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This beautiful documentary lit a fire in me – like no other – to approach freedom and consciousness in a radical way. Too many of the “awakened” walk around with broken spirits. Sometimes we forget that true freedom comes from the highest love from within – otherwise, what purpose do our actions serve? Are we going about resistance the hard way? Fighting coercion the way puppet masters intended … What we resist, persists … but what if we each took our personal power back in our tiny corner of the world, realized our precious worth and it burst forth in a cascade effect that never ended?

Unveiled and Lifted, is a new type of documentary experience from Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee and Justin. It fuses music, art and substance to first show an engaging assessment of current problems and confusion, and then big pro-active alleviation – all of which resonate with the viewer. It is power based, versus fear based. It can alter inner blocks and remove false illusions.  First it unveils, then it lifts…

The sheer amount of footage edited by Justin Jezewski, perfectly placed with original ambient music is stunning. I’ve never seen a project like this; what appears to be a true labor of love. We never see the speakers behind the film, but instead are riveted by their words – saying the things that most people think but are afraid to say above a whisper. The oral essays are almost poetic and are hard to turn away from. A lot of depth and food for thought and action.

If you gravitate towards powerful internal solutions, having tried too hard and too long with external actions, this movie is encouraging. People who seek spiritual and philosophical words, say from people like David Icke, Alan Watts (or Alan Watt), and even Bill Hicks would appreciate this next step. It’s a lot easier to disengage when you realize the illusion and your true power.

The biggest battle is for our minds, spirit and consciousness. Maybe the Gordian Knot really does lie inside, and all we need to do to spread freedom is unravel it. Maybe it is only possible to lead by example. I felt a sense of peace and perseverance after watching. For instance, Liam Scheff talking about front-yard gardens and people saying “You can’t do that,” and his response being “Yes I can, actually in my neighborhood. That’s the way it is.” Imagine if everyone reacted that way to people who succumb to programmed power plays. We really can say “Yes, I can” and that power comes from within, pushing past the illusions. What is our natural state of being and how can it be recovered?

So it first sheds light on the foggy “veil” and then delves into philosophies of personal liberty, force, perception, Statism, beliefs, humanity, education, food and health freedom and balance which then blends into the “lifting.”

The speakers include: Thomas Sheridan, Kathy Fontecchio, Derrick Broze, Jason Gregory, Karen Sawyer, positive talk show host Vinny Eastwood, Derrick J Freeman, Liam Scheff, Max Igan, Thema Aziz Serwa, Nabil Shaban, Joe Martino, Sonia Truther Girl and more.

As a woman, I related with Truther Girl Sonia, talking about her pre-awakened life being led to seek materialism and accomplishments as a measure of success and validation. Later finding out there was a pack of lies and a shocking, rude awakening that reminded her success is more about how you deal with what life deals you.

Unlike hardcore info-slam documentaries that focus on horror and are deflating to watch, Unveiled and Lifted is compelling for different reasons and is one of the more positive and uplifting documentaries to arrive in a long time. It’s a personal power recovery take on society. The main focus, like the title suggests, is about waking up and true individualism. You won’t find self-defeating blame, not one ounce in this film; instead it is inspiration for true empowerment that I can show all my loved ones – it will speak to them individually.

Justin and Cari-Lee told me:

We want people to walk away from this film aware of their own innate power and sovereignty, yet realizing they are not alone, ready to empower themselves as well as unite together to begin creating a new world.

Cari-Lee says:

I’m looking for solutions…I want to create a space where that’s the focus…We have to know the problems well to accomplish the solutions. 

Concentrate on what’s good and true in life even though you know all the bad. You have to know it to know how to overcome it. To overcome it you have to see it for what it is and not play into the game. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying it’s worth it.

There is a fine line between focusing on the drudgery of problems — and acknowledgement, acceptance, and action. The focus here for what troubles us seems to be hope, individual responsibility, giving a damn and doing something about it – if you choose.

What’s more, it revives hope in humanity and arouses that strong sense of inner-freedom. We need reminders to reclaim our precious power from time to time – don’t you think?

If you want to see change, the focus is on yourself in a positive way (not chiding, berating, conflicted, confused or condescending). Disengage and take your power back. It all begins and ends with you and me.

Tell us what you thought about the film.

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