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Ronald Swenson, PhD
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Are we all mindless beings, mere products of chance here to consume, grind out a living chasing fulfillment in “things and then die?” Or is there some bigger [or smaller] purpose behind the stage play we call life? [1]

Monotheism teaches that Man’s purpose is to worship a Jealous God, die a natural death and then off to Heaven or Hell. Man can do whatever he likes while he is here on earth and still go to heaven as long as he accepts his son’s free gift of Salvation when he was crucified on the cross.

Naturalism and Pantheism teaches Man’s purpose is to worship Mother Earth [an indifferent infinite impersonal God that encompasses all of reality], die a natural death. Man can do whatever he likes while he is here on earth because All is one, all is God, therefore in the end we All go back to the earth: heaven is not an issue.

Buddhism teaches Man’s purpose is to suffer: There is no God to worship. You can do whatever you like on this earth but if don’t pass the “good” test you are reborn [reincarnation] but not as the same person [similar but not identical to]. If you pass the “good” test and release your attachment to desire and the self then you are finally liberated from suffering and attain a Nirvana heaven.

Hinduism teaches that Man’s purpose is to worship a formless, limitless, all-inclusive, and eternal God, Brahman. You can do whatever you like on this earth but the actions of your soul while residing in your body require that it reap the consequences of those actions in the next life — the same soul in a different body. The Hindu soul is immortal therefore you don’t die you transmigrate. Your karma determines the kind of body your soul inhabits in the next life. If you pass the “good” test you attain Moksha, the soul’s liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. [2]

None of the Ism’s make any sense unless you are looking for a viable alternative to an existential view of the world; being and nothingness.

What if Man’s purpose is to be pawns in a Metaphysical “chess” game between Gaea (mother-earth) and The Global Financial Elite (TGFE)? [3]

Unlike the game of chess the pawns do not belong to either side. Gaea wants the pawns to see their purpose as caretakers of her garden — Earth. TGFE, armed with the lost knowledge from the ancient world Atlantis, creates a world where human pawns see their purpose in Monotheism and therefore can do whatever they like while they go shopping for useless toxic “stuff.” [4]

Americans are “bobbleheads in Bubbleland …They shop in bubbled malls, they live in gated communities, and they move from place to place breathing their own, private air in bubble-mobiles known as SUVs.” [According to author and journalist Nicholas von Hoffman,]

The philosophers, scholars and thinkers of the time without a 20th century perspective on environmental damage and pollution never considered that the bobbleheads, former serfs and slaves until the French Revolution, were just pawns in a game ”programmed” into shopping for stuff to trash the planet. [5]

Consumerism you will have to admit was a brilliant gambit (sacrifice) [6]

Environmental damage and pollution was the goal and not the unintended consequences of the Industrial Revolution and our consumer society. The Federal Reserve isn’t evil because they print our money and make us pay interest on it; they are evil because until October 2008 they to gave the pawns a no-limit credit card that they used to buy houses, cars, RVs, TVs and DVDs—the “stuff” which, according to the GEO4, a massive United Nations report, put the planet and the chess game at the unknown points of no return.

Man can do whatever he likes while he is here on earth but if you want to help Gaea (God) win the game you live in harmony with the earth and strive to create positive energy. Mindless consumers wallowing in negativity with their outsized sense of entitlement wondering if their ego will be satisfied with a new car and trying to decide if an SUV or station wagon will make them look fat or if an SUV is a fat station wagon, are helping TGFE (Satan).

Environmental damage and pollution was the goal (until 2008) and not the unintended consequence of our consumer (shopping) society in order to weaken Lucifer’s enemy, Gaea. The Question of Questions Liberté, Enlightenté, Entitleté [7]

September 11, 2001 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) to determine if Gaea was sufficiently compromised from decades of environmental damage and pollution. If the Twin Towers had not collapsed and turned largely to dust then a One World Government/New World Order would have begun on 9/12. [8]

[Nota Bene:] September 10th the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the Straits of Hormuz, went to Battle Condition II, and prepared to invade Iraq. The order to stand down came five hours after the second tower collapsed; logic would dictate the invasion would go forward when the buildings collapsed and not be called off. [9]

The invasion of Iraq (the cradle of civilization) was called off because when the Twin Towers collapsed, TGFE understood that they were unable to defeat Gaea. And if you need more proof that TGFE accepted defeat, what did George W. Bush tell us do on 9/12? Answer: “Go Shopping.”

