God Save the Queen?

Julian Rose
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On the thread below an article about the great banking heist on a well-respected website appeared the following statement:

Millions of good men and women throughout the world lost their jobs, their homes, their dignity as a result of the great banking heist. Those who protest against it are arrested, and the police response to protest is becoming increasingly militaristic, while those who caused the meltdown get off scot free.

The system is broken and our response to this crisis will be a test of how intelligent we are as a species. I’m not holding my breath. Europe is in economic free-fall – and meanwhile the Jubilee Celebrations go on day after day and 80% of Britons are reported as supporting the monarchy. 

If people are this dim, cheering on the 1% for all they are worth – what hope is there for humanity?

Let us reflect on this well articulated observation, for it says much about the extraordinary fickleness of our age.

I was in the England during the main weekend of the Jubilee celebrations and chose to watch maybe one hour on BBC television. The Queen, accompanied by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, were travelling across central London in the royal Rolls to attend a banquet at the Houses of Parliament. Then afterwards, to Buckingham Palace and a special appearance on the Palace balcony.

The route was lined with flag waving well-wishers from all walks of life and many countries. Many wore paper hats with the Union Jack emblazoned on them and waved their similarly decorated little plastic flags. At Buckingham Palace, a vast crowd erupted into wild shrieks of joy as the Queen appeared on the royal balcony. The Yeoman of the Guard stood to attention in full livery. Field guns delivered a perfectly coordinated royal salute. Jet aircraft streaked overhead in tight formation, leaving red, white and blue trails behind them. Red, white and blue wherever the eye rested.

For much of the time the 86-year-old Queen grimaced in response. She had, after all, done it so many times before during her 60 years reign of royal duty to the nation. The night before she had worn a similar expression while attending a Grand Jubilee Concert in the palace precinct. However, at certain appointed moments, she managed a smile. One such occasion was when a huge diamond shaped contrivance was presented to her, while in the background Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John stood stiffly upright and expressionless. Paul’s famous base guitar emblazoned with the obligatory Union Jack.

Once upon a time John Lennon had returned his OBE (Order of the British Empire) as a protest against British support for the Vietnam war.

Paul however, after having kneeled before Her Majesty (some years back) to accept his place as a Knight of the Realm, could only play the obedient servant. No doubt other infamous Illuminati Knights of the Realm such as Sir Henry Kissinger and Sir Allen Greenspan raised a toast to Her Majesty across the waters. Even the thuggish Sir Norman Schwarzkopf, knighted by the Queen for his brutal exploits in Iraq, may have raised a dull chuckle of recognition. Oh, and let’s not forget Sir J. Edgar Hoover, the notorious former chief of the FBI.

‘The obedient servant’ role appeared to be the choice of almost all those who attended this extravagant show of unfettered fetlock tugging British pageantry, accompanied by its often near hysterical mass cheering.

Beyond Buckingham Palace, thousands of special outdoor lunches, tea parties and other such gatherings were taking place up and down the Country, crowds enduring cold winds and even rain in their determination to show their very British support for the wealthiest woman in the World:

Elizabeth Windsor owns one sixth of the land mass of our planet. A big Estate, it consists of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom plus many more smaller ‘Commonwealth’ fiefdoms.

Her Crown Estate does not attract Inheritance or Capital Gains Tax. She has four palaces in the UK, one of which, Buckingham Palace, occasionally opens its doors for special groups. 

According to Lord Halsbury in Laws of the Land ‘The sovereign can do no wrong and no laws can be brought against her.’ Clearly not, according to Heathcott Williams ‘Her investments in BP and Rio Tinto Zinc mean, very simply, that she profits from petrol and uranium, and her subjects get ill’ (Royal Babylon).

Yet she has never been heard to contradict the view that often crippling government wage and pension reducing ‘austerity’ measures are exactly the right medicine for her subjects.

None of this deters her adoring fans. They variously describe her as a safe “mother figure” who somehow holds the country together while squabbling politicians do their worst; to “everybody’s auntie” “a wonderful example” “a great upholder of tradition” and “such a lovely person”.

Such descriptions do not just come from fellow members of the British elite, but from millions of working people (once called ‘working class’) who apparently see in their Queen some sort of salvation from the daily drudgery of their working lives. A vivid spectacle of what it means ‘to get to the top’ even if such heights can never be attained without belonging to that tiny core of intermarrying bloodline families who have nurtured their way to the very pinnacles of power and control.

That the British Royal Family still epitomise some sort of fairytale state of existence, untouched and untroubled by the hurly burly of our racked and raped planet, is testimony to an extraordinary PR machine operating with military precision behind the scenes of the royal facade. Just the right amount of exposure and non exposure; of fashion and tradition; of pomp and ‘informality’; of military prowess and social ‘caring’. It is an expertly managed and executed contrivance that instils in people a hypnotic fascination rendering the majority incapable of discernment or critique.

This show blinds even sensible grown-up mortals into dreamily proclaiming British achievements in the colonies of yesteryear. For example, the way in which ‘uneducated’ tribal peoples were taught ‘manners’ and ‘respect’ for those who coralled them into service (slavery). A situation now aped by the transnational corporate sweat shops that took over once the colonial train had departed.

Its still almost a taboo in Britain not to see ‘The British Empire’ as a munificent and proud era, replete with dignity, morals and high-minded ideals. Of great military feats and remarkable civil engineering exploits. Never mind the shockingly brutal reality of tens of thousands slaughtered for daring to resist the conquering of their home lands; the wholesale ‘re-education’ of those accustomed to cultural norms completely unrecognised by the colonisers; the slaves; the economic exploitation; the intellectual property thieving and the installation of a foreign control system solely there to profit from an endless supply of cheap labour and abundant land and mineral wealth.

