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Marcin G.
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The catalyst to my awakening was David Icke, and his weekly newsletter, his many books and lectures. I would argue the greatest method to greater human awareness is to dare to ask any question without fear.

That within itself is revolutionary in a progressively politically correct society; a global society of individuals, that is increasingly more self-absorbed, with no empathy or understanding for others.

Maybe I find that being born disabled wasn’t so bad after all, since I was given a sort of “opt-out” of society, or as I like to call it my salvation.

I was not coerced into meeting any expectations by teachers, friends, or parents. When I decided not to pursue further studies after high school, there was little objection.

It seems in this society, we don’t teach children to think, we just teach them to accept what they are told and before they can even think they are forced into a relay race where they are handed a baton and told to run before they can even understand why and where they are running.

I would argue that people are not asleep, or programmed they have just been told to run, and that’s what they are doing. I am still young, (22 years old) but I feel that my “salvation” has allowed me the time to first understand the nature of reality, and my place in it before I begin to participate.

In this global society of self-centered individuals, it is preferred not to think or care about others. Headline after headline of people suing because coffee is too hot, floors are too slippery and teachers are too mean. The only result of this is a society of incapable robots, who need constant programing, more laws, and less freedom.

I do not think this way; all it takes is the desire to ask the hard questions. When in traffic, I look at other drivers, when some maniac is speeding in my rearview mirror; I make sure I give him enough room to safely pass me. You don’t get an award or acknowledgment for thoughtful or preventive actions, and so it seems that vast majority of motorists simply see only themselves, the road signs and traffic lights.

However I have observed that this generation does think in this way. Their actions however go unnoticed, partially because of society but because those small actions, often are only observed as small actions. The amount of thinking, and understanding that goes in to say, slowing down so that the maniac can pass you, or to not drink coffee while driving, or to take caution when you see a wet floor without a big ass yellow sign, the actions may be noticed, but the thinking is not.

There lies the biggest problem I think we are facing in our world, how do we get all people to think this way? The problem is that we have the choice to think anyway we chose. That means that we can disregard any ethics or morals as many business and corporations do, if it benefits us. Freedom on its own is not enough; rather it is precisely the problem.

Any amount of research into philosophy or religion will reveals this dilemma. The solution it seems is that we subject ourselves to the rules of a man made-absolutes (religion or morality). I have not forgotten how to be a conscious human being; I just need to remember how everyone else can be too.

I however do not know how a global society of individuals can come to an understanding in a world that seems to progressively disconnect. I do not understand how 2012 can change all this.

As the main conflict I see is “dunbar’s number”, the Wikipedia entry reads:

Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is, and how each person relates to every other person.

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