Iranian Hostage Crisis: Reloaded

Jack Mullen 

Without Osama Bin Laden to play the role of Orwell’s 1984 elusive bad guy, Emanuel Goldstein, the New World Order master controllers have elevated “bad country” Iran to the position of most feared enemy. 

Iran and North Korea are special nations reserved for global theatre operations, carried out by global masters and their intelligence mafias, to be bogeyman; scaring and scapegoating false flag events, supporting a global agenda. Iran was used previously in a false flag hostage situation for the purpose of putting religious fanatic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in control of Iran, and ensuring Ronald Reagan — and, more importantly, his Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush, — would defeat incumbent Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Presidential election. The 1980 false flag event was called the “Iran Hostage Crisis.” 

In 2012, Iran is again holding hostages; this time Israel and Western nations including the United States, but it is called the “Iranian Nuclear Crisis” — where Israel and the West are held hostage to the fiction that Iran is building nuclear weapons to bomb Israel and the West. In this “reloaded” version of the hostage crisis, the false flag event will be used to bolster support for the failing presidency of Obama and to commit sovereign nation suicide as Iran and its resources are transferred to the globalists hoping to usher in a New World Government. 

Additionally, if possible, Iran may actually retaliate against their global masters and cause World War III, something that would also fit the agenda of the New World Puppeteers. 

Like in a nightmare, it is often possible to know you are dreaming by trying to make some measurement, or by noticing some outlandish dream props. With the contrived Iran as “bad country” dream,  the outlandish prop is the claim that Iran is a violent, hostile nation intent on bombing Israel and the West when, in reality, Iran has peacefully coexisted with its neighbors and the world, except when defending against attack, for 120 plus years. Iran is not an aggressive warmongering nation. 

The next measurement that doesn’t add up is that Iran has stated clearly and proven directly they are not, at least for now, building nuclear weapons, but are trying to obtain nuclear power.  

In the United States, the lying lapdog corporate propaganda machine (telescreen of Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’) provide authoritative water-carrying to the idea that Iran is some evil empire existing separate and apart from the politically correct world of central-bank loving, western sympathetic, near east nations like Saudi Arabia or Israel. The ‘Ministry of Truth’ (CIA) script writers never let Americans see what life is like inside the country of Iran, but rather we hear only what the Mullahs and puppet presidents have to say as they play their part in a scripted scenario, orchestrated to create war; promoting not the interests of the people of Iran, Israel or the United States, but rather the interests  of global chess players moving pieces on a black and white board called Earth.

The false flag event of the 1970s took several years of preparation before the curtain began to rise in early 1979. The globalists were already busy preparing the United States for their first preview of the coming global tyranny, as the nation was experiencing the natural results of a fiat currency — first inflation and then crippling deflation — deliberately caused by fiat currency debauchery and an artificially created oil shortage. 

It was at that most painful time when Iran was used to terrorize the United States. Suddenly, the so-called religious fanatics starting taking hostages, first in February of 1979 (hostages were quickly released) and then again in November of 1979. Americans were righteously angry at the dialectically positioned Islamic terrorists that dared take hostages on American soil in Iran. 

However, behind the scenes with no publicity, just a year before the hostage crisis, wannabe president Ronald Reagan, globalist top-ranked minion George Bush, and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited Iran for a secret meeting that would set in motion the “Iranian Hostage Crisis” and set the agenda to infect the United States with Bush regimes for decades to come, while saddling the Iranians with a religious zealot managed by the CIA.  

Through the use of staged events in Iran, the CIA (undoubtedly under direction of George H.W. Bush) orchestrated a regime change (again) in Iran and concomitantly guaranteed the Reagan and Bush regime in the United States. During the entire period, the American ‘telescreens’ presented the ‘Ministry of Truth’s’ message that Iran was a nation of fanatics willing to murder and kidnap Americans without provocation.  In reality, the script was prepared in advance; Iran was cast as the antagonist, and the Americans were the innocent victims of religious madmen. Americans were glued to their televisions throughout the agonizing 444 days of a staged, albeit violent, Iran Hostage Crisis — while advertisers reaped the benefit of increased TV viewership.   

Back in Iran during the 1978-80 staged event, the Shah (a CIA-installed leader) was double crossed by his ‘allies’ in the back rooms of Western intelligence agencies after he had outlived his usefulness. At the same time, Iranian students were mowed down in September of 1978 by the Shah when the bewildered dictator reacted to his betrayal and attacked demonstrators who were actually part of frequent and growing protests provoked by foreign intelligence agencies to give cover for the events that would unfold in November in February and November of 1979.  
Back In the States, audiences were told that Iranian religious zealots were angry at US support of the ruthless and brutal Shah (placed into power in 1953 by the US and British intelligence services in what was called Operation AJAX) and that these religious right wingers were calling the United States the “Great Satan.”  In a moment of extreme anger, resulting from US evacuation of the Shah from Iran to an American hospital for cancer treatment, the zealots stormed the US embassy (again) and took hostages, of which 52 Americans were held for 444 days with a release negotiated just in time to help Ronald Reagan secure his October Surprise and win the 198- presidential election.  Bush, it turns out, may also have been working against Carter after Carter fired 800 CIA employees in his October Surprise of 1979.

