IDF officer says he regrets attacking Danish activist ‘in front of cameras’

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
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Over the weekend Lieutenant Colonel Shaul Eisner of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was filmed brutally striking a Danish activist in the face with the butt of his M-16 assault rifle in the Jordan Valley. In response, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz (the same Benny Gantz who hinted at Israeli involvement in the mysterious “accidents” which have wracked the Iranian nuclear program) decided to bar Eisner from holding command positions for two years, according to Haaretz.

Reflecting just how disturbingly callous some of the supporters of the terrorist state of Israel have become, Eisner said of the incident, “It could have been a professional mistake to use a weapon in front of the cameras,” to Israel’s Channel 10.

The video, which is nothing short of brutal and can be seen below, shows that Eisner, who was deputy commander of the IDF’s Jordan Valley brigade, according to Forward, struck the Danish Andreas Ias in the face with absolutely no justification.

[Note: the video has been age restricted by YouTube so you might have to sign in to watch the troubling video.]

As you can clearly see in the video, Ias walks calmly, in an obviously non-threatening manner, towards Eisner before he stops with his arms at his side. Eisner then viciously slams his rifle but into the activist’s face, at which point he collapses.

The decision to bar Eisner from holding command positions was partially due to recommendations from the GOC Central Command Nitzan Alon and Sami Turgeman, commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ ground forces.

They characterized the attack as a “moral failure” and Gantz stated that their investigation found operational failures in preparing the IDF troops for the protest bike ride which the activists were participating in.

Gantz also indicated that there were issues with how the soldiers handled the confrontation that ensued, although the IDF is hardly known for handling protest situations tenderly.

Eisner was set to receive the rank of first lieutenant, which makes one wonder if this is the way that all well-trained, high-ranking IDF soldiers treat activists when there aren’t cameras around to hold them accountable.

He will now be transferred to a senior staff position while being barred from carrying out a command position in the IDF for a mere two years. In 2014 Eisner will be allowed to return to a command position if he fulfills the “necessary requirements.”

“It was a two minute confrontation,” Eisner said. “So yes, it’s true that some pictures look bad, but I used a weapon… in a cold manner, as a stick. I didn’t kill anyone and I did not put anyone’s life in danger.”

That is hardly an accurate claim given that considering the force, rigidity of the object and potential cranial injury which could be sustained in falling to the ground, the attack did, in fact, put Ias’ life in danger.

He also said that he believes his decision to assault Ias led to the protesters calling off the demonstration.

In speaking with Haaretz, Ias said that the IDF’s claim that the protesters were violent was completely untrue. He called the claim “a complete lie,” adding that the activists “just wanted to enjoy the bike tour and the view.”

“If I thought this would happen I would have protected myself, it came out of nowhere,” said Ias, a contention which is supported by the visual evidence.

Ias said that he is not only seeking out legal representation to go over his options for legal recourse, but he is also submitting an official complaint.

Ias also said he was not the only one who was attacked that day, indeed he stated that two other female activists were injured and other officers pushed protesters to the ground. However, he was placed in an ambulance after he was attacked and was unable to see what went on.

Furthermore, the Danish ambassador to Israel said on Monday that the Danish government is seeking clarifications over the incident.

Eisner seems to be completely opposed to accepting any responsibility for his actions whatsoever, saying that he “does not accept this as a moral failure in any way.”

Speaking of the statements form Ias indicating that the activists were not in any way violent, Eisner said, “These stories do not interest the Chief of Staff or my Front Commander,” while he did admit there are “a few questions” remaining.

“We know the history of these anarchists,” Eisner nonsensically stated. “They came with sticks and broke my hand – but no one will tell or film that.”

“There is a question here of what is more important – to carry out the mission or to look good (in pictures). I claim the mission is important enough,” Eisner said. One must wonder what the mission he is referring to actually is.

Is the mission he is so proud of and ready to get violent over the illegal expansion of Israel? Or is it the oppression and subjugation of the Palestinian people? Or is it flouting international law whenever possible and spitting in the face of the international community and the entire notion of human rights?

“What if they would film IDF soldiers backing down from an angry crowd? That sounds good? What, I’d let them block roads? I’d let them endanger lives?” Eisner added.

Thankfully even hardliners like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aren’t siding with Eisner. Netanyahu condemned the assault and Israeli President Shimon Peres said he was “shocked” by the incident.

“Such behavior does not characterize IDF soldiers and officers and has no place in the Israel Defense Forces and in the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

While such a statement is great coming from someone like Netanyahu, one must realize that the punishment (or lack thereof) meted out to Eisner is laughable.

Maybe the Danish will do something about one of their own citizens being savagely attacked for no apparent reason, but if they are like the United States they will do absolutely nothing.

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