Our Respective Journeys Into the Valley of Reason

film_headBy Michael T. Winter

The Internet awakening has given birth to a worldwide multitude of people that are disengaging from the programmed paradigm created for us, and awakening to the reality of the dangers we face. The web has supplied a platform for writers to take a crack at opening the eyes of their fellow net surfers just a little wider. The process of awakening takes place through the assimilation of information. We absorb our red pill a page at a time. The more information one absorbs, the higher the veil is lifted, and the lies being fed to us fall away as the true malevolence of the Globalists’ intentions manifests itself, much as The Matrix’s’ green falling stream of numbers begins to look like a blonde here, a brunette there…

The term ‘awakening’ is very apropos to this process we are engaged in. The etymology indicates an ongoing process, rather than a onetime epiphany of pure and absolute knowledge. As a child is born into and grows in our world, they absorb knowledge which changes their foundations of reality; for instance, what was once held to be true, such as the existence of Santa Claus, in time inevitably falls to the reality of body mass and chimneys. So, too, is the awakening we are all in various stages of.

The world presented to us, our own little matrix, is not a computer program (though there are valid arguments to the contrary). We are not batteries and we don’t move faster than bullets. In the movie The Matrix, two realities are offered. The allusion to the movie is to point out that we also exist within two realities. And like the movie, most people are only aware of one – the media spawned reality being presented to us. What we see and hear in the mainstream media are lies, in many cases – also some truth, but usually masking a larger lie. The WTC bombings did indeed happen – not a lie. The reasons for and guilt of the fingered perpetrators presented to us by mainstream media is not the true reality.

The lie is the reality presented to us by the Globalists. We are told (by virtue of a miraculously intact terrorist/hijacker passport found in the ruins, among other instantly produced proof) that Muslim extremists took over four planes with box cutters and attacked us. But there is another reality- what a growing number of people are calling the truth. The reality that we are awakening from is of a reality created for us by those who are not only controlling us, but actively seeking to kill or enslave the vast majority of us.

There is a concrete plan, actively coming to fruition, to put in place a ruling world tyranny, and the deception with which it’s being pulled off is Machiavellian – the mechanics, the grunt work, even the enforcement, is being orchestrated and initiated by (mostly) unwitting members of world governments; all working for and in the advancement of the Globalists. Compare the horse on a one-way trip to the glue factory, whilst hauling a wagon loaded with other dead horses. Such is the maddening compliance of these government flunkies, termed ‘useful idiots’ by the Globalists long ago. There are those, such as Brzezinski, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Bush, Obama, Cheney, Rice, Pearl and many faceless functionaries we’ve never heard of that are knowingly helping the globalist achieve their goal of world tyranny. They do this for no more base reason than a desire to dominate others, possess wealth and survive the coming purge.

Then there are the millions of unwitting accomplices of tyranny that help keep the masses enslaved, both economically and socially. A supreme irony is that we are paying them to enforce this tyranny upon us. Consider the lake patrol cop that fines you fifty dollars plus court cost for not having a fishing license. Looked at another way, there is one group (writing and enforcing the laws of the land) demanding that you spend money on a piece of paper that says it’s okay for you to stick a fishing pole in the water and catch a fish in a public lake on this planet we all live on. Further penalties of greater fines and possible imprisonment are the result of non-compliance. Viewed in a bright enough light, this is legalized extortion. This is just one tiny example of how the Globalist (through the machinery of the State) drains your wealth to be used against you to keep you in compliance. If you’re broke and afraid of the state, how much trouble can you cause? With that fear, the Globalists create even more laws designed to keep you even further subjugated.

At this point, I hope you are still reading. I hope the mind control mechanisms unknowingly forced upon you (including, but not limited to: television, books, magazines, Internet, radio and movies) have not occluded your mind and shut you down, the better to plug back in to the scripted reality hitting you from every angle in your life. This is what generational predictive programming and passive media mind control has instructed you to do. Resist and read on.

Regarding the existence and feasibility of an elite cabal capable of enacting the horrors being visited upon us, let me ask you this: When watching a nature show on lions, is there not always a dominant male ruling the pride? How is this male ultimately and always deposed? Always by fight -always. The same scene plays out in varying degrees throughout the entire natural chain of species we share this planet with. The strong rise to the top, the weak are consumed or subjugated. This is axiomatic. Another question: Are we, as human beings, or (more accurately) Homo Sapiens Sapiens, immune to this hardwired imperative of biological existence? Please take a long view of history. What is the one constant we can all point to? War. Our entire recorded history is essentially a tale of conquest and subjugation; distilled to its active manifestation? War.

