New Chapter Supplement Company Bought by Monsanto-Linked Proctor & Gamble

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

New Chapter, a vitamin and supplement company offering worthy products since 1982, has recently been bought out by mega-corporation Proctor & Gamble.

Being the owner of chemical laden, toxic products such as Cascade dish-washing soap, Tide laundry detergent, Pringles potato chips, and Bounce dryer sheets, it is evident that Proctor and Gamble is less than a trustworthy and caring company.

To add further concern regarding Proctor & Gamble’s place in our society, you may be interested to know that Proctor & Gamble shares the same institutional owners as biotech giant Monsanto.

While customers of New Chapter should be reasonably alarmed and concerned over this new owner of New Chapter, the co-founder of New Chapter is rather excited about the change.

“For us, this has been a dream come true. This is what we have been wanting to do since we started doing this 30 years ago. The world and the United States need this. This has to happen . . . we have endured an era in which health foods were considered an oddity and the scientific community uniformly dismissed the notion of herbal therapeutics . . . we have stood firm and played our part to assist in a cultural shift, and now we celebrate a time when natural foods products are in virtually every mass market chain and pharmacy,” New Chapter co-founder Paul Schulick says.

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