Whooping Cough Rapid Rise After 20-Year Use of Poor Quality Vaccines

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The rate of whooping cough, or pertussis, has exploded in America in the last few years. A brand new study confirms what scientists already expected. They confirmed that the burgeoning comeback of whooping cough is due to introducing new, “safer” vaccines 20 years ago. Safer, meaning fewer side effects and minus the previous toxin that was used, but not safe for long-term protection from disease.

Pertussis bacteria affects upper respiration and creates shortness of breath. The disease, which can be fatal to babies, actually almost disappeared in the late ’70s – so why did newer vaccines keep appearing? It seems to have caused a type of resistance. The weaker vaccine has caused damage; arguably more than foregoing the vaccine altogether.

By the ’80s it was believed to be more hushed, spreading undiagnosed. In 20 years, however, it has “bounced back with a vengeance.” Europe is seeing the same problem. Last year in the U.S., there were 40,000 cases, and strong strains among kids in 2010. California, for instance, saw an epidemic of it in 2010, especially among their Latino community – the situation was rife with calls for mandatory vaccination – for the very vaccine that could be spiking the disease.

Before the ’90s, kids would receive a whole-cell vaccine, made from pertussis bacteria called Bordetella pertussis. The bacteria were killed by formalin or other chemicals. The vaccines also contained a toxin that would cause infants to have fever, severe pain at jab site and would even get febrile seizures, fainting and turn pale, “floppy,” and unresponsive.

At that time, parents sued the manufacturers successfully saying this whole-cell vaccine led to long-term brain damage. A 1991 Institute of Medicine report tried to refute that claim, but by then many pertussis vaccine makers scurried out of the market. Then, Congress made a federal vaccine injury compensation program for vaccine-injured families.

Now, the vaccines are “acellular” consisting of refined pertussis proteins that are supposed to create immunity, but without the toxic effects. It is interesting to note that the toxic ingredients often found in vaccines such as thimerasol (mercury) and aluminum are adjuvants – carriers to make the vaccine more effective. So the strength of it is actually based on its toxicity. Similarly, chemotherapy’s strength (or efficiency) in zapping cells (and immunity) is because of its toxicity – that’s why patients are often told to avoid things like green tea! It would almost undo the chemo, or weaken its effects, prolonging the procedure.

Northern California physicians at Kaiser Permanente studied results comparing the old versus new. The shots are a four-dose series called DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) given to children before age two. Children born between ’94 and ’99 are when Kaiser was gradually introducing the new vaccines. Children studied either had only the old, only the new, or a combination of both.

Of 1037 children in the main study, 138 who had received the new, weaker acellular shots, got pertussis during California’s 2010-2011 epidemic. Children receiving only the acellular vaccine were more than 5.6 times likely to become ill, mainly with pertussis, than children receiving the old whole-cell vaccine. What’s more, in a different recent study in Australia, the kids receiving acellular vaccines were six times more likely to get sick, versus the old. And another looking at California found an eight-fold increase in illness.

I want to emphasize that the epidemic is occurring among people who received vaccines. Because during an epidemic we will hear all kinds of media stressing an epidemic and why we should get vaccinated, or else we are so irresponsible to the rest of the population. And now we are teetering on the beginnings of forced vaccination for the “good of public safety.”

One author, pediatrician Nicola Klein says:

We’re now finding out that the acellular vaccine’s doesn’t offer protection for as long. It does work well in the short term. But there was definitely a tradeoff in phasing out the whole-cell vaccine.

Interestingly, whole-cell vaccines are still used in lower-income countries where they are seeing less incidents of aggressive come-back pertussis. Researchers attribute that to more antigens – proteins triggering the immune system – considered better by allopathic standards than the acellular vaccines used in the last 20 years, attributing to more disease. (see a better solution below)

In some international meetings to discuss the problem, some wanted to go back to whole-cell vaccines. Of course the preferred solution is to create a whole new generation of vaccines! And that could take a decade – major fail!

Canadian pediatrician, Scott Halperin, said there’s no going back to the whole-cell kind and:

It had to go – It’s a vaccine that would not be accepted in the societies we have in North America and Europe. As much pertussis as we’re seeing now, we’re still seeing in most places pretty good control in the very young. We’re seeing lapsed immunity in school-age kids and we have to solve that. But those kids aren’t dying.

That’s pretty flimsy – children are the most at risk for death from contracting whooping cough. But even if they aren’t keeling over, this is only the beginning of the effects. If these children, now older, are contracting a serious disease that almost disappeared – what will their immunity look like at age 30, 40, 50?

Halperin said:

The scientific community back in the 1990s felt that it had pertussis solved … We’re now seeing that we don’t have a solution yet.

It’s obvious that public safety actually falls last on the list if these newer vaccines were not studied carefully before they came on the scene in the ’90s. In fact, public safety has now been effectively threatened. People coming down with the same disease they were vaccinated from is actually an alarming sign of immune dysfunction – most likely exacerbated by the vaccine. If we’re only just now discovering this after 20 years of using them, it’s safe to say that we should have a choice to vaccinate or not and be able to draw our own conclusions, rather than be at the whim of doctors who are repeating CDC warnings and listening to their sponsored drug makers.

I just want to briefly suggest looking into homeopathic flu nosodes as a much, much safer and profound way to alleviate disease – no part of the disease exists in them. They were around since the 1800s but were quelled by the coming pharmaceuticals that could be patented. Even Louis Pasteur reportedly admitted on his death bed that the theory behind the homeopathic solutions (Terrain theory) was more sound than his belief in Germ theory which is what promoted vaccine use from the beginning. And please see a good naturopathic doctor to build that immunity, alleviate toxicity and empower yourself in the face of disease epidemics.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at NaturalBlaze.com and ActivistPost.com. Like at Facebook.


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