One can accurately define conquest as being in control of the governing body of a land other than that from which you hail. Subjugation of the occupied residents and acquiring of all assets of value are the natural consequence of conquest. We can all agree this is so. Again, look at the history of civilizations. However, mankind is not as the lion. The dominant male lion is concerned with his dominion only; his females, his young, his hunting ground, water and shade. Pride leaders do not gather in secret to form ‘mega-prides’ from which to ever increase their territory. There is a biological reason for this. We shall divert from lions and get back to us. But first, can we agree that in every baboon troop, every lion pride, every penguin rookery, and thousands of others species groups there exists a hierarchy? There is a top, majority middle and a bottom.

Look no further than the caste system of India for an example relative to human beings. We are now to the distinction of Homo Sapiens Sapiens from the big cats. We possess a very large frontal lobe compared to almost every other species on this planet. This part of our brain is responsible for that which sets us apart from our less cerebrally developed animal brethren. It is responsible for planning, organizing, problem solving, memory, impulse control, decision making, selective attention, and control of our behavior and emotions. Other species have these functions, of course, but can we agree that we possess them to a far greater degree than any other species on earth? (Although those dolphins seem pretty damn smart!) This increased frontal lobe capacity, therefore, and quite naturally, has manifested in us, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the exact same as our lion, but on hyper-brain steroids, if you will allow. As with most specie groups, we’ve created a top, majority middle, and bottom in our human hierarchy. It is therefore in the nature of man to control other men. Our lion leaders will never gather to plan on merging prides for conquest and subjugation, no? Then, is it so far fetched, (knowing what we do of our frontal lobe) to think that man would not get together with those very goals in mind?

Please refer to the seemingly endless list of empires, both in the present, and in the long past. Our history is one of empires rising and falling. These empires rose because men got together and planned successfully, (hence the empire status) to conquer and subjugate other people in other lands. Men of psychopathic nature have risen through the centuries to conquer and subjugate other men. Is that something you think about doing? I don’t. The vast majority of people don’t, because we are not psychopathically insane! But these rare, broken individuals exist; people we’ve read of in newspapers and history books; Alexander, Genghis Khan, Charlemagne, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, cabals and individuals in the English and European monarchy, as well as the United States Government. There are far too many examples of a man or group of men seeking and succeeding in taking over countries to their personal benefit to list here.

And now we are to the crux of it. Ask yourself this: What is the common denominator for every empire that has existed? The answer is that every one of them sought to conquer and subjugate all peoples and lands within the geographical and administrative capabilities of their particular era. In the age of Genghis Khan, his hordes were geographically and strategically limited to horseback and walking. His empire was unsustainable in any sense of longevity. Indeed, it lasted only five generations, beginning with Genghis Khan and ending with his great-great grandson, Kublai Khan. Within those parameters and in that time, genocide of the conquered proved the most effective means of safely occupying territory. A land devoid of people will not rebel. The Romans held vast territories, but ultimately fell due to an inability to properly manage and defend the far flung empire they had created, primarily due to lack of lines of communication and supply.

But that was then, and this is now. What was once accomplished with swords and battle ships is now performed on computers and in boardrooms. Where we are, now, in this time, is the age of technology. Our technological advancements have enabled instant communications anywhere on the globe, point to point, in video and audio – even in holographs! Point to point lines of supply anywhere on the planet is now feasibly maintained. The Generals and Emperors of yesteryear have given way to the corporate Chief Executives and Chairman’s of central banks today. The major upheaval events transpiring on this planet are little more than the prancing of a manipulated marionette. The machinery of global governance is here, already in place. Technology has aided the Globalists to an exponential degree. So! We can agree the machinery, the means are here. Final question: Those men, those empire builders of old; does that psychopathic mentality for conquest and subjugation still exist in certain men in this very day and age? Of course! It’s not such a leap then, that these psychopathic persons, with the aide of powerful armies, global corporations and highly advanced technology have conspired to create a ‘construct’ for us in which to live.

Using Merriam’s Dictionary, ‘construct’ is defined as 1. a. a theoretical entity, b. a working hypothesis or concept and 2: a product of ideology, history, or social circumstances. I ask you: If everything we hear, talk about, see happening, read in the papers and watch on television is what comprises our reality, then is it not a valid proposition to say, “Yes, this is my construct. This is the state of the world, as I know it”.

