Unanswered 9-11 Questions Vetted on New Open-Source Debate Website

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As we remember the horrific events of 9-11 on this 11th anniversary, it’s an excellent opportunity to remind people that many unanswered questions remain about the day that changed everything.

Nearly anyone who takes an honest look at the official explanation of 9-11 realizes it’s at best incomplete, and at worst a complete fabrication.

Many theories have sprung up in an attempt to answer the glaring questions like: How did Building 7 crumble to the ground at free fall speed without having been hit by anything? Or how could jet fuel turn the twin towers into dust? Where is the plane wreckage from Shanksville? Or how did untrained Al Qaeda fighters make nearly impossible flight maneuvers? Or why did America’s air defense stand down?

And many more questions expose the official story as bogus.

You won’t see any mainstream media outlets address these questions or even acknowledge any controversy at all despite the obvious discrepancies. Thankfully many independent researchers and the alternative media are doing their best to uncover the truth. But now there is a new platform that allows anyone to contribute their research, theories and evidence to help answer these questions.

A recently launched open-source website has created a user-friendly digital battlefield for the debate over these types of controversial and fiercely contended issues. IssueVet.com has developed an innovative “vetting” software similar to Wiki, designed to break through the Internet clutter and force both sides of an issue to engage in a fair fight and show all of their work.

IssueVet’s open-source interface allows the world to use its collective intelligence and knowledge to work like a team of investigators laying out all of the arguments on their side of an issue and not let the other side get away with lies, manipulation, oversimplification, speculation, empty conclusions or unreliable evidence.

On this anniversary, truth activists should flood this website and others like it with the real information about 9-11 before the government and their crony handlers fill it with their propaganda.

Go to their Vetting September 11th channel to contribute.

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