Click here to read why Gaea is the only source of the energy that can explain how the towers collapsed and turned largely to dust, the dip of the Earth’s magnetic field at the precise moment of the supposed first plane “impact,” the presence of Hurricane Erin off the coast of New York and why the 1,400 cars were toasted in inexplicable patterns on 9/11. Pictures of Mini Nukes at PakAlert Prove 9-11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test)

Click here to read how 90% of the 17,400 occupants in the Twin Towers below the impact zone were evacuated safely and why the South Tower, that was hit second collapsed first.

The battle over environmental damage and pollution ended October 2008 in favor of the Earth. Our escalating financial crisis, an American Nightmare is an Environmental Dream for the planet. [10]

TGFE determined they could not win the game by giving up what’s left of their real wealth (the gambit [6]) so we could continue shopping for useless toxic stuff, to weaken mother-earth with environmental damage and pollution.

We are now in the endgame and electromagnetic pollution is the goal and not the unintended consequences of cellphonemania and the 4.6 billion cell phones in the world.

The smart phone, a crackberry’s dream, powerful enough to send a man to the moon, is an electromagnetic nightmare for the Earth. [11]

Even a child understands that the cell phone and the service have a very, very low price elasticity because changes in price (upper or lower) have little influence on demand (PED). [12]

TGFE aren’t trying to make money by giving everyone a cell phone their goal is to collapse the Earth’s magnetic field with a magnetic dipole field reversal. http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2003/29dec_magneticfield/

Below is the image of the Earth’s magnetic field with a healthy dipole:


Now look at the Earth’s magnetic field when 4.6 billion human pawns argue on their cell phones about: how much they owe to their landlord, lovers’ quarrels, discuss in excruciating detail their own and others’ embarrassing medical conditions, details of recent real estate purchases, job triumphs, and awful dates as well as some of the most unsavory gossip. Our Cell Phones, Ourselves


Should TGFE be successful and collapse the Earth’s magnetic field they win immortality in the New World Order and One World Government in the Millennium. A thousand years of peace and plenty and paradise on Earth with only about 500 million useless eater slaves waiting on The Illuminati, The House of Rothschild and the Bilderbergers (The Global Financial Elite, TGFE).

Click here to read how you can help the earth.


[1] Why was I born? Why are we here? [another excellent article]

[2] It occurs when the soul unites with Brahman by realizing its true nature. Several paths can lead to this realization and unity: the path of duty, the path of knowledge, and the path of devotion (unconditional surrender to God).

[3] The Global Financial Elite (TGFE, a variation of TPTB, a non-conspiracy term coined by G. William Domhoff, a Research Professor at the University of California [11]) are the Rothschilds of Europe, Lazard Freres (Eugene Meyer), Kuhn Loeb Company, Warburg Company, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller family, and the J.P. Morgan interests. These interests have merged and consolidated in recent years, so that the control is much more concentrated. National Bank of Commerce is now Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. Lehman Brothers has merged with Kuhn, Loeb Company, First National Bank has merged with the National City Bank, and in the other eleven Federal Reserve Districts, these same shareholders indirectly own or control shares in those banks, with the other shares owned by the leading families in those areas who own or control the principal industries in these regions. The “local” families set up regional councils, on orders from New York, of such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and other instruments of control devised by their masters. They finance and control political developments in their area, name candidates, and are seldom successfully opposed in their plans. Secrets of the Federal Reserve, The London Connection, Eustace Mullins

[4] Ancient knowledge allowed the Knights Templar (and their successors, the Illuminati) to see a future where consumerism would weaken Mother-Earth (Gaea) and went east-west (Europe) in search of a middle class.

“According to the Egyptian priests that Plato’s informant had spoken with, Atlantis had a prosperous and sophisticated civilization before its demise. Advanced in science, it was also in possession of knowledge concerning both the geography and geomancy of the entire earth. Geomancy is the discovery and mapping of power places on either regional or global scales.” [9]

[5] Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – Providence, Miracle or What Really Happened The humanistic view and importance of mankind can be found in every discussion of philosophy, psychology, spirituality and science since the end of the 16th century. All of them looking to find ways to bring mankind closer to each other and farther away from Mother Earth (Gaea).

