Californians: Stop Waiting to Be Helped on GMO Labeling

Ari Smithson
Activist Post

In California, the biotech industry and the industrial food giants are pouring millions into stopping the labeling of the most extreme food toxin ever seen in human history.  And they are succeeding in making the battle close.  They did this before in Oregon where the public was at first massively opposed to GMOs, but the final vote was in favor of industry.

Meanwhile, the people themselves in California seem to be sitting on their hands, expecting the Organic Consumers Association or the Institute for Responsible Technology or a few other groups to do the work to inform everyone.  But those groups are not reaching the poor or the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indian, the Muslim and other communities who either don’t have computers or don’t speak English, so can’t be convinced by videos or phone banking.

Let’s get real and personal, Californians. Your lives are at stake here.  How many people have you spoken to?  How many churches, temples, organizations, etc., are you in and have you informed other members?  How many signs have you made yourself and put up? 

The following sign says it all.  But it must to be translated into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Amharic, etc. and put up everywhere.  On car windows, on baby strollers, on bikes, on telephone poles, on fences, on walls, on bulletin boards at coffee shops, in cafes, etc.

Can you help make that happen?  Can you download the poster in English and put up copies in your neighborhood and other places you go? Can you ask your friends to do the same? 

Will you spend any time to help protect yourself and your family?

NOTE: Please create your own PDF of the information below and distribute freely. If any translators would like to send their work to Activist Post, we will post them all. You can send your translations to activistpost (at)

You and your children are eating what these rats ate.

The debate is over. GMOs cause cancers. GMOs are deadly. 

The companies want them unlabeled so your family is tricked into eating them.

The very same companies make huge profits from cancer.

Stop being tricked.  Without labeling, you are helpless.

Gettng GMOs labeled is not a debate.  It is a life or death necessity.

Vote YES on Prop 37 to label GMOs

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