Return Of The War Criminal Tony Blair

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Having devastated millions of lives as co-conspirator in the illegal and immoral Iraq war – and then having raked in millions of pounds through business contacts made during his time as prime minister – war criminal Tony Blair is apparently trying to edge his way back into British politics.

According to the London Guardian, Blair – supposedly retired from frontline politics – is to act as an adviser to the Labour party and will be “contributing ideas and experience to Ed Miliband’s policy review”.

Miliband, the current Labour leader, revealed that Blair will be giving advice on the ‘Olympic legacy’ – and in a sickening display of sycophancy, praised the warmonger and thanked him for what he had done for the Labour party and Britain.

Unless you’re Ed Miliband, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that one of the main things Blair has done for Britain is to cause the country to become widely reviled in the Muslim world. Figures vary, but the Iraq war – illegally launched on a complete fabrication about supposed weapons of mass destruction – is estimated to have resulted in the deaths of well over 100,000 people.

The terrible violence and massive body count in Iraq has evidently not weighed too heavily on Blair’s conscience, and he has carved a highly lucrative business career since leaving office in 2007. Blair’s earnings for 2011 were estimated at £12million; though due to a complex network of partnerships and companies he is able to avoid publishing a complete account of all his commercial ventures, and his full income remains a secret.

He runs a business consultancy called ‘Tony Blair Associates’, known to have deals with the corrupt regimes of Kazakhstan and Kuwait, and he also acts as adviser to criminal investment bank JP Morgan.

Despite his culpability for war crimes, Blair appears untouchable; and in 2009 he even had the gall to try and become the first President of Europe. Apparently still harbouring such ambitions he last month suggested that he might go for the job again in future.

As the political elite seem unlikely to prosecute Blair for war crimes, we are left to take a small amount of solace in the fact that the former PM is now hounded by activists wherever he goes. He travels with extensive security due to people constantly angrily confronting and heckling him. Last month Tom Grundy tried to perform a citizen’s arrest on Blair; and in May, students in the US shouted “warmonger” and “war criminal” at him during a graduation speech he was giving at a college in Maine.

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