How to Cleanse Your Body with 4 Natural and Free Detox Methods

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Detoxifying your body is a way to rid it of both physical and mental/spiritual toxins. But, you don’t have to pay big bucks for ingredients to a crazy tea or supplement; you don’t even need to go on a special diet (assuming you already eat whole, natural foods). If you want to know how to cleanse your body using simple techniques, here are 4 simple and nearly free detox methods you can use everyday, and they only take a few minutes.

Carolanne Wright, writing for NaturalNews, suggests that these 3 solutions are a “magical trio” of affordable and simple detox tools. She notes that these three things can encourage a “healthy body, sparking mind, and balanced emotions.”

How to Cleanse Your Body – Breathe

It’s natural and we all do it. But, did you know that conscious breathing can reduce stress exponentially, and deliver life-giving oxygen to all of the cells in our body? When we don’t give our attention to our breath, we are often only making use of a small portion of our lung capacity. This shallow breathing can create tense muscles and contribute to stress and fatigue. Deep breathing throughout the day releases these muscles and provides a mini-meditation. If you’re looking for how to cleanse your body on a more mindful level, this is how to do it.

While Wright recommends kapalbhati as a specific mindful-breathing approach, any deep, mindful and controlled breathing technique can have major benefits. When you feel your chest constricting as the day goes on, or if you just need a break from the constant going of life, stop and focus on your breath. Breathe in deeply, expanding your chest as your lungs fill, hold the breath for a few seconds, and slowly release it. As you do these breathing exercises, visualize the healing oxygen circulating throughout your body and rejuvenating your cells.


A lesser known way of detoxing the body, dry skin brushing is another way to easily detox without spending too much money or time. This method stimulates the lymphatic and the immune system, while increasing circulation and sloughing off dead skin cells. All that’s required is a natural-bristled brush and a few moments of time. Brush your dry skin, going upwards towards your heart. Brush your legs, arms, abdomen and back, if you can as well.


The easiest and most important method of detoxification is through hydration. Our bodies need water, they are water, and this life-giving fluid can flush toxins out of the digestive system, as well as all organs and cells within the body. Drinking water first thing in the morning is a great way to flush away toxins that have “accumulated during the night.” But don’t stop there, drink water throughout the day to keep your body running efficiently. If you get thirsty—you’ve waited too long. Keep water handy at all times and stay hydrated for optimal health.

It is important to note that the quality of water you drink is significant, as regular tap water is loaded with harmful chemical and contaminants. In fact, here is what your tap water looks like. You should buy your own high quality water filtration device or pure spring water. Alternatively, checkout the website Find A Spring to see if a pure spring is nearby.

And here’s how to cleanse your body using one more method.


One of the body’s most natural methods of removing toxins is sweating. Used in conjunction with other methods, like drinking water with lemon or juicing, sweating can greatly help with a detox. Exercising and venturing into a dry sauna are 2 great ways to sweat out the toxins. Additionally, consuming niacin, or vitamin B3, may be one of the best combinations with sweating. Your skin will flush and you may experience some discomfort, but the niacin will help to break up fat cells after used for several days and with increased dosage. Guess what’s in these cells? Toxins. When the toxins are released, they’re sweated out or removed via urine or the GI tract.

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