Whistleblower Outgunned in Michigan (Update)

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As I stated in my original article posted on April 27th, updates on my mother’s situation would be provided as they became available. I have included a link to the official police report phoned in by the manager of Clare Castle, but I will get to that in a minute. First, I would like to briefly discuss the meeting of the attorneys.

As scheduled, my mother and her attorney, Ghazey Aleck, met with the Castle management and their attorneys on Tuesday, April 30, at Clare Castle. The meeting was brief. I, being in Montana, was not present.

The following information was relayed to me by my mother. I am not going to pretend to quote either attorney exactly, but I can go over a couple verbal highlights.&

As the meeting began, their attorneys asked what they were going to do about the 7-day notice. Ghazey responded to the effect: “You called the meeting, what are you going to do about it?” They pressed the 7-day notice and he told them that he was not going to defend my mother right then, he would do it in court. He and my mother then proceeded to stand up and walk out. The entire thing lasted about a minute, I was told.

Now, I would like to cover the report obtained by Ghazey through FOIA that I have linked to below. The document, CAD Incident Report, was called in on March 22, and was taken down by Captain Saad. It is almost exactly like a document I originally posted, but the document below has visible notes by the officers. As you will notice upon closer examination, the document actually contradicts itself. In the incident comments, it states the reason for the call to be THREATS OF A FIREARM. However, if you look a bit farther down to the area that I have underlined you will see that the manager relates to the officer that my mother is neither a threat nor suicidal. That is clearly noted by Captain Saad. No, she is guilty of making the residents “feel uncomfortable,” and they “feel uncomfortable around her.” I’m not sure if that offense rises to the level of an eviction notice, but you can decide that for yourself.

In fairness, I would strongly suggest that my mother use more wisdom next time when it comes to discussing firearms with ANYONE. So it’s reported, by the snitches, that my mother threatened to “go get a gun” after she lost a card game. Again, I was not there and have no idea what context the comment was made in, or if it was even made. No matter. The report clearly states, as taken down by Captain Saad from the Castle manager, that Sondra is not a threat nor suicidal.

After the meeting, the attorneys for the Castle spent 2 hours with a few select residents behind closed doors. This was corroborated by numerous un-selected residents. Perhaps it was time for a bit of, “get on the same page?” It looks like they are going to court, unless they reach a settlement. In the meantime, my mother will pay her rent and stay put until the matter is adjudicated. From what I gather, Ghazey is a pretty sharp fellow. He will probably subpoena everyone from the residents down to the fellow who spreads salt in the parking lot. Someone will need to either come clean, or stand up in court under penalty of perjury and tell more lies. I will provide updates as they become available.

Updated Police Report

As with many seniors, my mother is on a fixed income. At her request, I have included a link to assist with her legal fund. She is asking that each person donate just $1 to her defense. Many thousands of people read the previous article, and if even a fraction of that population read this and donate just $1 it will go a long way. Thank You

Donate Here

Updated May 1st, 2013
Original article:

Are you prepared to be even more shocked at how far people will go to disarm you? So you were horrified by images of black uniformed SWAT teams forcing people out of their homes in Boston; the images, regardless of the motives behind them, of block-to-block, house-to-house searches looked like something out of science fiction or NAZI Germany SS Forces in Europe during WWII. The mind-set and agenda by some very dark forces in American Government to disarm you have been programming the public through movies, video games and television to accept gun confiscation.

Let me give you one example of how that ugly mind-set has crept deep into our society, and how one woman is fighting back after she was illegally and unconstitutionally disarmed last week.

(northwestlibertynews) Clare, MI – Senior citizen Sondra White is no criminal. She is no threat, and she has no criminal background. She has not harmed anyone, nor does she intend to. How do I know these things, you ask? I know, because Sondra White is my mother.

It began near the end of January with a tenant meeting to discuss the dangerous and rapidly deteriorating structure known in those parts as, “Clare Castle,” a 3-year-old senior living high-rise located in the middle of Michigan’s lower “mitten.” A link to the letter sent by my mother to the other 23 residents can be found here.

The residents, whose repeated complaints about breathing drywall dust, hard to open doors, and what can only be described as a raw sewage smell, came together as one unit and met to discuss their grievances. My mother, always outspoken, is the committee chairperson for “Clare Castle,” and was the meeting organizer. I have included the resulting notes of the resident meeting here (page 1 page 2 ).

