Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye – Heather Callaghan on Raw Milk-Food Raids, True Freedom and Solutions

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“…if you control food, you control the population”… Let’s be clear – it doesn’t matter what kind of food you like – what matters is the freedom to choose!

Our food is being systematically poisoned, modified, regulated, burned, and eradicated through laws and threats of imprisonment. The FDA is wiping out small farms one by one. It’s no coincidence… No food? No freedom! But this show is no downer – there is important info, humor, solutions, and empowerment throughout.

On this commercial-free edition of Down the Rabbit Hole, dynamic and positive show host Popeye of is joined for two hours by Heather Callaghan. We get into the uptick in armed SWAT-style raids on raw food collectives and raw dairy producing farms, which is a direct assault on our freedom to choose what we put into our bodies and an indicator of how far along the police state has come.

Where is it all coming from? More below…

We connect some crucial dots as we take you down this rabbit hole.

In particular, we talk about the systematic destruction of Morningland Dairy (raw cheese) who lost their family business and had 18.2 tons of product stolen by FDA sanctioned thugs. We bring up more examples to show that enemies of food freedom are closing in on us for something soon. If we don’t act now, our sustenance could be lost forever. This leads us to discuss the topic of true freedom.

Ending the broadcast on a positive note, we get into solutions including understanding the true nature of the powers that shouldn’t be and the simple fact that we are our own superheros. Remember ladies and gentlemen “THE SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS ARE AN INSIDE JOB.”

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