Confronting the NATO/G8 Hydra: Episodes of American Resistance, part 1

May 19-22

Reed Perry
Activist Post

The economic singularity draws nearer every day. The hoarding of resources by an ever smaller and smaller plutocracy, the quickening merger of multinational corporations, the consolidation of nations into more and more centralized empire-blocs, homogenizing culture and suppressing uniqueness; this is a putsch that ends terminally in one impenetrable point, a peak, a place where the “1%” is even more condensed to the reign of one corporate clique, or one anonymous hypothetical man.

This is the top of the pyramid, the red door to the unspeakable Dystopian beyond. It is the endgame of vast material “progress” allowing the effortless rape of humanity. That is the Omega Point of corporate/militarist ideological business.

So, it is difficult to describe the simultaneous excitement and apprehension I felt when the post-fascist NATO reverse swastika was unveiled next to the symbol of the G8 many-headed monstrosity. Both are obscene emblems of violence and Western aristocratic arrogance — the gang-signs of our oligarchic mafia were laid out like the spread of an Illuminati tarot deck. The reason for their semiotic fusion? They are to bed at a summit (climax?) this May in the US of A. My mixed feelings arise from the incoming highs of noble dissent, and depressing lows of authoritarianism at the crossroads; a juridical moment for the nation and our entire globe in the year of transformation, 2012.

How can any one recent political object better embody the frustrations of so many both past, present, and future? The G8 conspirators behind decades of neo-colonial malice; and NATO, the perpetual war headquarters of the mercenary business, are set to publicly mate.

Reckoning the populist OWS, the Truther Movement with their eyes on deep events, or the entire culmination of two decades of anti-globalization and peace activism — what does this “summit” achieve with its fashion-show of despots? It obviously supersedes the importance of another sham “election.” But what’s below the water-line?

With the sheer velocity of human emotion set to come hurling at their ridiculous meet-up like a directed energy weapon, I wonder more about the true meaning, intentions, and semiotics of the extraordinary event; a moment that marks the heightened convergence of tyrannical institutions.

Right off, comparisons to the Chicago Seven abound. This is part of the expectation of overwhelming unrest in the face of such arrogance. As if the fractal echoes of time have forced the vortices to reopen in Chicago, to revisit something, to draw the forces together again for a trial-like national mega-ritual that must be re-experienced.

Already, as protest parties prepare their journey to this contest, the Hydra readies its vulturine Gestapos and traps in their path.

This ceremonial bloodletting, this old battleground, realigns the American street resistance with its symbolic mentors of the 1960s cultural revolution which violently climaxed during the Chicago Seven clashes and show-trials 44 years ago. This entire historical paradigm is now pitted against the NATO/G8 many-headed beast — a spawn of the same Cold War era. 

“The best place to hold the G8 would be in Guam, or Antarctica.” Said a recent Chicago corporate columnist. He so revealed the damning publicity, the sheer absurdity of holding such a grandiose sexing of despots in the midst of a (somewhat) free city.

With the anti-human drones, extreme police violence, all the tools of state subversion that the SS (Secret Service) and Gestapo (DHS) ready in Chicago, we can foresee a myriad of repression to be tested on the virginal rebels who arrive. New laws will be leveled on dissent. New tech deployed en masse. Permanent changes will be made. The city itself is lead by a Machiavellian degenerate and former Israeli soldier (the Rahm) who sits as the don of noxiously corrupt Chicagoland.

So it is. Both NATO and the G8 monstrosity are scheduled to appear simultaneously at the immense ceremony May 19-22. The rise of events leading to this will determine the mood of not just the remainder of the year’s resistance, but of our destiny for many years to come as the spectacle is set in America’s center.

Perhaps it is not merely an event, but a trial of our society in time; an inter-dimensional bridge to one of two future universes: A world where the democracy of peace and public resistance prevails, or a realm where corporate dehumanization reigns moreover.

On the journey to Chicago, and when confronting this phenomenon by foot (’cause if you talk the talk you must walk it also), we should be cautious in our strategy. The penultimate rule of guerrilla warfare is to decide for yourself the time and place of combat, to own the surprise. This is the dangerous trap of the Hydra in Chicago, as the venue is already theirs. All the parties that plan on marshaling our truth must be honest that the battleground itself belongs to the lie. This is not a “home game.”

However, we bring the absolute power of direct democracy, of human progress, and peaceful truth. We will achieve on the street what is impossible in the electoral theater. This will be accomplished through our creative planning and a level of perseverance known only to our revolutionary forebears.  Let 2012 be a year of metamorphosis and betterment for all.

Reed Perry is a Montana Ecologist and Activist.  He can be reached directly at 

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