Save the World, Save Yourself: Don’t Buy GMO!

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Sally O’Boyle
Activist Post

You hold all the power in your hands to save the planet. Actually, in your wallet. Whip out a buck. Hold it in both hands, close your eyes and determine that you will never, ever again spend your hard-earned cash money on GMO foods.

See how easy that was? Now tell your family and your neighbors.

Here’s the plan in a nutshell: bankrupt the bastards. This is gonna be so satisfying.

How can you avoid GMO foods?

Simple! Here’s how:

1. Any food that comes in a box, can or bag and said package is not marked “Non-GMO” or Organic, it’s got GMO food in it. 99.9% Guaranteed. Don’t buy it.

2. Buy only organic fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.

NOTE: USDA-certified Organic cannot contain GMOs. (Yet. The USDA co-owns the patent to the Terminator seed with Monsanto. Yeah. Pretty startling, but there it is. Look for the USDA — the regulatory agency charged with protecting consumer interests — to bend on allowing GMOs into organics. They already tried with neotame.)

3. Buy organic at your local farmer’s markets. Exception: many small farmers can’t afford to get the organic certification. They farm organically and sustainably, but the USDA Certified Organic paperwork and requirements are burdensome, expensive and so time-consuming, there’s no time or energy left to farm! Stupid, but, hey, it’s a government program. What did we expect?

So meet your farmers, ask questions about how they farm, do they use pesticides and, if so, how much, etc. Even if you don’t know the questions to ask, ask something. Farmers love to tell you how they do it on their farm! You can even ask to visit the farm. This is a priceless adventure, especially if you have kids.

4. Buy pastured meats and eggs (see #3 above). Animals that are not fed on pasture as Mother Nature intended are fed grains. 99.9% of all feed today is made almost exclusively with GM grains. Why? Because almost 99.9% of all grains grown in the U.S. are GM. Why? It’s cheap. Why? It’s subsidized by the federal government. Why? Corporate lobbyists. Don’t support that: spend your money at your local farms.

Is it time consuming to meet your farmer?

Yeah. But two things:

1. You only have to do it once.

2. Have you ever been really sick? Once you’ve been really sick — we’re talking hospital sick (I have) — you will do almost anything to avoid it again. Don’t wait till it happens to you. Invest your time in your and your family’s health.

Isn’t buying organic or non-GMO more costly than buying with coupons at the grocery store?

Yeah. But two things:

1. As Joel Salatin says, “Have you priced cancer lately?” GMOs have been proven to cause cancer in lab animals. There is growing evidence that they definitely contribute to cancer in humans. Duh.

2. Look at the headline again: you are literally saving the planet. GM seeds dominate wherever they are planted, taking over heritage plants. Mexico has had over 200 varieties of heritage corn. They are losing them to GM corn. Even though GM corn was recently banned, it’s too late. Can they save some of their varieties? Nobody knows. This is one giant experiment with the planet and us as the test tubes. They might have asked first.

Want to learn more about how GMOs are destroying the planet and your health?

It’s a fascinating topic and you will truly benefit from knowing. Here’s a good start:

1. Watch food documentaries. I have a bunch listed on my blog here: There are a ton on Netflix and Hulu and Youtube, all free.

2. Study up at Jeffrey Smith (whose name you will hear in the documentaries) is the expert on GMOs. There is a wealth of information on his site.

Thank you for pitching in to save us.

And not a moment too soon! Even if it’s too late to save our corn, we must bankrupt the bastards that made such a mess of our food for profits. And do it now, before they ruin our wheat and our salmon! Whip out that dollar again. There’s your power. Use it.

Sally O’Boyle is a liberty and natural health activist and editor of

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