Seriously? Paramedic Punished For Covering Old Crippled House-Fire Victim With Donated Blanket

Amanda Warren
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Don’t know what the weather is like in your region, but in Detroit, Michigan it is currently cold!

So when paramedic Jeff Gaglio noticed a shivering, elderly crippled man in nothing but his underwear brought outside during a house fire two weeks ago; he very naturally covered that man in a blanket.

And for that, he was punished – but the story gets more ridiculous….

The must-see humorous reporting by Charlie LeDuff (who dons a blanket for a cape!) can be seen in the video below with additional commentary and links following the video. He doesn’t pull punches.
Fox 2 News Headlines

Fellow paramedic Brandon Allen said in the Facebook comments below the story:

Paramedic Jeff Gaglio is my partner this shift and I have seen him purchase diapers and formula out of his own pocket to give to a woman that her and her infant were displaced from their home due to a fire. this man is a saint and all the department can do is punish him for that.

Many outraged commenters (many of them EMS workers) openly shared their repulsion and mentioned that they would willingly pay for, or donate, another blanket – sadly, these blankets were already donated by caring people for just such an occasion! So, were they meant to be hoarded and only used if done through the “proper channels”?

Superintendent Jerald James is the one punishing paramedic Jeff Gaglio, citing the joke excuse of handing out “state property” without permission; and yet James is the very same person who has previously complained about budget problems that are leading to what one employee called “a third world nightmare.” (Source)

As an aside, the Detroit Police Officer Association has passed out a flyer telling people that they are entering the city at their own risk due to the city being the nation’s most violent; police staff is naturally dwindling as well. (Source)

Paramedics are leaving Detroit in droves, and yet for those who stay on to fight under war-like conditions and help those in need despite horrible limitations, they are punished for their humanity. But since when was bureaucracy ever concerned with humanity?

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