7 Reasons War with Syria is a Really Bad Idea

“Missing Peace”
Anthony Freda Art

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The Obama Doctrine of preemptive “humanitarian” war is once again moving into high gear, this time in Syria.

Without providing any concrete evidence, U.S. officials have concluded that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels. Apparently, this is now the standard (or ‘Red Line’) for which the U.S. goes to war.

The U.S. government wouldn’t dare lie to the world about such things again, would they? Well, they got away with it in Iraq, and they destroyed Libya without any valid reason provided.

Even if it was true that Assad used chemical weapons against rebels in a civil war, why does that obligate U.S. taxpayers and soldiers to intervene there?

The bottom line is that a new war with Syria could carry ramifications far worse than those previous invasions. Let’s look at 7 reasons why a war with Syria is a terrible idea.

1. Preemptive War is Murder: Plain and simple. America used to be a country that only went to war as a last resort to defend itself. Now war is used as a hammer to occupy new territory at the whims of bloodthirsty chicken hawks. It is a plan long in the making to create an Arc of Instability where this is taking place. The preemptive war doctrine is one of deliberate destablization and destruction, which makes it morally reprehensible. It is premeditated killing and economic devastation. Even for those that support intervention, it should be acknowledged that when the rest of the world realizes America is no longer even pretending to be the beacon of freedom, but instead is the air raid siren descending across the planet, acts of legitimate terrorism against America become much more likely.

2. The Rebels are Terrorists: This is now a fact that shows the massive hypocrisy of military intervention in yet another sovereign nation. The rebels who are now being openly supported are the very same Al-Qaeda connected death squads that decimated Libya just a short while ago. In fact, the USA Today reports today that rebels have pledged loyalty to Al-Qaeda. This is the same Al-Qaeda that Americans have been told lurks under every bed and is ready to strike, thus justifying the Constitution to be reduced to nothing but suggestions. Very few rebels in the ‘civil war’ are actually from Syria. The same policy think tanks that have spread the fear to lobby for war, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, are now writing love letters to Al Qaeda. The policy of supporting ruthless killers and fomenting religious division to destabilize the Assad regime is another example of the lack of moral direction that makes a mockery of any concept of “humanitarian intervention.”

3. No Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Syrian government has repeatedly denied having any weapons of mass destruction including chemical weapons. Evidence that rebels themselves used sarin gas abounds, not only from the rebels themselves, but from those affected by these weapons and even the United Nations … before they changed their story. For Western governments to use the same tactic that led us to war in Iraq and Libya shows that they are sticking with a game plan that has worked on a hoodwinked public. If this story is tolerated yet again, it reinforces the gullibility of America and her supporters, while continuing to de-legitimize America’s motivations.

4. Humanitarian Catastrophe: More intervention would only deepen the humanitarian disaster. U.S. efforts to support the rebels have already led to a humanitarian nightmare in a country that welcomed people of all religions, and where women have unprecedented rights in the region. Over 93K have been killed and 1.5 million displaced. Atrocities of every stripe are being committed by the Western-backed death squads that are terrorizing Syria in much the same manner as they did in Libya. This demonstrates the emptiness of Western assertions that the Syrian people need to be saved from the mad tyrant Assad. If full-scale war breaks out, Syria will no doubt look like Libya in the aftermath, reducing a once-sovereign, secular, and relatively free country in that region to a divided, conquered and looted wreck of its former self. The only thing the Syrian people need to be truly saved from is NATO’s international intervention.

5. Iran: Iran has a mutual defense agreement with Syria which would force them into a broader war. Of course, most neocons would view this as a gift since they have been trying to force war with Iran for some time and have announced that in documents such as “Which Path to Persia?”. But they better be careful what they wish for: Iran will not be the pushover Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya were. In fact, within the documents of the neocon contingent, and the playbook of architects such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, it is clear that open war with Iran would be the least preferable and predictable of possible moves. However, this group has certainly thrown caution to the wind before, and war with Syria very well could open the final door to world war.

6. Russia and China:  Both Russia and China have warned the U.S. against attacking Syria, which they correctly see as the final domino to fall before the move to Iran.  Reports have indicated that both nations have made moves to thwart the intentions of the U.S. and Israel. Russia has stated that it will send anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, while it has been conducting its own military readiness exercises in southern Russia.  Russia’s three-day exercise included “A total of 8,700 personnel, 185 warplanes and 240 armored vehicles.” This would seem to demonstrate how seriously Russia is taking Western aggression toward Syria. Likewise, China has stated that it is concerned about military attacks on Syria, but so far is urging peace talks, and has refused to commit weapons in defense of Syria. Yet, unlike America, China will not support the opposition either. China has significant trade and diplomatic relations with Syria that are many decades old, so it should be interesting to see if stronger statements about U.S. military boots on the ground will be forthcoming in the wake of the U.S. announcement that the Red Line has been crossed. Lastly, it should be noted that Chinese firms have been beneficiaries of the rebuilding and resource collection in other war-decimated areas. Nevertheless, it would be a terrible idea to cross the final line with either Russia or China, as the end result could be a world war of nuclear superpowers.

7. America’s Broke: Let’s not forget who ultimately pays for these military campaigns and reaps none of the benefit, besides empty platitudes about increased safety. The military-industrial complex, as well as the banks that finance war are the only ones who can claim any financial benefit. The rest of us can expect increased taxes, inflation, decreased tourism as anger spreads, and possible currency wars – all while critical domestic infrastructure crumbles like a third world nation. Not to mention how disgusting it is that the U.S. healthcare system has turned away thousands of patients while directly investing $123 million dollars to the terrorists operating inside Syria. The American taxpayer is directly contributing to their own financial enslavement; one which is going to breed incredible resentment in future generations who will be living in the economic fallout of this imperial experiment.


Given the long-range planning for what we see transpiring now in front of us, it is unlikely that a new war in Syria will be thwarted, which is why we must share this information with as many people as possible. Western imperialism will not stop with its current target — there are many more in its crosshairs, and it intends to march on toward the finish line with Iran and beyond. Perhaps if more people can see for themselves the documented, irrefutable evidence of an orchestrated plan playing out before their eyes, a final awakening can occur.

Please leave your own thoughts about why war in Syria is a tragically bad idea.

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