Indoctrination System: Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I loved about teaching is extinct.”

Kimberly Paxton
Activist Post

Real teachers, the ones who care about their students, the ones who teach kids to think critically and not just recite things by rote, are being targeted. Why?

Because our public indoctrination centers, also known as schools, don’t want children to think.

They want children to learn specified “facts” in order to pass standardized tests, thus creating perfect little worker bees. They want to produce adults who will not question authority or the status quo, but merely assimilate what they are told as truth, and act accordingly.

Because of this, the school system is losing those teachers who could make a real difference in the future of our country.

Ellie Rubenstein is such a teacher, and she made a video of her resignation from the school system, saying, “Everything I loved about teaching is extinct”. She exposes the entire system, and continues,

I thought I’d be a teacher the rest of my life. But I no longer feel I’m doing anything meaningful. I have to get out before my sense of self and self-worth is completely obliterated. Unless you are a ‘yes’ man, you will soon find out your only choice is to become one or leave.

Much to Rubenstein’s astonishment, her video was so warmly received by many YouTube viewers that it got nearly half a million hits in the first day.

She wrote:

The outpouring of love and support is overwhelming. I originally intended for this video to be watched by my administrators and my community; I had no idea it would reach so many. The thousands of stories already shared with me from around the globe that mirror my own are both critical and heartbreaking. I cannot change the system from within, so I leave to allow myself to continue teaching in my way, on my terms. I never planned on giving up, and I never will. If you are interested in learning more about me and my future educational endeavors, feel free to visit I have the deepest respect and gratitude for those whose voices join with mine, and for those who are still fighting to find their own.

Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.

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