As way of illustrating these constructs we exist within, and the subject of individual awakenings, let us imagine a flower-laden sweeping valley defined by green hills on either side. Within this valley, longer than it is wide, are three distinct pastures, each defined with a geometrically perfect white wooden fence. Each fenced area, or pasture, occupies exactly one-third of the valley. We shall name this place “The Valley of Reality” and our fenced areas we shall call “Pastures of Perception”. All conscious human beings are somewhere within the Valley of Reality. But in which Pasture of Perception are we milling? Taking to wing, we survey the entire valley from a thousand feet up, and then two thousand…the answer unfolds. Of the three valleys, the first, on our left wing facing north, is thick with people; a sea of tiny shapes bustling and bumping off one another. The multitude is reminiscent of nature documentary TV footage of a colony of ants; a liquid movement, with each ant hard-wired to perform a task, which is part of a larger task, and so on, with the ultimate hive mentality coalescence resulting in the promulgation and prolongation of the species.

Human Beings and water share a common characteristic; both seek the path of least impedance. For water, gravity is the catalyst to set itself to motion. For human beings, the path of most easily obtained sensory gratification more often than not is the impelling force to action. Rephrased, the human tendency is to follow the easiest path to get the most – be it money, relaxation, sexual gratification, procurement of life essentials, ad infinitum. This is the state of mind that tells oneself, “All is well”. The belief of these milling sheeple is that America is spreading democracy and keeping the world safe from an invisible army of terrorists. These are the people that say “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then why worry about it?” These are the Dorito eaters (please do read the ingredients!) and folks who give a big thumbs up to Zero Dark Thirty as an accurate portrayal of events. These are the masses, and they want to believe all is well, and they do, as long as food is on the shelves and they can still pump gas into their vehicles. Forgive this observation, but between drawing a low I.Q. in the genetic lottery, and exacerbating that with an almost criminally inept public education, compounded with a lifetime of I.Q. reducing fluoride intake, one must remember many of these people never stood a chance; and for that, we must be wary not to judge them harshly.

Pasture of Perception #1 is the containment area for those lost in the pursuit of the path of least resistance. Soren Kierkegaard defines this psychic state quite succinctly:

Imagine a house consisting of a basement and a ground floor, designed in such a way that there is, or is meant to be, a difference of social class between the occupants of each floor. Imagine if we were to compare being a human being with such a house. The sorry and ludicrous fact with most people is that they prefer to live in the basement. Every human being is the synthesis of spirit and body, the infinite and finite, freedom and necessity, destined for spirit. This is the building, but we prefer living in the basement; that is, in the categories of the senses and in the abstractions of thought. We not only prefer living in the basement, we love it so much that we are indignant if anyone suggests we occupy the fine suite lying vacant above. After all, we are living in our own house!

The multitudes, the vast majority of people living in our current western civilization, are firmly rooted in this first pasture – so much so that they will argue for the right to stay there. This apathy of spirit is not an accident. All is going quite well by the markings of the Globalists. The United States in particular is ever more becoming a nation of television addicted, pill popping, sex starved, self-indulgent narcissists. In the long view of history, there have been moments in world cultures that burned bright with the light of knowledge, honor and true justice – this ain’t one of those times! The construct the elites have created and would have us swallow as truth operates successfully within this section of the valley – so successfully, in fact, that the inhabitants/believers of this consumerist paradigm deride individuals that question the validity of the construct itself, to the point of ostracizing them, and even removing them from the equation, if need be. This construct is the ‘world as we know it’, as fabricated by governments, mass media, multi-nationals and various Globalist avenues of deception. To believe their lies is to stay in the first pasture. To doubt the lies is to climb the fence into the second pasture, which is where many of us, by virtue of our readings here and elsewhere, are now finding our way to the truth. The truth is simply the facts not obfuscated by manipulative lies designed to control our destinies.

The distance one traverses in this second Pasture of Perception is the process of ‘lifting of the veil’. Things once seen and heard, taken at face value, now become suspect the farther one walks up valley. An example of perception: Our matrix, as you know, is the one presented to us by the useful idiots at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and their ilk. The acronyms change, but they share one constant. Every major news media outlet on television is owned by the Global Elites, (albeit in a murky trail, designed by them to obfuscate the truth). The networks exist at their pleasure to mold public opinion to their favor and to distort the truth of crimes perpetrated against humanity by other multi-nationals and governments. These mega-media conglomerates, of where there are essentially only five or six, control the flow of our perception. When the veil comes up far enough, it is possible to look at what’s being presented to us in a whole new light.

