David Cameron Supports Terrorism

Damascus terrorist attack

Brit Dee, Contributor
Activist Post

British prime minister David Cameron supports outright terrorism.

That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from his failure to explicitly condemn yesterday’s bombing in Damascus, Syria, which murdered several leading members of president Assad’s government.

The bombing of a government meeting room killed Syria’s defence minister, Dawoud Rajha, deputy defence minister Assef Shawkat, who was also Assad’s brother-in-law, and a former defence minister, Hassan Turkmani. Two of the men killed were in their 60s, with Turkmani being 77 years of age.

Responsibility for the bombing has come from both the Syrian Free Army and an Islamist group called Liwa Al-Islam. In a reference to evidence implicating foreign involvement in the destabilisation of the country, a Syrian government spokesman said that responsibility for the terror attack “falls directly on the hands of the Arab and Western governments, their intelligence agencies and their spies.”

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, Cameron today failed to condemn the brutal act of violence and instead launched into an attack on the Assad government, as well as criticising those refusing to support UN sanctions – principally Russia. Russia know very well that an attempt is underway to repeat last year’s outrageous overthrow of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, when our leaders supported, funded and armed a rebel army comprising militants connected to Al Qaeda.

Cameron went on to demand the immediate relinquishing of power by the Syrian government, and in an apparently veiled threat said that if Assad did not step down quickly, revolution would come “from the bottom in Syria”. He said that it is “in everybody’s interests – the Syrian people, the region, the wider world, the fight against terrorism – that transition takes place quickly”.

In the fight against terrorism, the West is now an active supporter of terrorism.

By failing to condemn yesterday’s murders, Western leaders have clearly exposed the lengths to which they are prepared to go, to try and remove governments they wish replaced with compliant puppets. The West, Israel, and several Sunni Arab states are trying to oust the Syrian Shia-dominated government in order to weaken support for the real target in the ongoing campaign of Middle Eastern violence – Iran.

Assad is a key ally of Iran’s, and securing the overthrow of the Syrian government would isolate and weaken the Iranians.

You only have to look at a map of the Middle East, and how the illegal and immoral imperial wars of the last decade have left Iran effectively surrounded by puppets of the West, to see the geopolitical game of chess being played. Neocons even revealed to General Wesley Clark, shortly after 9/11, their plan to take out a series of Middle Eastern countries – including Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran.

Coupled with constant propaganda about Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons program, and the poorly supported accusations of the country’s involvement in foreign terror attacks, everything is building towards an attempt by the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance – aided by their supporters in the Arab world – to decisively secure both the country and the entire Middle East.

The reasons for this are obvious. In a global war for natural resources Iran is a key producer of oil – and also, crucially, an enemy of the racist Zionist regime ruling Israel.

We can only hope that China and Russia refuse to allow the forcing out of Assad, and that the situation does not rapidly spiral into a Third World War.

This article first appeared at ResistRadio.com Brit Dee’s ResistRadio.com is an independent media website approaching global news, politics and conspiracy theory from a radical, but critical and rational perspective.

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