Four Simultaneous Monsanto Attacks on Organic Food in California and A Monsanto Hostage

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There are at least four major active Monsanto attacks on food in California going on right now. The last listed exposes the iron fist Monsanto tries to hide.

1. Monsanto is pouring millions into defeating Prop 37.

Prop 37 calls for the labeling of genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients in food. Monsanto lawyer and VP, Michael Taylor, was responsible when Clinton put him in at the FDA, for the first GMO in the food chain – rBGH, a GM-bovine hormone linked to a large increase in risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer, for deregulating the approval process for GMOs, and for keeping GMOs unlabeled (even coming up with a white paper for Monsanto on how to sue farmers for attempting to label their milk as not based on rBGH. It was during this time at the FDA that 40,000 documents were hidden which showed extreme toxicity of GMOs, before Taylor arranged for GMOs to begin to be planted regardless.

The truth about GMOs is out now. A scientist whom Monsanto has repeatedly attacked, to the point where the scientist went to court to stop them, has proved beyond a doubt now that Monsanto’s GM-corn causes cancer, organ failure and rapid deaths. (Source) This study is having effects internationally, with Russia immediately banning the import of Monsanto’s corn, and groups in Europe calling for a ban of any GMOs in Europe and of all importation.

2. Stanford University in California has attacked organic food right before the vote on Prop 37, to Monsanto’s benefit, and devised plans with DHS to “subdue” organic food as a biosecurity threat.

Stanford put out a study suggesting that organic food is no better than convention (most of which is GMO and pesticide laden now). The study is a fraud. One scientist involved had previously done studies for the Tobacco industry suggesting smoking was not a problem. Money is flowing in from Cargill which sells Monsanto’s GMOs.

Another scientist on the same fraudulent study has been working with Homeland Security to declare organic food a biosecurity risk, setting it up to be “subdued” – attacked by military. Monsanto benefits and may even be directly involved since Monsanto lawyer and VP, Michael Taylor, designed food “safety” laws that operate in a similar fashion. They arrange for the extermination of any agricultural threats (organic food not excluded), with Monsanto determining what constitutes those threats. (Right now the USDA has earthworms listed as an invasive species and Monsanto through either the FDA and USDA, could order the spraying of a pesticide including Agent Orange – a pesticide it is pushing hard for – sprayed on all farms to protect US agriculture. Or against any other bogus threats.)

This article is a deep education in how Taylor created “surface” language to allow for deniability as he disguised the transfer of massive power to the FDA (run by Monsanto) to destroy organic farms, organic farmers markets, organic food shops, organic food buying clubs, restaurants, and even organic gardens in the US.

3. Monsanto from the FDA, orders a recall of organic food during the Jewish Holidays 

A recall suggests that food is unsafe to eat. Organic nut butters are included with the conventional (pesticide loaded and GMO-sugar included) nut butters that are being recalled. The fraudulent Stanford study suggested to the public there is no difference in nutritional value between organic and conventional food. With a recall, Monsanto is now suggesting to the public that organic is equally dangerous to your life as conventional food containing Monsanto’s GMOs and Roundup.

Most nuts in the country are grown in California so this recall would be powerfully felt there. What’s more, the Monsanto-FDA recall of nut butters would have its most serious impact on small companies, and the small ones are the organic ones. They are very vulnerable both in terms of cost and lost revenue to having their products pulled but also in terms of attempting to recover their reputation. (The FDA and the state ag departments are infamous for this ploy against Amish farmers selling raw milk – declaring their milk contaminated, having media splash the story across the new, shutting farmers down for weeks, and only later declaring the milk was fine but with no media on the safety of the milk).

The early vote on Prop 37 begins in October. Monsanto did the recall during the High Holidays – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – with a large Jewish vote in California, and with Jews being a group most likely to vote.

4. Monsanto is behind illegal arrest and criminal attacks on the owner of an organic food co-op in Los Angeles and destruction of his life’s work.

Please read the petition below which lists multiple examples of misconduct by California officials. But it leaves off the most significant piece of information- Monsanto is behind it all.

The FDA ordered the raid and set the felony arrests in motion, and Monsanto lawyer and VP Michael Taylor, runs the FDA “food safety” division. Monsanto ordered the arrest of an innocent man, the destruction of his organic food business, and one might assume they are behind his torture in jail (including questioning him as though he were a terrorist) and the fact that he faces multiple felonies for the crime of selling fresh goat milk.

Those government agents involved in the first raid, including those mentioned, had any no signed oaths of office on file, so no sworn allegiance to the law. The arrest was therefore illegal and his lawyers are seeking to have the whole case dismissed.

Stewart missed a hearing assuming he was no longer needed in court, but was rearrested,this time not be government agents without the legal right to arrest him, but this time by armed bounty hunters, with no license plates on their cars, who physically attacked out in the open. He is still in jail. This petition seeks to free him and expose what is happening in California, which is being used as a test case for Monsanto brute power over organic food and anyone who dares provide it.

An aside: 

Are you wary of raw milk? Are you thinking, maybe Stewart did something dangerous in selling raw goat milk? If so, you can thank Monsanto, the corrupt dairy industry and the corrupt CDC (which participated in the armed raid on Stewart) for your being convinced not to buy milk that is actually 35,000 times safer than any other food – by the CDC’s own data. And if you have Crohn’s disease, you can thank them again for your continuing to suffer for working to make what is healing, unavailable. In fact, Monsanto is working to genetically engineer milk itself.

Raw milk is the only safe milk and it is a prime Monsanto target. Raw milk means no money to the industrial food system, it means local food and adequate money to keep local farmers in business, it means money stay in the local communities, and it means healthy people who do not support the drug industry. For Monsanto, that puts a big target on it and from there one can understand the brutality against James Stewart and how important it is to get the petition out to free him.

All of the four attacks in California are different sides of the same coin – “food safety.” It is a massive corporate lie to take control over the food system. Food safety law in every state needs to be nullified because all of them include a Monsanto trick – they require no evidence whatever. The state can act against people like Stewart based not on contamination or harm – he’d done neither – but merely based on technicalities and plan to destroy real food . Food laws must written that only apply to proven contamination, confirmed by independent scientists, and no prison terms can be applied unless a person or company has been proven, as the peanut company was, to have known in advance that its food was contaminated and to sell it with that knowledge.

Monsanto, is selling products it knows are lethal.

International Petition to Free James Stewart, an Organic Food Provider and Monsanto Hostage

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