The Matrix: Writing Contest


Robin Burgess
Activist Post

Suppose your reality was only one of two?

Suppose there was a second reality?

Suppose the majority of people perceive only one of them, the illusionary one, created and managed by the other one?

Suppose your perceptions were based on only what the other one allowed us to perceive?

Suppose your perception of democracy was part of this illusion?

Suppose left-thinking governments and right-thinking governments were part of the same illusion and both were wrong for the people; both perpetuating a foreign policy of conquest and debt and both perpetuating a domestic policy of resource exploitation by foreigners?

Suppose the reality we perceive keeps us from seeing what is right for the people?

Suppose your government actively prevented you from ever perceiving this truth?

Suppose the truth was that governments were only created to keep the management managing?

Suppose this relatively small group of managers held all the wealth, and the people owed all of
the debt?

Suppose this management group held all of the power, but created and maintained the illusion of a democratic government to make us trust in the power of the vote?

Suppose you could only vote on a choice of people the managers had selected for you, no matter what party they belonged to?

Suppose you had no control of who counted the votes?

Suppose the managers controlled all of the media and re enforced the illusion in a unified front: indoctrination by deception, by omission, by myth perpetuation, by condemnation of dissent, by removing critical thought of any worthwhile issue?

Suppose the legal system absolved all police and politicians from accountability and protected the management and not the people?

Suppose the domestic police forces have all become militarized and act against the people they supposedly protect because they threaten the illusion?

Suppose the managers instigated all of the wars but were fought by the people because they believed the illusion?

Suppose the managers created and controlled most of the armed forces, spy networks, mercenary and other hired assassins of the world, in a binding alliance that promoted world peace?

Suppose the managers viewed the entire earth including its entire people as merely resources for them to exploit?

Suppose they controlled all means of human suffering: poverty, legal and illegal drugs, human trafficking, child exploitation and pornography, slavery, starvation and taxation.

Suppose the managers engaged in serious acts of sabotage and mass murder in order to create the illusion of attack by terrorists.

Suppose the managers created the illusion of terrorist threat to attack over 60 countries for their resources and strategic position for the rest of their world conquests?

Suppose the concept of God was originally created and continually re-enforced by the managers to reinforce their control, replacing critical thinking with blind faith in the supernatural and subservience to the state and to reinforce fear of the unknown?

Suppose you could stop the endless cycles of fear, war and debt inflicted upon us by managers by educating yourself about the true nature of world control?

Suppose true freedom was freedom from them?

Suppose the people suddenly understood that their perception of reality was just an illusion?

Suppose the people freed themselves from the illusion and worked toward independence from the managers and toward world peace?

Suppose you could start today?

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