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We muddle along until a trigger arrives which sets us on a path of inquiry.

With me it was compulsory metrication. To criminalise a person for talking their own language to their own customers in their own business and in their own country is an abomination.

Thus we pick up our golden threads in different places to follow through the labyrinth.

I discovered how so-called ‘law’ has been corrupted by officials and corporations building empires using fictitious pseudo-problems. I discovered how the EU is governed by an supranational elite who do not possess the mandate of a parish council. I discovered money reform and how a bankster oligarchy can exert stupendous power. I discovered mass surveillance and the politics of fear and manipulation. I discovered how liberties and constitutional freedoms have been trampled upon. I discovered how rotten and corrupt our whole system had become. I remembered my readings of Illich, Marcuse, Winstanley, Paine and Woolstonecraft from many years ago. I discovered Hale and Coke, and the marvels of proper Common Law..

My inbox constantly fills with articles on surveillance technologies, the EU, oligarchic super-fraud, onerous and invasive legislation, denials of civil rights, false flag operations … the list goes on.

Yet, understanding our situation is one thing’ but what are we actually going to DO? There are many ‘calls to action’, but little response. What action? Organised how? That has become ever more the focus of my attention. Understanding is a necessary but emphatically not sufficient condition to generate change.

So we fight panzer divisions with peashooters.

The key to how to organise peaceful democratic resistance is to understand that we are now living in an occupied state, where our rulers act as the colonial Viceroys of oligarchy.

History has shown that the best resistance organisation is local and cellular. We think of the Correspondence Committees, Chartist Chapters, and the anti-Nazi resistance of World War II.

A group of us has produced the Purton Declaration. This provides a triple road map; cause, direction and … above all … method. In turn, grievances, aspiration,  and the creation of a cellular democratic resistance network. Two things to bear in mind:

Firstly grievances are seen by many as isolated phenomena which appear out of a clear blue sky. This is false thinking. Our central problem is oligarchy … the concentration of power into few hands. The Declaration of Grievance is an act of remonstrance which connects diverse grievances.

Secondly it provides shape and coherence. Too many dissidents seem to lack a coherent overview as to where they are coming from and where they are going to. The rest speaks for itself. There is more for those who are interested.

The Purton Declaration

We believe that a fragmented mass of small groups, networks and individuals has achieved too little.

The way forward it through the establishment of three essential elements; communication, co-operation and co-ordination between groups, networks and individuals.

The best way of achieving this end is through the creation of a cellular network which will enable concerned citizens from a variety of different backgrounds to band together in their own communities.

We wish to make our central priority those issues which affect the general population in their daily lives. In general, we eschew esoteric approaches which are likely to evoke incredulity in the general population and place this initiative in danger of ridicule or disrepute.

All that is required is to ascribe to the Declaration of Grievance.

The principle of ‘leaderless resistance’ is intrinsic. The aim is to get people to ‘hold hands’ in a convivial partnership of communication, co-operation and co-ordination.


Lodges will be entirely autonomous.

There will no national membership.

The network will have no national authority or permanent administrative structures. This does not preclude putting in place … by consensus and with the unfettered assent and support of those concerned … ad hoc bodies to conduct specific tasks or campaigns.

Nothing will limit the autonomy, independence or integrity of any particular individual, campaign, network or organisation.

Persistently contentious matters may be remitted to a modern form of Putney Debate, the method and protocols for which will be decided anon.

Declaration of Grievance

Once again events have called upon us to confront and defeat challenges to our ancient rights and liberties. Political, economic and technical power has been elevated to arrogant and greedy pinnacles far above our heads. A long train of deceits, abuses and usurpations bespeak a design to reduce us to subservience and despotism. In consequence we face an unprecedented multitude of threats to our long established rights and liberties; to our constitution and common law; to our self determination as a nation; to the privacy of our persons; to our economy, and to the environment which sustains us. The exercise of power by government and allied transnational and corporate institutions has become ever more remote, inaccessible, arbitrary, deceitful, oppressive and abusive.

Holding that law and government can only rightly derive from us, as free people, through our ancient rights, liberties and common law, we now lay our grievances before the nation and the world:

1. The ever growing turpitude of both civil and economic governance; the consequent gulf between government and governed. The frequent resort by government to deceit and dissemblance and the use of mendacious techniques to fatigue the people into compliance with its will.

2. The transfer of our power of self-determination to the European Union and other extra-national institutions which have no mandate to create law; which has occurred by stealth, deceit and treason and without the consent of the people and the consequent change of our nationality without the free and untrammelled consent of the people.

3. The erosion of our civil liberties and common law; the erosion of rights of due process, including the granting of judicial powers to institutions which are not courts and the granting of summary powers of conviction, fine and seizure to minor functionaries; the granting of invasive investigatory powers to minor functionaries who are not constables.

4. The increasing resort by government and its agencies to excessive, onerous, invasive disproportionate, coercive and repugnant measures masquerading as law.

5. The increasing resort of government to statutory instruments and other measures of government by decree and to the use of ultra vires measures by agencies of government and by minor functionaries.

6. The gross imbalance, and lack of any separation, of power between the executive and parliament resulting in parliamentary impotence; and the dominance of the whips by which legislation is procured by offers of preferment or by intimidation, implied or actual.

7. The dismantling of local government and the decline in local control and accountability.

8. The growing and oppressive invasion of personal privacy by both government and corporate institutions.

9. The usurpation of the principle of innocence until proven guilty, so essential to a state of liberty, and its replacement by an alien and oppressive principle that all people are to be regarded as criminal suspects and held in suspicion until proven otherwise.

10. The despoilation of the environment and the wanton squandering of our natural resources.

11. The dependence of our currency and economy upon the creation of debt and the consequent reduction of the people to debt servitude.

12. The grossly excessive power of financial and commercial interests, which places such power beyond the mandate of the people, and the manipulation of law and regulation by such interests.

We reaffirm that all law and government derives from the people and through our ancient rights, liberties, and that without the control of common law, any purported law which is against common right and reason, onerous, corrupt, born out of treason and the subversion of our right of self-determination, or otherwise repugnant cannot be regarded as law.

By those principles the amount of such purported law has become overwhelming in its quantity, and so disproportionate, onerous, invasive, coercive, repugnant and treasonous, and has been so much engineered for the benefit of interests and institutions lying mainly beyond the reach of the nation and any mandate it may award; and also insofar as parliament has declined to impotence and turpitude; we declare that;

*We are not bound by, and are absolved from, any duty of respect, fealty or obedience to such purported law.

*We are likewise absolved from any duty of fealty respect or obedience to any purported law deriving from any transfer of our sovereignty, self determination or nationality and reject such purported law as void..

*We likewise reject as void any purported law contrary to, or destructive of, our natural rights and liberties or to the pre-eminence of common law.

We therefore solemnly pledge ourselves in binding oath or affirmation to take all peaceful measures necessary to defend, preserve and protect or otherwise restore our liberties, self-determination and common law; and to ensure the preservation of all such rights and liberties for our descendants.

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