrucian Mason and in 1734 Provincial Grand Master of Pennsylvania. Hager p. 97-98

Franklin returned to England from 1764 to 1775 and discovered Baconian English Freemasonry’s Secret Doctrine to create a New World or philosophical Atlantis in America. In 1775, Tom Paine, whom Franklin had sent to America to work on the Pennsylvania Magazine, argued that America should demand independence from England. Franklin returned to Philadelphia and printed Paine’s Common Sense propaganda. Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the Declaration of Independence, was also a Rosicrucian.

Hagger notes that “the federalism that finally united the 13 colonies into states was identical to the federalism of the Grand Lodge system of Masonic government which had been created in Anderson’s Constitution of 1723.” (Hager p. 98-99, 153)

The Boston Tea Party was entirely a masonic event organized by the St Andrew’s Lodge in Boston, of which John Hancock and Paul Revere were members and supported by Virginia Masons Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee.

After dark on December 17, 1773, at least 120 Masons from the St Andrew’s lodge, disguised as Mohawk Indians, bordered the ships and threw the tea into the harbor, allegedly to protest numerous taxes levied by King George III. (Hagger p. 103-104)

Of the 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence, 9 according to some, 53 according to others, came from Freemasons. The first President, George Washington, was a Freemason and was elected Grand Master of the Templar Alexandria Lodge no. 22 in Virginia. (Hagger p. 105)

According to Hagger, during the American Revolution, 31 out of 33 military generals under George Washington were Freemasons. Importantly, the British military leadership was also Freemasonic: Sir William Howe, Brigadier General Augustine Prevost, and 34 senior colonels were all Freemasons. When the French joined on the side of the Americans, Freemason Marquis de Lafayette trapped General Cornwallis, commander of the British forces at Yorktown.

London blamed Templar Freemasonry for the humiliating British defeat, suggesting Cornwallis, Clinton, and the Hower brothers were all Templar Freemasons and had conspired to lose to their fellow Freemasons. In 1781 General Howe and Admiral Howe were accused by ‘Cicero’ of betraying their country to Benjamin Franklin. Hagger p. 151-152

It appears that the American Revolution was a rigged game on the chessboard of Freemasonry.

Anyone who doubts that Freemasons still control the U.S. government should read House Resolution 33 (33 being the highest admitted degree of Freemasonry) passed in 2007, which states in part:

Recognizing the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honoring them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history.

Whereas Freemasons, whose long lineage extends back to before the Nation’s founding, have set an example of high moral standards and charity for all people;

Whereas the Founding Fathers of this great Nation and signers of the Constitution, most of whom were Freemasons, provided a well-rounded basis for developing themselves and others into valuable citizens of the United States.

H. RES. 33, was submitted by Congressman and 33rd degree Mason Paul Gillmor.

The Founding Fathers Were Deists

The Founding Fathers, as opposed to the Planting Fathers, rejected all organized religion in favor of Deism. They believed: 1) in a supreme being; 2) the need to worship that being; 3) that the best form of worship was to lead a virtuous life; 4) one must repent; 5) one would be rewarded and/or punished after death. Any religious view contrary to nature and reason, such as a virgin birth and divine intervention in the affairs of men, is rejected by Deism. (Hagger p. 109)

The founders studied Deist works by Voltaire and Rousseau. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were all openly Deists. George Washington and many other Founders posed as Christians but were clearly Deists in their personal writings. As Hagger notes:

The reason the Founding Fathers kept their Deism secret and retained the façade of Christianity was to unify the Catholic, Anglican, and Puritan settlers into one new nation-state. They wanted to be sure of having a nation of trusting and passive followers. So religion served a utilitarian, rather than spiritual purpose. Hagger p. 123

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the Founding Fathers rejected organized religion should read the Treaty of Tripoli (1797), which was passed unanimously and signed into law by President John Adams. Article 11 of the Treaty reads:

As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

The evidence and writings of the Founding Fathers themselves demonstrates that they were Deists. However, many of them also had ties to Satanism and the occult.