As I reviewed the written request by the residents, no item listed within them seemed at all unreasonable. You will judge this matter for yourself, no doubt. Keep in mind that these are ALL senior residents, your grandmother or elder parents’ age. As time would tell, these actions by my mother put a target on her back as a whistleblower and her legally owned firearm came into the cross-hairs. How the knowledge of my mother’s firearm came to be known by anyone else but her is murky. Perhaps it came up in a casual conversation with a neighbor? I do not know these facts, but I do know that no laws were broken because her residence is private, and the firearm is legally registered to her.

The building manager, who was beginning to feel the heat, had her boss, the Regional Property Manager, respond to the residents on March 7, 2013 with the letter found here ( Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 ). The manager of the Castle, not unlike any other would-be, tin-pot dictator, had established her network of lap-dog snitches who feel important because they are “on the inside” with someone whom they see as “more important.” You know these people … they make me sick.

At any rate, the manager proceeded to pull residents into her office to privately discuss with them their fears about my mother and her legally registered firearm. Evidence of this will be presented later. Although written evidence comes from only one resident, my mother was privately informed that this practice was widespread. Once the manager’s snitches were questioned, the fix was in, and the hammer fell on March 23rd.

A suspicious persons complaint was filed against my mother by the building manager with “Threats of a Firearm” added to the comments. The official filing can be seen here. Subsequently, the Clare police arrived at my mother’s private residence to answer the complaint. Being a small town, the Chief of Police happened to respond to the call. The Chief informed my mother that it is, indeed, her Constitutional right to own a firearm, and since it was legally registered she could have it in her home. He said, however, in order to keep the peace it may be a good idea to take it out of the building. My mother, threatened by the weight of the machine, complied with the Chief’s request and removed her firearm. Her notarized statement can be seen here.

Four days later, on March 27th, my mother was served with a 30-day eviction notice. (This is the same day that another resident, Carol Geiling, was called into the manager’s office to vilify my mother. Carol’s statement can be found here). The nature of the violation states generally that she frightens other residents and has been threatening to use her gun on them. The lease violation and reason for the eviction can be found here.

As time passed, my mother’s anxiety grew. Like the sands in an hourglass, the days left for her to have a place to live were slipping away. I spoke to my mother right around that time, her some 1800 miles away, and she expressed to me her concerns. I urged her to stand up and fight, and to stop being a victim. I cannot say for certain how much impact my words had on her, but she did take action a short time later when she received a 7-day notice to move on April 16th. The 7-day eviction notice can be seen here (Page 1 Page 2).

My mother, on advice from a friend, went to see Attorney Ghazey H. Aleck, II. “Gus,” as called by his friends, was the perfect person for the job. He has a long record for defending freedom, and a strong Libertarian background. The request through FOIA for the remaining documents can be seen here.

Inside sources have revealed that the police statement is not consistent with the reason for eviction. I will update the documents as they become available. The response by Gus back to the would-be tyrants can be seen here. Names have been kept visible to expose the guilty. As of this writing, the attorneys for the other side want to meet next Tuesday, April 30th, to discuss a resolution. Uh-huh, I bet that they do.

Sondra recorded a statement with a summary of events which can be viewed below:

Is the building manager an anti-gun liberal, or did the political climate created by the gun-hating mainstream media make my mother’s firearm an easy scapegoat to cover up her whistleblowing? Perhaps a bit of both, for I do not pretend to know. I can say this, though; I am willing to bet that there are thousands of senior citizens who are bullied into giving up their legally owned firearms in lieu of a place to live. If this is happening, it needs to be exposed and needs to be stopped.

I am advising my mother to insist that a public statement, broadcast or print, is made by the corporation that owns the building. In that statement, they need to make it known, loud and clear, that senior citizens have just as much protection under the Constitution as anyone half their age. And, the 2nd Amendment right afforded to us by the US Constitution does not expire once your Social Security kicks in.

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Jim White runs Northwest Liberty News, where this article first appeared. We have no formal training in providing news, or even how to build a website.  We are patriots who could no longer ignore the Founding Fathers whispering in our ear to take action.  Our hope is to educate you by providing facts and a place to comment and express your views.  However, our goal is to inspire you to take action.  Future generations will look back at this time for many, many years to come.  How the narrative of history reads is up to all of us.  The time to take action is now.

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