[6] Pretend for a moment it is the beginning of the 20th century and you are one of the founding members of the Fed, Lazard Freres (Eugene Meyer), Warburg, Strong, Vanderlip or J.P. Morgan.

You and your friends, along with the richest man in history, John D. Rockefeller, own or control one-sixth of the entire world’s wealth—the world’s real wealth: raw materials, commodities, iron ore, bauxite, petroleum, copper, lead, silver and gold. [Appendix B]

Would you trade your real wealth for the money you created out of thin air? [Appendix C]

Would you give up your real wealth to provide the middle class with 75 years of unprecedented prosperity in the houses, second houses, RVs, all that “stuff” manufactured from the raw materials you owned or controlled in 1910?

Or would you give up your raw materials to employ the middle class in building airplanes, ships, cars, RVs, SUVs, office buildings, freeways and shopping malls from the raw materials you owned or controlled in 1910? The Federal Reserve: Stupid Bank Robbers or Robber “Hood” Barons: A Psychohistory Analysis

[7] “Environmental Damage and Pollution was the Goal (until 2008).
There are only three possibilities why the Rothschild’s put the planet at the “unknown points of no return” and the first two make no sense:

1. TGFE are inept, clueless or just “stupid” because since 1910 the House of Rothschild and the evil robber barons behind our Federal Reserve have exchanged their real wealth for $600 trillion of fiat currency (Monopoly Money) they printed so former members of the Third Estate (serfs and slaves) could have houses, cars, RVs, TVs and DVDs—the “stuff” which put the planet, at the “unknown points of no return”.

2. TGFE are really benevolent and wanted their former serfs, servants and slaves to have the highest standard of living for the last 100 years and didn’t know the planet would be in “dire environmental straits because humanity’s footprint [its environmental demand] is 21.9 hectares per person while the Earth’s biological capacity is, on average, only 15.7 ha/person.”

We passed the “unknown points of no return” because The House of Rothschild, in a metaphysical war with mother-earth (Gaea), until October 2008, was using humans to weaken the planet with environmental damage and pollution.

Should their plan succeed, TGFE believe, they will attain immortality in a period known as the Millennium, a thousand years of peace, plenty and paradise on Earth in a New World Order for the House of Rothschild, the Bilderbergers, the CFR and other secret societies (An Ominous Drilling Sign for the Truth). Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone

[8] If you are not a familiar with the works of F.W. Engdahl and the reality of a New World Order conspiracy, visit the Globalresearch.ca website.

[9] May 1, 2011, Before Osama bin Laden’s body was lowered to its final resting place at sea, the last spot on earth to host his remains was reportedly the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

Going back all the way to the Bush administration’s build-up for invading Iraq, there has been much written and said about the reasons for the invasion. Now Paul O’Neill’s revelations that the Bush administration planned to invade Iraq long before September 11, 2001 have been widely publicized. Iraq Was Surviving the Sanctions, Why They Wouldn’t Wait By Tom Jackson

The decision to invade Afghanistan and Iraq was made in July 2001 and the plans were on Bush’s desk by Sept 9. Note: Strategic information about the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is classified by the U.S. Military. If the Carl Vinson wasn’t ordered to Battle Condition II, let someone from Naval Command come forward and dispute that:

  • Ship control stations were fully manned
  • All lookout stations were fully manned
  • All detection apparatus manned
  • Water-tight Integrity Watch posted

[10] Steven Kopits, managing director of Douglas-Westwood, notes the US oil demand in a mild recession declines about 3%. “In the current recession, oil demand briefly dropped nearly 3 mbpd from its peak, about half of which occurred in September 2008 in the aftermath of the collapse of financial markets following the bankruptcy of the investment bank Lehman Brothers. If we allow that this will be a severe – but not catastrophic – recession, then a drop of 7%, or 1.5 mbpd of US consumption from peak to trough, is entirely possible.” Steven estimates that the earth is “benefiting” from the 2008 recession at the rate of 1,500,000 barrels per day! Recession & Oil Demand by Steven Kopits

[11] Debunking conspiracy theorists’ paranoid fantasies about AT&Tmobile

[12] The cell phone companies could increase your monthly bill by 1% or even a 5% without affecting the demand. Obviously the cell phone industry can’t be about profits. You would have to increase the price of the phone and the service by 25% to affect the demand!

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