For example, three years ago this writer watched Stephen Colbert every night with some devotion. I laughed at his wit and bought his lines as a twisted, but still valid form of news receivership. With perfectly delivered, subtle intonations, it is conveyed that while nutty in delivery, the actual content is indeed real news. As my awareness grows of the real world, I have come to realize they are simply another assemblage of useful idiots, furthering the goals of the Global Elites. The Colbert Report’s network is The Comedy Channel, which is owned by Viacom, one of the ‘Big Five’. This company is the epitome of a Globalist organization. Their massive media holdings ensure that every North American not living in a cave is exposed to their agenda at some point in their day.

A recent Colbert episode, pulled at random on my DVR, revealed perfectly, (as they do every episode) the subtle suggestive mind control at which The Colbert Report excels like no other. The topic I happened on concerned Rand Paul. In addition to being a Libertarian leaning (R) Senator, he is the son (and political heir apparent) of Ron Paul, the greatest legitimate political threat to the two party system since Ross Perot ran as an Independent. Ron Paul’s largest caliber bullet in his talking points is a demand to end the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is to Globalists what flowers are to bees, what wicks are to wax. One is useless or obsolete without the other. Sans central banking, the Globalists lose the larynx crushing grip they hold on world governments, and by inclusion, its citizens and dollar generating capabilities. Suffice it to say, Ron Paul and his son are enemies of the first order to the Globalists. Any opportunity that presents itself to allow for character debasement and public ridicule is seized upon by the Globalists, and implemented via the appropriate media outlet. Opening himself up to this assault, Rand Paul recently stepped out on the issue of marijuana usage. What he said:

I don’t want to promote (marijuana), but I also don’t want to put people in jail who make a mistake. There are a lot of young people who do this and then later on in their 20s they grow up and get married and they quit doing things like this. I don’t want to put them in jail and ruin their lives.

This is a sensible message, no? But one at odds with Globalist designs. One reason among many that the Globalists wish to enforce draconian drug laws is that they will suffer a reduction in revenue generated by the private prison system increasingly taking over for state governments. They are paid ‘per head’ to house, clothe and feed inmates. Less inmates equates to lost revenue. Further revenue is lost by having fewer inmates to perform piece-work production of products which the Globalists then sell on the open market. It’s come a long way from license plates. What businessman would want to see a reduction in a labor force for which you pay twenty cents an hour?

Enter The Colbert Report, singing the globalist tune. With one sentence, cleverly written and perfectly delivered, it is inferred (through a hearty, audience endorsed chuckle) that Rand Paul is a failure on multiple fronts and anyone who smokes pot can’t remember anything, further implying pot smokers are stupid. “If you get high, you’ll forget all the reasons you wouldn’t have voted for him.” Enough said. The guest for this same episode was an author named Cass R. Sunstein and his book being touted is called Simpler- The Future of Government. At the point where Mr. Sunstein agreed with Mr. Colbert that larger government made for simpler government, I turned it off in disgust. Herein lays the subtlety of this form of mind control: there is an underlying, inserted idea supplanted, (snuck in under the laughter) that big government is indeed simpler government.

Upon hearing it, one may question the veracity of the statement, springing from the obvious conundrum presented, but the suggestion that this may be true has been indelibly stamped into one’s subconscious, just by virtue of having heard it spoken. This is passive mind control. There are many ways to control the mind, and they aren’t all as complex as what is portrayed in The Manchurian Candidate. As Ayn Rand instructed, “Check your premises”. As the veil is lifted, we begin to ask “Why would they say that? What is to be gained by pushing this piece of news?” Our focus becomes less on the news itself, but on what is the desired result of the message being endorsed by the Globalists for everyone to hear?

In further illustration, let us examine a current item playing strongly on all Globalists media outlets – North Korea. There is a current escalation of tensions between North Korea and the US – one in which nuclear threats have been made. This is one small example of the fear inducing rhetoric being bombarded upon the public consciousness day and night. It is representative of thousands of pages of articles and many hundreds of hours of talking heads on the major media outlets: “Officials in South Korea, the United States and Japan say intelligence indicates that North Korean officials, fresh off an underground nuclear test in February, are ready to launch a medium-range missile.” The Globalists have grabbed a favorite from their playbook, “Imminent Threat of Nuclear War”. Accepting what has been fabricated and accepted by them at face value, and being the more afraid for it, is the province of those milling multitudes in the first Pasture of Perception. However, with our veil partially lifted, we ask ourselves why they have turned their intense media focus away from Iran and instead now laboriously dissect the intentions of North Korea.