History, in the British school book, does not think the young and vulnerable should hear such gruesome stories, or perhaps get a glimpse of the forerunner of to-days military industrial complex.

Some commentators are saying that the British have now made psychological peace with the ‘ loss of the colonies’ and the humiliation of the contrasting virtual bankruptcy experienced by the Country in the aftermath of the second world war, but if so – how can one explain the ongoing reverence for the single greatest symbol of imperial ambition?

Elizabeth Windsor, who has been happy to cement ‘the special relationship’ (with the USA) was lavishly praised by Barak Obama on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee. He didn’t fail to reiterate the value of this ‘special relationship’ which is, in practice, a deal between a republic and and a monarchy to continue – together – the old colonial practice under another name “the war on terror”. The Brits getting the diplomacy and MI5 bit and the US getting the fire power factor and the cudos of commander in chief. A special relationship feared and loathed by much of the world, but not, it seems, by many of its paymasters: the tax paying citizens of the British Isles and North America.

Even as the young proteges, the dashing Price William and the pretty Duchess his wife, smile and wave their youthful hands to an adoring World, the planet sinks ever further into conflict and confusion. The wealth chasm between rich and poor grows ever wider; the banking, agrichemical, pharmaceutical and oil mafia grow ever more arrogant and the corporate power mongers continue to close in on the establishment a ‘New World Order.’

And maybe, just because this reality is so unpalatable for the majority at the austerity receiving end, an apparently unscathed monarchy gliding miraculously above it all presents the perfect escapist dream. A similar dream to “The American Dream”: virtual bubbles for all those unable or unwilling to face the truth about themselves, the inhuman control system which runs the show and our thoughtless complicity in the whole mind-controlled misadventure.

The aphrodisiac like spectacle of the Royal Jubilee provides the perfect smokescreen for the next phase of top-down plotting which will provide the 1% with with another opportunity to further cement their grip on the levers of power. In a move worthy of the Bilderbergers, 2012 has conjured not only the Jubilee, but also the European Football Championship and the London Olympic Games to thoroughly befuddle already sleepy minds and to distract all but the sharpest from keeping their eye on the ball.

As this summer progresses, the Queen of England will pass the baton on to the shadowy powers behind the Olympic spectacle. Cue in sexless one-eyed dolls to flood the shops; surface to air missiles on London roof tops; a fully war equipped aircraft carrier moored in the Thames estuary, drones in the sky and 45,000 police, army and private security personnel on the streets of ‘lock down London’. A security force ready to arrest anyone daring to offer dissent from this brazen display of despotic power. One can only wonder what further dark deeds the shadowy powers have planned to enact during this grand display of malevolent forces?

It is a time of great danger. A time of great challenge. 2012, the year that has been heralded as carrying a portent of very real significance for human kind and planet earth. For good or for evil, for better or for worse, for love or for hate, so the cosmic game is played out in the here and now.

“If people are this dim, cheering on the 1% for all they are worth, what hope is their for humanity?”

The question resonates with peculiar intensity. An intensity which is increasingly felt by us as the Earth’s heart beat increases in tempo and further compresses time. The sense of an unfolding realisation process opening up long dormant potentials seems to run in parallel to the collapsing material order. A steadily more delineated ‘parting of the ways’ leaves little room for sitting on the fence. If the gravitational mass at the centre of the Earth is in the process of shifting, then so too will a shift of mass take place amongst those living on the surface. There is not so much time left to make a conscious decision concerning the path of one’s destiny and to off-load all useless baggage that weighs down those who continue to support a regime so fraught with contradiction.

The choice is stark enough, for sure, for all those still able to reason: dump the little plastic flag of servitude and bin the satanic one-eyed Olympian doll; or else be their subjects and follow them to the sunless Masonic grave which lies in wait for those who knowingly sell their souls to the big show.

The Queen of England is wedded to duty, Royal duty; and to an intractable inherited belief in the divine right of kings (and queens) to rule over their people. No doubt both were instilled in her by her father. Together they make for an implacable commitment to uphold, at almost any cost, the monarchical imperative of ‘King and Country’.

The grimace which passes for a smile tells the story; tells it to a world where, ironically, there is very little commitment to anything anymore. The sadness which also accompanies this Queen is no different from the sadness felt by her subjects: they both cling to a world that has essentially moved on. The stilted royal prerogatives may appear deceptively appealing in a ramshackle world where ‘pride’, ‘formality’ and ‘discipline’ seem distinctly absent.

But just under the surface, such regal posturing remain frozen epitaphs of the ‘winners and losers’ man made division of society. The winners being wealth, privilege and class. Totems to the false gods that still exercise a deeply compelling attraction to those of us who have failed to recognise to honour and nurture our divine roots.

So long as the spiritual powers with which mankind is endowed remain subverted into materialistic ends, the lie will be perpetuated and royal families, presidents, prime ministers and pop stars will continue to fulfill the role demanded of them by their fawning subjects and by their alter egos.

They will continue to uphold their inverted Godly gifts as material values, so cunningly contrived to represent the zenith of every soulless mortals’ lifetime dream.

“God Save the Queen” is quite simply a call to protect this status quo, ad infinitum. The fact that around 80% of British citizens thus welcome their demise as pawns within an ancient power game, hardly surprisingly, incites the question “What hope for humanity?”

Epilogue: “Civilisation, in the real sense of the term, consists not in the multiplication, but in the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants.” (Mahatma Ghandi)

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Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the ‘International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside’ which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” www.changingcourseforlife.info  

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