Ron and Rand Paul Were Never Going to Save Us

Editor’s Note: We love the message of peace and liberty, and respect Ron Paul for educating the masses, but we’d be naive to think the Pauls are exempt from an utterly corrupt political system.

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Paul Adams, J.D.
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Many people believe that Ron and Rand Paul are the only hope to save the United States from becoming a totalitarian fascist police state. After all, for decades only congressman Ron Paul exposed the crimes and consequences of the private Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, fraudulent war on drugs, wars and coups of aggression, the growth of government and dependency on it.

Many Ron Paul supporters believed that Ron’s son, Rand Paul, would promote the same polices as his father after being elected to the U.S. Senate. Yes, Ron and Rand appeared to be the last Jedis of freedom, battling and exposing the empire of bankster monopoly occultists.

Let us now examine whether Ron and Rand Paul can be trusted to save us and how effective their efforts have been.

Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty PAC are great at fundraising. During the 2011-2012 election cycle, Ron Paul raised $40,909,878 and spent $38,934,716.


We may not get liberty because of the Ron Paul campaign run, but it sure looks like Ron Paul campaign manager, Jesse Benton, got the big bucks

Benton’s total income from the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign and PACs, in the 2012 election cycle, is at least $586,616, EPJ has learned. 

According to Open Secrets, he has been paid $322,577 in the 2012 election cycle, by Liberty PAC. His total income directly from the Ron Paul presidential campaign 2012 is, to date, $264,039. 

Benton is married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter Valerie Pyeatt. 

Many Ron Paul supporters have become unhappy with Benton because of his suspected contacts with the Romney campaign and his overall handling of the Ron Paul campaign.” 

Furthermore, the average donation to Ron Paul is $61.92, meaning that the individuals that donated have little to spare. One could argue that Ron Paul and his family, through excessive payments to Jesse Benton, have embezzled donations from loyal supporters of liberty.

According to renowned researcher Webster Griffin Tarpley, Ron Paul is a master in nepotism and employs approximately 61 of his family members. Granted, Ron Paul could argue that it is necessary to employ family members to avoid COINTELPRO infiltration, but how can he justify paying his grandson-in-law nearly $600,000 in one year?

Strangely, Ron Paul and Mitt Romey were very friendly during the Republican presidential primary campaign. Romney is the antithesis of Ron Paul and supports everything Paul claims to oppose, such as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which authorizes the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, socialized medicine (eugenics against the elderly with death panels that deny care), endless wars of aggression in foreign countries, unlimited financial aid to Israel, the fraudulent war on drugs, and Romey is a vulture bankster like those that run the private Federal Reserve. One would think that Ron Paul, “The Champion of the Constitution,” would find Romney and his CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral/Neocon associates repugnant.

Yet Ron Paul is considering voting for Mitt Romney. With his political career at its end, why won’t Ron tell the people the truth about voting or at least clearly refuse to support vulture-bankster Romney?

Webster Tarpley persuasively argues that Ron Paul served as Romney’s wing-man to ensure Romney received the Republican presidential nomination (attending Bilderberg likely helped as well).

Paul and Romney were generally friendly throughout the primary election. During the slew of Republican debates, the two saved their most withering attacks for other Republican contenders on stage, sparking rumors that they were somehow in cahoots. 

In February, Santorum accused the two campaigns of working together to undermine his presidential bid, a charge both camps denied at the time. 

It appears that Ron and Rand Paul, either knowingly or unknowingly, are being used to keep millions of Americans invested in corrupt political system that is beyond repair and the false left vs. right divide-and-conquer paradigm, dominated by eugenics loving Wall Street Banksters since at least 1913.

According to one researcher, “of the 620 measures that Paul has sponsored, just four have made it to a vote on the House floor. Only one has been signed into law.” Because the Audit of the Fed occurred, it appears that only two of Ron Paul’s many measures have been made into law.

Ron Paul has given hundreds of great speeches and written hundreds of important articles; but was he able to stop any of the following: NDAA, Real ID Act, Military Commissions Act, Patriot Act, TSA groping and expansion, John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Bankster bailouts, clergy response teams, CIA drug-running, tyrannical executive orders, Council of State Governors, covert acts of war against Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iran, or Fast and Furious?

No. Why not? Because even if Ron Paul is legitimate, Congress and the President don’t work for you, don’t represent you, and they never did.

During his 2008 campaign, Ron Paul said that he wanted to “end the Fed” and the I.R.S. In 2012, for some reason, he softened his tone to we should “audit the fed” and rarely mentions the I.R.S.

To Ron’s credit, the Fed was audited and we learned that the largest banks were bailed out with over 16 trillion dollars as they foreclosed on millions of homes and gave their executives bonuses.

By now the criminal cartel of usury known as the Fed should have been abolished or nationalized but Ron Paul says only that we should audit it again? What happened to “end the Fed?”

Ron’s son, Rand Paul, raised money from Ron Paul supporters and was elected to the U.S. Senate on his father’s platform. However, rather than endorsing his father’s policies, Rand shocked the world by endorsing Mitt Romney for president on national television, who is the antithesis of everything Ron and Rand claim stand for. Even a blind man can feel the sting from Rand’s slap in the face to his campaign donors and “Ron Paul Revolutionaries.”

Do you think Rand Paul was allowed to use Ron’s political machine (Campaign for Liberty) to get elected to the senate and then endorse Romney without Daddy Ron’s approval? If so, you can get a great deal on some oceanfront property in Arizona.

But one slap in the face wasn’t enough as Rand appears to be a Neocon in Libertarian clothing. In 2010, Rand met with war lover William Kristol of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a so-called Neocon think-tank that published a paper one year prior to 9/11 stating that transforming the U.S. into a military-state would require a “ catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor.” Dick Cheney, who gave the stand-down order on 9/11, was also associated with PNAC.

Additionally, when reporter Abby Martin questioned Rand about his decision to endorse Romney, Rand showed his support for freedom of the press and the First Amendment by attempting to get her arrested and stripped of her press credentials.

Ron and Rand Paul often brag about their Christian Values, yet Rand is a member of the NoZe Brotherhood at Baylor University and claimed to worship the “Aqua Buddha” (idolatry). George W. Bush of Skull and Bones and Kenneth Star are honorary members on NoZe..

The NoZe Brotherhood, as the group was called, was formally banned by Baylor two years before Paul arrived on the grounds of ‘sacrilege,’ the university president said at the time. ‘They had ‘made fun of not only the Baptist religion, but Christianity and Christ,’  President Herbert Reynolds told the student newspaper, The Lariat. 

The group hardly denied the charge. One ‘brother’ told a reporter from the Lariat during Paul’s sophomore year that the group was raising awareness of an abundance of both ‘hot air’ and ‘dangerous and even toxic levels of Christian atmosphere on campus.’ 

In conclusion, Ron Paul and Rand Paul may give good speeches, they have even educated millions of people about important issues. However, they cannot be trusted to save the United States from becoming a totalitarian fascist police state as they get practically no results yet provide patriots reason to believe in a system that is beyond repair in its current state. Representative government in the United States is a fast-fading illusion and it makes no difference which mass-murderer occupies next Whitehouse as he or she is merely a puppet.

Ending the police state (it’s already here) and planned democide is the responsibility of every individual. We must not consent to the criminal bankster state. We must refuse to vote in rigged elections or for candidates associated with political parties. We must not take any actions contrary to our conscience.

Rather than cheer for Ron and Rand Paul, we must do everything we peacefully can to stop the planned shooting war from occurring in the United States.

Paul Adams is your humble servant.

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