Intellectual Karate: How to Outsmart and Neutralize the Global Government Agenda From the Inside

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Is this the biggest task humanity has taken on? Can there be a bigger task for any species than the prevention of its own enslavement? Probably not; so what can humanity do to solve this broad crisis that threatens its own existence?

The answer lies in tapping into the feature in our being that separates us from all the other animals; we need to tap into our intellectual abilities to orchestrate and coordinate a counter-attack whose aftermath will resonate for generations. Tapping into our intellectual abilities and implementing real thought-out solutions holds the key to defeating the global government monsters that seek to put out the fire of individual sovereignty and to snuff out the miracle of being human.

Here’s a solution sequence for the betterment of humanity:

A. Know Your Own Paradigm and Understand Their Plan:

Before you formulate your intellectual attack, be sure you understand the plan being implemented and be sure you understand your own paradigm. The plan for global domination is very easily understood by reviewing history and the tyrannical empires of the past. Please do yourself that favor of clarifying and improving your own knowledge and understanding of the subject. The establishment knows that knowledge and understanding is one of the basic first steps toward being free and working toward real solutions that will free humanity. That is why TV, entertainment and the system’s psychological weapons of mass deception are currently fully unleashed on humanity.

The average American is buried and brainwashed with such an avalanche of TV and propaganda lies that they are not able to distinguish reality from fiction. This Orwellian nightmare that many independent thinkers observe is entirely by design. Observing history objectively and independently and determining what you believe and how you want to go about your life is a critical first step. This personal conviction about the reality around you is the critical first step which the establishment’s propaganda machine seeks to influence. Think of how dynamic the human experience is when a simple train of thought is the spark that can set off a fire that will burn for ages. The establishment knows that, and this is why this ‘knowledge’ factor is the first step in our solutions process.

B. Expand the Human Network:

The globalists have already shown us how to solve the problems of humanity. We need only to template their blueprint and use it for the betterment of humanity. We know from studying their template that humanity will respond to mass awareness and we know that humanity responds to both intellectual and subconscious or irrational urges; thank you globalists for showing us the blueprint! This blueprint holds one of the keys to understanding real solutions and using human network expansion in the implementation of solutions.

The human network of consciousness against this evil force of oppression and control over humanity is already being built. It isn’t only the ‘truth movement’ or ‘occupy’ movement that many think it is, it’s the entire paradigm shift that humanity is experiencing. It has many faces and labels, but these labels are just labels that we gravitate to because they help us to identify ourselves with a specific purpose. The overall awakening and paradigm shift is much greater than any one group, cause or label.

Focusing on growing the human network should focus on a mission statement that is clear, simple and understandable to all. G. Edward Griffin has referred to it as a “Hologram of Truth”, call it what you will; it’s a small simple set of rules that cannot be mistaken, is simple and transcends all of humanity.

These simple set of laws should state that all entities and ideologies that undermine basic human sovereignty are evil, oppressive and should not be tolerated. Human sovereignty and freedom is not to be interfered with under any circumstances. Forces, acts, words, rules and laws that do interfere with this sacred natural law are to be identified and dealt with accordingly. A clear mission statement should serve as a tool to clarify who is the enemy and make infiltration much more difficult.

The mission statement should be accompanied by leaders that fill the following role:

1. Those that nurture the ‘Human Sovereignty’ model and blueprint for errors:

One lesson here is that human sovereignty can no longer be taken for granted and only a new modern day ‘army’ of freedom ambassadors can protect this delicate gift of nature. Constantly looking to nurture the blueprint to protect the species is now critical.

2. Ambassadors whose role is to link groups together:

Cross-linking is a key. The sovereignty movement needs individuals whose only purpose is to bring people and outside groups together; as a whole humanity needs a new consciousness about the importance of working together for a common goal.

‘LINKING’ I call it, holds the key to expanding the network. One isolated group working for a cause in Texas or in New Jersey is no longer the solution.

We must find ways to link our causes. This means expanding your paradigm and including individuals into your circle that may not share ALL of your causes.

The establishment has worked very hard to divide humanity with individual interests, and this is by design. We must rise above this tactic and accept others for the sake of this current challenge.

C. Social Swimming:

With a strong clear and easily recognizable human sovereignty law in place and ambassadors filling key roles, the movement must look to social encouragement for survival. This involves bartering, community living, encouraging one another, communing, meeting new people, dining, dating and dancing together. Love one another and enjoy your humanity together. Turn off the TV and turn to a life of socializing. Look for social activities within this sovereignty movement and realize that this social consciousness is the glue that will help us find the finish line because humans were made to socialize. Tap into this incredible energy that lies inside of us and has been turned off by the system that oppresses us that wants you to die in isolation and fear watching their TV programs.

D. Pass the baton

Finally, now that you see the components that will make the global human sovereignty movement the strong machine that the globalists and government control freaks will struggle to defeat, realize that you are creating a world that you can introduce your kids to. This sovereignty structure is built to be passed on; it becomes part of history, many may have to die for it but this is the story of our lives and this is what being human is all about. You fight for what you believe in and then you pass the baton and you pass the flames of freedom to the next generation.

What is a sound if no one hears it? Likewise freedom is nothing unless it is passed on to future generations. This is the lesson we are learning today. The blueprint for the flames of freedom is much easier to lose than to create again. Let us re-establish this flame now and make it last for generations to come!

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