The Bavarian Illuminati and the Founding Fathers

The German Illuminati was born in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, just two months prior to the Declaration of Independence. Weishaupt was the son of a Jewish rabbi. He became a Jesuit priest prior to becoming an atheist, before becoming a Satanist. He studied in France, where he met Robespierre, the future leader of the bloody French Revolution. Weishaupt was also a student of the Eleusinisn mysteries, Pythagoras, the Kabbalah, the Keys of Solomon, and performed occult rituals.

In 1773, Weishaupt held a meeting with banker, master of usury, and insider trader, Mayer Amschel Rothschild to discuss world revolution. The Rothschilds were Freemasons and financially supported the Illuminati’s mission. Hagger p. 128.-135

After becoming a leading Freemason and the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, Weishaupt set the following goals for his loyal followers: 1) abolish all ordered government; 2) abolition of private property; 3) abolition of inheritance; 4) abolition of patriotism; 5) abolition of all religion; 6) abolition of the family and marriage; 7) creation of one world government. These goals were the embryonic form of Communism. (Hagger p. 132-133)

Weishaupt instructed the Illuminati to act in secret. He also took pride in deceiving Christians and others of good will into joining his order.

Initiates were deliberately deceived. They were told that the Order of Illuminati represented the highest ideals of the Church, that Christ was an Illuminist, that his secret mission was to restore people to the liberty they lost in the Garden of Eden. Weishaupt told them that Christ despised riches to prepare for the abolition of property ownership and the sharing of all possessions.” Hagger p. 134-135

Hagger provides great detail of Benjamin Franklin meeting with the Illuminati and his viewing of their Great Seal. The Great Seal was designed by Weishaupt and would later be placed on the one dollar bill by Freemason U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. See the Eye of the Phoenix documentary for more details.

Hagger states that, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin adopted the Illuminati’s ideals while in France in 1784 to negotiate a treaty with France. (Hagger p. 137 – 142)

Significant evidence reveals Benjamin Franklin was a Satanist. Franklin was a member of the Hellfire Club, a secret society that conducted black masses and orgies. Additionally, in 1998, workmen restoring Franklin’s London home dug up the remains of six children and four adults hidden below the home. The Sunday Times reported:

Initial estimates are that the bones are about 200 years old and were buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762, and from 1764 to 1775. Most of the bones show signs of having been dissected, sawn or cut. One skull has been drilled with several holes. Paul Knapman, the Westminster Coroner, said yesterday: “I cannot totally discount the possibility of a crime. There is still a possibility that I may have to hold an inquest.”

Freemasonic Symbolism in Washington, DC 

In 1790 President/Freemason George Washington chose a marshy swamp as the new Nation’s capital site and selected Freemason Pierre Charles Enfant to design the new city, then called the “Territory of Columbia.” In 1795 the Freemasonic Founding Fathers laid out the streets of Washington D.C to form Masonic symbols: a compass, square, rule, pentagram, pentagon, and octagon. (Hagger p. 164)

This information is further detailed in Riddles in Stone.

On September 18, 1773, President George Washington laid the foundation stone of the Capitol building. He wore full Masonic regalia and was surrounded by brother Masons. The foundation stones for the White House and other Federal buildings were also laid in Masonic ritual.

Hagger submits that the U.S. Constitution intentionally removed sovereignty from the 13 states to a Freemasonry-dominated national central government so that Freemasonry could dominate America according to Bacon’s plan for a New Atlantis. In short, the Founding Fathers staged a coup against the states. (Hagger p.165-166)

Freemasonry’s Control of America

Like the Revolutionary War, Hagger demonstrates that the Civil War was a Freemason sponsored event with the Rothschilds controlling the North via August Belmont, a presidential advisor, and the South via Judah Benjamin, Secretary of State for the Confederacy.