To peel this onion, it is necessary to create a timeline, to illustrate the cause and effect of this latest world drama. This construct we find ourselves in often cannot be interpreted to clear intention due to the inability to view a panorama large enough to encompass all of the various factors that come into play resulting in an action or set of actions. To peel back the propagandist rhetoric regarding this sudden and nuclear tipped danger from North Korea, we must ask ourselves why Kim Jong Un would arbitrarily decide to threaten the US with nuclear missiles. The globalists’ answer to that question? From The New York Times, “Because the United States led the successful push for sanctions at the United Nations to punish North Korea for its nuclear test in February, it’s third.” The underlying question (and unasked in the article, of which there were twenty-two questions with detailed replies) is, “Why did Kim Jong Un set off the nuclear test in February of this year?” It is only the third, with one in 2006 and one in 2009. What was the motivation, after four years of abstinence from the “push” button? Surely it is not logical to threaten the country that is sending you food and supplies to keep from starving. How would one expect to get anything with such behavior? The reason for the threats, as answered by the NY Times, defies the logic of human interaction.

Initiating nuclear weapons tests and threatening to nuke the United States is not undertaken on a whim, even for one such as Kim Jong Un. Everything is done for a reason…everything. There is still an unanswered question, then. Why did he test that nuke then? At this point, we must check our premises -and theirs, while we’re at it. We know that Kim knows if he launches a nuke, it’s lights out for him for sure, and quite possibly his entire country. Even the maddest of men does not invite annihilation, discounting the duped-usually those with little to lose in this world. As the most absolute dictator on earth today, Kim Jong Un has much to lose. We can conclude, logically, that the Times article is full of shit and their reason is invalid.

In checking Kim’s premises, there must been some reason for his actions. Did he do it for fun? To flex his muscles? For money? Which makes most sense? Ruling out a desire to have his country turned into a glass ashtray, there must be some other reason for this sudden tough-talk and decision to test a nuke. I’ll put my money on, well, money. We know his country’s citizens are starving, lacking in the most basic of medical supplies and foodstuffs. There is only one thing that can bring food and medical supplies into North Korea, and that is money. If he were somehow paid to stir the pot and create foment in the region, would he do it? What would it cost his country, and what would it cost him personally? But who would pay him, and why would they pay him? At this point, we must look at an entity large enough to shape global events and fashion world opinion to a desired goal. Who has unlimited monetary resources? The answer, as the shoe fits this particular foot, is the central banking cartel. But why would they get involved, we wonder?

The veil of deception that keeps people in pasture #1 is lack of knowledge. Only knowledge can lift the veil. With knowledge comes understanding. With the advent of the internet reformation, what was once tedious next to impossible information to access is now but a mouse click away. It is a well-known fact (to those of us in the process of awakening) that central bankers have directed the monetary policy of nations, the leadership of governments, have started wars and dissolved countries only to rebuild a region more to their desired configuration. Above all, they protect their central banking apparatus. It is from these currencies issuing banks that the wellspring of their power and revenue flow. There are numerous examples of criminal machinations, from political party manipulation to the assassination of world leaders- all to protect their central banks when threatened.

In 1863, Mayer Amschel Bauer, a Rothschild, famously quoted “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”. These are men (remember our psychopaths) that will do anything to protect the source of their power. In our quest for a reason for Kim to rattle the sabre and heat up tensions in the region, we discover that on 12.20.2012 a new economic entity was formed called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP. Nine out of Australia’s top 12 trading partners (China, Japan, ROK, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia) are participating in RCEP negotiations, and together with the other six participating countries, account for almost 60 per cent of Australia’s two-way trade, and 70 per cent of Australia’s goods and services exports. What is disturbing to the globalist banking cartel is that these countries are primarily Eastern countries and the US is not among its members. This RCEP can be compared to our NAFTA.