Once again, 36 years later we are in the same situation; this time Iran is apparently holding the whole world hostage, because, we are told, they might create nuclear weapons and attack Israel and threaten the United States. In this “Iranian Hostage Crisis: Reloaded”, Americans are supposed to believe a list of preposterous fictions, including just a few that I’ll mention here: 
  1. Iran is not entitled to nuclear weapons because, if they get them, they will immediately commit suicide by bombing Israel and other nations. 
  2. Iran is capable of enriching nuclear materials to the level required for weapons-grade uranium. 
  3. Iran is enriching uranium for nuclear weapons and not nuclear power as they have repeatedly declared and has been shown to be true by nuclear weapons inspectors. 
  4. That attacking Iran preemptively is the best solution to a problem which so far doesn’t exist. 
  5. That Iranian leaders are not again working in concert with Western intelligence agencies to create world events serving interests other than Iranian interests.   

This list is by no means exhaustive; there are many other straw stories being generated in the dungeons of the intelligentsia for distribution to the masses on the telescreen of the modern-day ‘Ministry of Truth.’

Starting with the idea that Iran doesn’t have a right to a nuclear weapon, but countries all around Iran have nukes, and plenty of them, is a disgraceful conceit on the part of the American/Israeli empire. That any country has a nuclear weapon is the only excuse another nation needs to build a bomb.

Simple game theory proves that the world is most likely to experience the hell of a nuclear attack when only one nation has a bomb. This case was demonstrated when the United States — the only nation at the time on Earth to have had a nuclear (atomic) weapon — used the bomb on Japan . . .  not once but twice. The same game theory also proves that the world is safest from nuclear weapons when all nations have the technology. Remember, it is not the bombs that makes us safe; it is the threat of use that does.  

Next, processing uranium to 90% enrichment is still not even possible in Iran. According to Mark Fitzpatrick, former deputy assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, “it would not be surprising” if Iran installed full cascades for enrichment to 20 percent. “But Iran probably still lacks a self-sufficiency in all the parts that would enable it to install advanced centrifuges in large numbers.” [Source

Enrichment to 20% has only just begun in Iran and, at this level of enrichment, only nuclear power is possible, not nuclear bombs. The fear of Iran being able to make a bomb at this time, or any foreseeable time is pure theatre — with a speculative plot. Iran has stated repeatedly that nuclear power is the goal of their nuclear enrichment program, and since they are only able to enrich uranium to 20% (and 20% is required for nuclear power), then we have to agree that Iran is attempting to create nuclear materials for power generation, something the country demonstrably needs.  

Then we hear noises about Preemptive War. Preemptive War has historically been considered a policy of last resort, and for use only when a clear and present threat is identified. In the case of Iran, the threat is neither clear nor present, as shown above; therefore, there is no sanction for Preemptive War in this case.  

The long standing moral prohibition against Preemptive War is historically preserved in the idea of jus ad bellum (justice in going to war) doctrine, with a tradition of requiring justice to declare and pursue war; a philosophical and theological doctrine of military ethics that dates back more than 700 years. With respect to Iran, no case can be made for a ‘Just War’. 

Iran’s rhetoric is scripted nonsense. The empty but fiery rhetoric from Iranian President Ahmadinejad suggesting that Israel “should be wiped off the map” has the earmarks of a scripted incendiary outburst written to coalesce support for Israel from all quasi-conscious followers of Zionist propaganda and to gain support from hawks and religious conservatives in Iran. Furthermore, this oft-cited phrase used to demonstrate prime evil was proven to be a mistranslation and perhaps the rumor of the century.  A very dangerous rumor indeed.  This is similar to the nonsensical slogans used by the Telescreen propagandists of the US ‘Ministry of Truth’ selling the war in Iraq, or convincing Americans that 9-11 was the work of low-tech cave dwellers who learned to fly Cessna’s before flying jumbo jets — later, with precision, flown into three buildings.

Americans are not awake and not listening; critical thinking skills have been lost to years of outcome-based education and fluoridated water. The fact that Iran has been used and controlled by the West and their military and intelligence organizations in previous false flag operations is published and documented fact.  In this case, it is clear that we cannot believe or act on any explosive rhetoric emanating from any of the nations involved, including Iran, Israel and the United States. 

There is ample proof that Iranian officials are corrupt and working in league and at the behest of those who wish to govern the world. Using these facts as a guide, it is most likely that puppet Ahmadinejad and the corrupt leadership of Iranian religious Mullahs are acting for the globalists against all the people in the region, including Israel.  

We have reached an important and critical time for mankind. A time when good and evil are locked in a gigantic battle for control of the world. This is the time for cool heads and focused minds to think carefully and then act on the side of goodness.  We have passed the point of acting out of loyalty to a name or person; rather, we must show loyalty only to goodness over evil. This is not the time to follow the rules, procedures and protocol. It is a time to acknowledge that the world is being manipulated by a centralized group of powerful, wealthy and malicious evil elite. A group using the law and above the law, without loyalty to mankind and life, only loyalty to evil and death: A death cult. 

It would seem that ancient religions have now and always have ruled the face of reality — this is a false reality and mankind is stronger and bigger than the ‘gods’ of Genesis. Now is a time to break the godspell and stand against any of the phony gods that manipulate this world. 

The peoples of Iran, Israel, and the United States are sovereign — giving power through tacit support to illegitimate governments must end — revoke that power. Oppose these wars, stand up and say stop — energize your friends, and tell your government servants to stand down. 

Soldiers, lay down your weapons. 

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Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company.  He endorses Ron Paul for President of the United States of America as a necessary step toward restoring sanity to the U.S. government.

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