Witness Gives Details of His Role in BP Oil Spill Cover-up

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A former boat captain, Malcolm Coco, has come forward to reveal his role in setting fires in the Gulf following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He details how local shrimp boats were hired to corral the oil, after which “homemade bombs” would ignite the oil creating fires the size of city blocks.

He was given no special physical protection during the hazardous operation, “The only equipment we were given was a fire jumpsuit … not much protection from anything.” He is suing BP for the personal health problems he has sustained since.

Malcolm also reveals apparent collusion between the Coast Guard and BP to keep those like himself who were involved in the cover-up from taking photos or video. He states that after he asked too many questions, he was sent home.

But it wasn’t only those directly involved that have been put at risk. As he recalls, the Coast Guard and BP specifically told him: “Don’t let anybody know what’s going on out there.” As a result, Coco asserts that the public has been thoroughly deceived about the full scale of the environmental disaster that took place 3 years ago, even as we know that it continues to ravage the food chain. John Terret reports for Aljazeera:

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