Recipe for Today’s Society Version 2012: Writing Contest


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-7 billion people

-Financial seasoning from London

-Military flavour from Washington

-Religious spice from Vatican City

-100ml Pure Tincture of Deceit

-1 loaf of Distraction Bread

-300grams of Hypnosis Paste

-generous helping of Willful Ignorance



-combine all people into the Earth bowl

-first add the Religious spice from Vatican City

-once settled, add in Financial seasoning, obtained from London

-then throw in Military seasoning from Washington; toss and shake mixture vigorously to ensure uniform coverage

-add Pure Tincture of Deceit and set aside


-slice the Distraction Bread into 6 serving-size pieces titled: TV/ Religion/ Politics/ Capitalism/Materialism/ and Music

-divide half the Hypnosis Paste and spread over loaves. Bake for 225 years at a very low temperature

-remove from oven and once cool, add rest of Hypnosis Paste to taste

*before serving main dish, may add a generous helping of Willful Ignorance. For a calorie-light dish, skip this step.

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