GMOs Hiding In Almost All Food…And?

Fritz Kreiss
Activist Post

GMOs are hiding in almost all food in this country, what are you doing about it?

GMOs are in more than 75% of foods in the US now, and the number continues to increase year after year. Not only are they in almost everything, but since labeling isn’t required they remain hidden and you have to research all the potential ingredients that are likely to be GMO (which is also constantly increasing). Recent research has shown that GMOs are carcinogenic, toxic to people’s livers, kidneys, and blood, and their related herbicide partner RoundUp contributes to birth defects, a number of brain disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Autism in addition to a number of other effects which are only now beginning to come to light.

Now the question is this, are you going to sit back and accept this or are you going to do something about it? There are many ways to take part, but at this time we have finally gotten enough support to get people out in the streets protesting…

Please take the time to check out the March Against Monsanto event(s) on May 25th, there are more being planned for the Fourth of July, as well as some others that have yet to be publicly announced. And if none of these events work for you, start your own in your neighborhood, town, or city. Pass out informational flyers, share info on your social media pages, educate and rabble rouse your friends, family, and even co-workers. There’s much to be done and many ways to go about achieving these changes, please take part in whatever ways you can!

Activist Post Note: Definitely visit the March Against Monsanto Facebook event page for more information and to see where it’s at in your area.

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Fritz Kreiss is the founding administrator of Occupy Monsanto and has run it since its inception in October 2011. He is experienced in holistic health with expertise in massage, exercise, nutrition, stretching techniques, kinesiology, psychological counseling, life coaching. He has had years of experience through his massage practice working on hundreds of clients and giving thousands of very successful treatments.

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