In 1851, Giuseppe Mazzini, who had taken over the Illuminati in 1834, began the process of bringing about a civil war by forming revolutionary groups throughout the United States to intensify the slavery debate. Most of the political and military leadership of the Confederacy was composed of Freemasons under Albert Pike’s command. Pike was a 33rd degree Mason, the most powerful Mason in the world at the time, and an admitted Luciferian. (Hagger p. 185)

Immediately after Abraham Lincoln’s presidential election, South Carolina, headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of Freemasonry, was the first state to secede. Florida seceded next, led by Freemason David Yulee. Georgia seceded, led by Freemasons Howell Cobb and Robert Toombs. Louisiana seceded led by Freemasons John Slidell and Pierre Soule. Texas Governor, Sam Houston, a Freemason, led Texas in secession. Hagger’s list continues in detail. (Hagger p. 178-179)

After the Civil War, Lincoln was hated by Freemasons. He had prevented them from dividing America between England and France and establishing a Rothschild central bank. John Wilkes Booth, a 33rd degree Mason with connections to Mazzini’s Illuminati, executed Lincoln with a shot to the head. Edwin Stanton, the Freemason in Lincoln’s cabinet, covered-up the Masonic involvement and helped Booth escape. (Hagger p. 182-183)

A Freemasonic World

Hagger concludes by naming many other prominent Freemasons in more recent history, such as Newt Gingrich, Joseph Stalin, Bob Dole, Barry Goldwater, Jesse Jackson, Ross Perot, Douglas MacArthur, and many others. He refers to modern Freemasonry as “The Syndicate,” as it is little more than a highly secretive organized crime ring. (Hager p. 190)

Importantly, Hagger notes that out of British Freemasonry came a number of new secret societies, such as the Round Table, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, and the Trilateral Commission. These are the organizations we see making policy today, not just in the U.S. or England, but for the world. (Hagger p. 191)

Immediately after World War II, the Rockefeller family, acting in conjunction with the CFR and The Syndicate, was instrumental in establishing world government through the United Nations. John D. Rockefeller III donated $8.5 million for the purchase of 18 acres of land in Manhattan on which the UN building was built. (Hagger p. 195)

Today’s Agenda

Today, Freemasons and their offshoot organizations are diligently working to cap the pyramid of Adam Weishaupt’s New World Order. In the news, we constantly hear powerful politicians and corporate officers around the world bragging about the New World Order.

Unfortunately, the democratic republic that we learned of in government training camps (public schools), the United States of America, with few exceptions is largely a myth of legend. If you doubt this, simply look at the Confidence in Congress rating, currently at 10%. Congress does not represent the American people and many of us continuously prove ourselves fools by supporting Democrats, Republicans, and rigged elections.

Clearly politicians are puppets and most decisions with significant historical impact are made by secret societies like the Freemasons, Jesuits, and Illuminati.

Unlike the Founding Fathers, today’s Freemasons and their offshoot organizations are limiting individual freedom, not expanding it. The First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments are under attack.

Today’s invisible rulers use the same Illuminati tools to achieve their goals: deception, propaganda, false flag terror, threats of outside enemies, and usury.

The Freemasons, Jesuits, and their spin-off organizations must be prosecuted as international organized crime syndicates under the Logan Act and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). However, the criminal elements and/or Freemasons within government are not going to prosecute themselves.

Therefore, we must earn our liberty by learning our true history and the plans of the New World Order. Then we must educate others until society shuns Freemasons (and other secret societies) and encourages them to disband. The alternative media must expose the crimes and stories that the corporate media is complicit in covering-up. Otherwise, Adam Weishaupt’s New World Order will soon be completed and most of us will find ourselves in hell on earth.

Paul Adams is a follower of Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King, Jr. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

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    — General Albert Pike

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    Houston refused the Confederate oath while Governor and had to resign. He was despised by the State he helped liberate from Mexico, and died as much of a broken heart as pneumonia. His last words to his wife, Margaret Lea Houston were, “Texas, Margaret, Texas. . . “

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