Obama Continues Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive attacks by authorizing cyberwar on Iran

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Joe Wright  
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Revelations continue to unfold that new mega-malware such as Stuxnet and Flame, which have targeted Iran and other Middle Eastern countries over the last several years, are state-sponsored creations with Israel and the United States as the most likely creators.

Moreover, there is new evidence that suggest that Obama has actually ordered the latest round of cyber attacks in a continuation of Bush-era offensive policy.  This would be consistent with The Pentagon’s stated goal — with support from Congress — that they would seek new weapons for use in cyberspace, as it is now considered to be a bona fide theater of war. 

We know that Obama has initiated ruthless drone attacks without provocation which have killed countless innocent civilians, as well as establishing a secret kill list, so it’s only logical to assume that he would have no hesitation to take the war to the cyber realm against arch villain, Iran.

It has become widely accepted that Israel and the U.S. were behind the Stuxnet attack on Iran, a claim repeated by Forbes and never denied by either government.  However, for the first time, it is now being revealed by intelligence sources that the U.S. and Israeli governments did indeed create Stuxnet.

Naturally this announcement is being spun by government and major media to suggest that it was something that simply “got loose” unintentionally. 

David Holt, writing for Ars Technica states that:

According to journalist David Sanger’s forthcoming book, Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power, it confirms that both the US and Israeli governments developed and deployed Stuxnet. The goal of the worm was to break Iranian nuclear centrifuge equipment by issuing specific commands to the industrial control hardware responsible for their spin rate. By doing so, both governments hoped to set back the Iranian research program—and the US hoped to keep Israel from launching a pre-emptive military attack.


When Barack Obama came to office, he continued the program—called ‘Olympic Games’—which unpredictably disabled bits of the Natanz plant even as it told controllers that everything was normal. But in 2010, Stuxnet escaped Natanz, probably on someone’s laptop; once connected to the outside Internet, it did what it was designed not to do: spread in public. The blame game began about who had slipped up in the coding.  (Source)

This indicates a clear pre-emptive attack consistent with the Orwellian reasoning the Pentagon stated years ago that pre-emptive attacks should be part of cyber defense strategy.  It should now be obvious that the latest Flame malware would be of similar origin.

Meanwhile, fascist cybersecurity legislation is being rolled out in the West as a supposed defense measure against the very attacks America and Israel are themselves perpetrating.  It forms the perfect fit for every problem-reaction-solution scenario offered up by the military-industrial complex to date.

This latest revelation should further demonstrate to any remaining believers in the two-party system that the overarching agenda of full spectrum control supersedes the divide-and conquer politics offered as a choice to voters.

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