Officer Thinks a Cell Phone is a Weapon, Assaults Man Filming Him

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Carlos Miller from Photography is Not a Crime has done an exemplary job at exposing police brutality that has resulted from simply filming them. He has put himself at great personal risk, as evidenced in the Miami Metro back in January where he was attacked by Metro Security.

Courts continue to rule that filming police is not a crime while they are conducting their service to the taxpayer in a public location. However, the video below from San Diego, California shows an officer assert that a cell phone is a potential weapon (extended footage shows him saying potential conversion to a taser or .22 pistol), apparently justifying the attack that ensued upon the citizen, which required medical attention according to the video source.

The man assaulted, Adam Pringle, goes on to describe in an interview with RightThisMinute (posted HERE) his harrowing experience about what follows after his cell phone gets smacked out of his hand.

Here is extended footage from friends of Pringle who picked up his phone; interesting to note the officer’s statement about the Fourth Amendment vs. “officer safety.”

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