Montana’s Final Vote to Pass Anti-NDAA Bill Might Override Governor Veto

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A wave of states and local jurisdictions have now advanced anti-NDAA legislation. Montana has taken the next step with Senate approval by a margin of 43-7 to protect its citizens from indefinite detention under the federally proposed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The 2012 NDAA applies broad detention power, using terms such as “associated forces” and “substantially supported,” allowing the federal government to detain and even execute any person, including an American citizen, on U.S. soil without due process.

Montana is extremely close to rejecting this assault on the Constitution. As People’s Blog For The Constitution notes:

Since more than two-thirds of the statehouse and senate have already voted in favor of restoring due process, there may be enough votes to override a veto.

In Montana, H.B. 522 passed its House Judiciary Committee hearing overwhelmingly by a unanimous vote of 20 – 0, which was then followed by another sweeping vote of 98-0 which sent it off to the Senate.

People’s Blog highlights the bipartisan support for this protection:

First introduced by freshman representative Nicholas Schwaderer, a 24-year-old Republican, HB 522 has been backed by groups all across the political spectrum, including BORDC, the ACLU, and the Tenth Amendment Center. In fact, grassroots pressure even helped convince six senators to change their votes, since on the second reading of the bill, 13 senators had voted against HB 522. The fact that a mere seven Montanan lawmakers did not vote in favor of defending civil liberties is a welcome contrast to the U.S. Senate, where only 13 senators voted against enacting the NDAA in 2011.

The momentum is clearly swinging in favor of restoring liberty, with dozens of states and local governments proposing legislation to thwart federal intrusion and tyranny.

Grassroots movements everywhere should be commended, as well large activist centers such as People Against the National Defense Authorization Act, the Tenth Amendment Center, and the People’s Blog For the Constitution. Please lend your support by clicking the links above and donating if possible.

This legislation now heads to Governor Steve Bullock. Regardless of what state you live in, please CONTACT HIM HERE and politely, but firmly, urge him to side with liberty and reject the federal government’s Orwellian notion that somehow the elimination of Constitutional rights and basic civil liberties means more freedom.

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