The danger to western central bankers is that the RCEP is an Asian led trade agreement linking the economies of 16 Asia-Pacific countries. The grouping includes more than 3 billion people, has a combined GDP of about $17 trillion, and accounts for about 40 percent of world trade. Negotiations are slated to begin in early 2013 and are expected to conclude by the end of 2015. What is most significant is that the reserve currency for this trading bloc will not be US dollars or the Euro. If a powerful enough coalition entity with sufficient global GDP could swing the pendulum of the dollar to the Yuan or an Eastern currency basket as its reserve currency, then dollar reserve status could be broken. If that happens, the central bank’s house of cards built on a shifting pan of sand perched atop a three legged table comes crashing down.

Utilizing a timeline to keep track of the flow of events, the RCEP was formed in December, 2012. Common sense dictates when faced with an obstacle, one must take time to formulate a plan to counteract or eliminate it. There is supposition that the central bankers came up with a solution to their dilemma, or so they hope. Within two months of the first meeting of RCEP, Kim Jong Un began his tirades, threats and initiated a nuclear detonation. The goal (within our suppositional framework) is to create an atmosphere of instability. That is all. Trade agreements and cooperative pledges are not wrought in an area of nuclear instability. Talks become stalled. Plans are laid on the shelf. So, we have one party in need of money that can elevate tensions in a region with mere words, and another party with plenty of money seeking to destabilize a region in an effort to stall or delay the coming together of a group that could threaten the hegemony of the US dollar. All that is needed to support this hypothesis is the smoking gun – proof that Kim Jong Un did indeed receive money to create foment amongst the RCEP member countries.

According to Tom Heneghan, an internet truther claiming to have contacts deep in the intelligence communities of Europe and the United States:

It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea. The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerzbank AG. The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials. The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson. Kim is receiving these bribe funds in exchange for his playing a role in a scripted “black op” that is designed to effect worldwide financial markets.

Is this report true? Tom has not quoted any government official for corroboration, nor can he produce a flight manifest showing there was indeed $3B on board. Does this make it any less valid? Does the fact his site is on MySpace render it less credible? When men anywhere, in any age, have taken a contrary position to a totalitarian or close to totalitarian government, they assume the role of a subversive, one who has does not have the advantage of prime time air on television, or the means to produce a cable show. They do not have a team of IT guys and unlimited server space. They are the voices of dissent. How does a truth patriot get his facts? Did Tom see the plane, or did someone tell him about it? If someone did, would they go on record to the fact? Would they be willing to lose their career, pension and possibly their freedom? Maybe even their life? A dissent reporter doesn’t have the advantage of quoting a high government official by name. We shall probably never know if that plane was loaded with money for Kim Jong Un. We, the dissenters, do not have access to that information. Such is the nature of dissent, and why it is so fraught with failure.

The willingness to examine mainstream media news for falsehoods is a barometer for how far into the Valley of Reason we have progressed. The farther one traverses, an unfortunate byproduct manifests itself – pessimism. When the veil is fully lifted and the third fenced draws neigh, pessimism grips with ever a firmer hold upon one’s mind, which in turn affects the ‘mood of the heart’. Tap water becomes poison, due to the fluoride. Any food not organic is cancerous death vittles. Television is the haven of directed mind control. The medical establishment is actively engaged in creating illnesses, then offering a cure, which is actually another insidious poison created to turn one into an addict or direct one to an early grave. The Internet is a pack of disinformation where one can’t trust a source to save one’s life. The very air we breathe is tainted with aluminum and mildly radioactive elements via chemtrails. Our underarm deodorant contains aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Teflon in our frying pans has carcinogenic elements which enter our cooked food. Hot dogs have sodium nitrite, a neuro-toxin.

The list goes on and on, and if one is not careful, the despair of this knowledge can overwhelm a person until all they survey becomes a threat in their eyes. This is what is labeled by the psychiatric field as societal paranoia, which is treated with psychotropic drugs, dropping the person in the midst of awakening back amongst the milling sheeple in our first pasture. With enough Prozac, one cares about nothing. There is a great deal of irony in this age we find ourselves. If all of this is real, then it’s not paranoia; it is simply our awakening to reality. Such is the ground we tread in the second Pasture of Perception.

In Pasture of Perception number three, I suspect this mind numbing paranoia is looked amusingly upon from a height of greater understanding than this writer now possesses. Our goal, as sentient beings, is of course to climb that fence into the third Pasture of Perception. Like Neo, with a wave of our hand, the bullets drop to the ground like so many pebbles and the lies being fed to us become the meaningless garble of gibbering mad men.

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